The charm of the white crater at Tinggi Raja

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Hello STEEMians, I tell my short trip with my friends.
On Sunday morning before departing we have prepared food and drinks, once we make sure everything is complete And we started moving from the Medan city to the white crater.

The journey is quite tiring takes approximately 3 hours plus the road conditions are not so good, A rocky and hollow path, Steep and tortuous body feels tired. But do not worry all replaced with the scenery so beautiful that makes our journey is not felt.


White crater Tinggi Raja located in the Village Dolok Tinggi, District Silau Kahean. Understandably, the white crater Tinggi Raja not so exposed because it is located at the far end of Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. And become we are more interested in this one tourist attraction, Because we don’t really know the location we use the services of tour guides to facilitate travel.

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Price of admission

For those of you who want to take a vacation in this crater tour, you will not be charged an entrance ticket fee. You can enter this tour for free. However, you will be charged a parking fee of IDR 5,000.00 (Indonesian currency). And this price can also change at any time.

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White crater panorama

Arrived at the location of fatigue like disappeared to see the beauty of the white crater and surrounding areas, We started to get excited again. The scenery is so exotic make the eyes will not be tired, In the white crater there is a small lake that is very beautiful green turquoise becomes our minds more calm.

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This tourist attraction has not been well explored, located in the middle of a high forest tree area that makes this tourist attraction not very well known. The Tinggi Raja White Crater in the 176-hectare nature reserve and possessing a 4 hectare crater area like pearls in the mud.

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White crater is formed by a geothermal process that contains sulfur and No wonder when on the sidelines of limestone rocks flowing heat source that can reach temperatures over 80 degrees Celsius. So that limestone rock formed into limestone hills like a very white snow hill, Which made us even more fascinated like being in a hot snowy hill.

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separador purpura.png

This crater has a river right under the cliff. Here, you can enjoy a calm atmosphere while bathing in water. The cool rivers and waterfalls that flow from the hills above make this place a favorite destination for tourists who want to soak up hot water. This hot spring is believed to contain sulfur which is good for the health of your skin if it is used for bathing or just washing hands and feet.

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Location : District Silau Kahean (North Sumatra)

How interested STEEMians? I think there is no harm in STEEMians trying to spend time on weekends by visiting the white crater attractions in Tinggi Raja.

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