My Journey - “The beauty of Lake Linting is like exotic turquoise green paintings”

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Hello STEEMians, on this sweet occasion I am here by giving a million of my experiences to all of you. Hopefully still the spirit in the activities of pouring knowledge and sharing information. On this occasion I will describe my visit to Lake Linting and some reviews about the lake.

In addition to Lake Toba, North Sumatra also has a Lake Linting. that is not less beautiful. The lake is not as famous as Lake Toba. Lake Linting has even been explored in recent years.


Linting Lake is located in the village of Sibunga-Bunga Hilir, Deli Serdang District, North Sumatra. According to the North Sumatra tourism site, Lake Linting is located in 3 villages at once, namely Sibunga-Bunga village, then Gunung Manumpak village and Durian IV Mbelang village, all three are in Sinembah Sub-district, Tanjung Muda.

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How to get there

Distance of Lake Linting from Medan City about 48 kilometers And can be reached about 2 hours drive from Medan via Delitua and Patumbak, Deli Serdang. To get to the location traveler can use two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels, But be careful because the road to the lake is not too smooth. And to achieve there are 4 paths that can be passed, among others:

  1. Medan – Deli Tua – Patumbak – Talun Kenas – Sibiru-biru – STM Hilir – Tiga Juhar.
  2. Medan – Simpang Amplas – Patumbak – Talung Tenas – Sibiru-biru – STM Hilir -Tiga Juhar.
  3. Lubuk Pakam – Jalan Raya Galang – Bangun Purba – STM Hilir – Tiga Juhar.
  4. Tanjung Morawa – Bangun Purba – Sibiru-biru – STM Hilir – Tiga Juhar.

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Admission price to Linting Lake

Approaching the location, there is a sign that says Lake Linting. The entrance is slightly uphill and rocky, Not yet at the top of the hill, visitors who want to enjoy the beauty and freshness of the lake will cost Rp. 5000 rupiah per person (Indonesian currency).

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Privileges of Lake Linting

Lies on turquoise green water. Although the size is much smaller than Lake Toba Lake Linting which supposedly "unfounded" Its depth is still mysterious but no one can measure its depth, but its origin is still unclear.

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Lake Linting, although classified as volcanic lake because it contains sulfur so beneficial for skin health. Lake Linting does not smell like any other volcanic lake. However, do not ever taste the water from this lake, because although the lake is not smelly, but the water of Lake Linting is still felt sulfur. For the area of Lake Linting is more than 1 hectare.

Activities on Lake Linting

Lake Linting is perfect for those of you who want to find a quiet atmosphere. There are many activities that tourists can do besides swim by the lake while relaxing under a shady tree. Not infrequently also this location serves as a place of family relaxation, the location of pre-wedding photos and recreation with colleagues or just for courtship only.

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This lake has turquoise green water not only looks beautiful, but around Lake Linting it feels cool and beautiful because around the lake is surrounded by trees that are green and lush.

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Around the lake, local people peddle food and soft drinks at affordable prices. They also kindly offer mats for rent at a price of Rp 10 thousand-Rp 20 thousand depending on size as well as a cottage to rest worth Rp 25 thousand (Indonesian currency).

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A glimpse of a holiday trip that I can share for WHALESHAREians, hopefully WHALESHAREians can visit Lake Linting tourism, it will be very enjoyable and can complement your tourist destination. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Linting and feel the peace. There is nothing wrong, if you enter Lake Linting on your tourist visit list.

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