The career mark of STEEMIANS will increase [Revisiting]

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Everyone strives for his life for a good career, to get a decent position needs a process and a very heavy struggle. Promotion, salary increases, bonuses, and stock quotes are not the only signs of a person's career developing. A good career is everyone's dream.

I will share a little with the steemians about the signs that one's career will begin to increase :


In my opinion, providing challenging tasks with high difficulty is also a first step in getting promotions and salary increases.


A positive sign if co-worker or Steemians client is willing to work with the Steemians. That means they value the talents and skills of the Steemians. Clients will not waste time with those who are unable to complete the job. The same applies to co-workers, managers, and other employees.
Another positive sign when of Steemians are asked to lead or participate in workgroups or committees that are important to the organization's main business.


One more sign of Steemians career secrets being uphill is what I call a "twanging factor". Are Steemians involved in formal communication networks as well as informal communication within the Steemians department or organization?

Engaging in important meetings, perhaps also during lunch or dinner and other business functions, shows that the name Steemians are known and Steemians reputation is increasing. If the Steemians were ever invited to attend the development of a leadership or professional function along with those with more senior positions, that would mean of Steemians were praised.

Moreover, if Steemians 'superiors consistently solicit Steemians' opinions, give feedback, and involve Steemians in casual conversations or even sudden encounters. I think, Steemians should regard as signs of career enhancement.

Hopefully this article is useful for all My friends

Reference :

=>@Fremy's post on Steemit from inspiration to motivation
=>Update posts

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My life keeps running, I really hope you can always provide support for the disabled so that I can be motivated, your kindness is all hope for me. If the spirit of my life begins to dim and my confidence will also disappear then all my dream will be stopped.

But friends must know, I will not get better at #steemit without the support of others. Everyone who supports me is a wise and generous person, who has a heart as soft as morning dew, who always supports people with disabilities and they are :

|| @lukestokes || @canadian-coconut || @starkerz || @surpassinggoogle || @vortac || @lichtblick || @r2cornell || @solenn || @majes || @ejemai || @skapaneas || @kalemandra || @good-karma || @adivender || @jol09 || @jasonmunapasee || @daveks || @damarth || @ocd || @oendertuerk || @arama || @ozhiya || @hr1 || @stephenkendal || @anarcotech || @arcange || @acidyo || @esteemapp || @qurator || @lenatramper || @sallybeth23 ||
By not reducing respect, I apologize to you all for mentioning you in my post.

Their names will always be mentioned in my post, because they have helped me, taught me and gave me a very meaningful knowledge in my life. Thank you so much for sharing love for me. You all have done one goodness that is very meaningful to me. The good of you all I will remember. May your days all be better and your life will be brighter.

Thanks for all of you who have shared love all the time.

@fremy gives a message through words of wisdom :
"Physical limitations (disabilities) are not the main obstacles to achieving a dream, if you are trying to be really there will be good opportunities. Efforts will be directly proportional to the outcome. So no need to fear, your dream will be achieved without having to beg..."

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My words are not as beautiful as rainbow at dusk, forgive me if there is offending you all and make you feel uncomfortable. I'm just an ordinary human who does not escape mistakes.

Written by @fremy wholeheartedly, based on experience with motivation and inspiration in his life.

Thanks Regards



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