Cues Will Be Promoted by the Boss to a Better Career[Revisiting]

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Honestly, STEEMians will be happy if promoted by the boss will rise in office? But of course to get a promotion is not easy. It takes effort and hard struggle to get it. Because there is no boss who just wants to promote his subordinates.

But STEEMians know, no? there are some signs that indicate that the boss will soon promote STEEMians, including:

The boss encouraged STEEMians to do more work

No need to worry about heavy duty, because often we are not able to see personal abilities. While, the boss is aware of all the advantages of his subordinates. So that the Boss dares to submit a task that cannot be taken lightly on one of his subordinates.

Boss asks STEEMians to do senior assignments

If suddenly the boss assigns STEEMians to do difficult things, which should be a senior duty, STEEMians may be proud. Because it means that bosses are beginning to realize the potential of STEEMians and are convinced that STEEMians are able to do it. So don't complain or declare the inability of STEEMians. Accept and face the challenge.

The boss entrusts the task at a critical moment

If suddenly STEEMians gets an emergency assignment that turns out to save the company, that is one important signal that the boss is very confident in STEEMians abilities. And if STEEMians is able to solve it, the name STEEMians is immediately included in the list of employees who will soon be promoted.

Boss praises behind STEEMians

There are types of bosses who don't frankly praise their subordinates. Now if STEEMians friends say that the boss secretly praises behind STEEMians, there is an opportunity to rise to the position. Usually a boss like this worries if the praise he makes will cause his subordinates to be big heads. So he prefers to praise behind STEEMians.

Bosses pay attention to STEEMians’ welfare

If STEEMians ever received an e-mail from the STEEMians boss asking about STEEMians' welfare and then he fought it secretly, the boss said he was paying attention to STEEMians' welfare. And of course this attention is not without reason. Bos feels that STEEMians deserve more prosperity because of STEEMians' potential and expertise.

Bos involves STEEMians in outside activities

STEEMians can be proud if given the task of representing the company in outside activities. Moreover, it represents directly the STEEMians boss who cannot attend. If STEEMians gets the assignment, it means that the boss highly appreciates the STEEMians' expertise and character. He proudly introduced STEEMians as a unit in his work team.

Boss let STEEMians work alone

If STEEMians have to work alone, don't rush to conclude the boss ignores STEEMians. This is a sign that the boss really trusts STEEMians. It is not only a matter of trust but also a matter of ethics. Isn't it very uncomfortable when working while the boss is pacing and watching STEEMians.

Note :

These signals can unmask the secret of how the boss's attitude towards STEEMians really is. Remember, ignorance, cynical smile, criticism or surprise work from the boss, does not have to mean negative. What is important is STEEMians must include sincerity in carrying out their duties, STEEMians are hard and dedicated. If the STEEMians boss is indeed a great leader, he must have observed STEEMians with a number of more brilliant future plans. Now if STEEMians experience these cues, get ready to welcome a better STEEMians career.

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"Physical limitations (disabilities) are not the main obstacles to achieving a dream, if you are trying to be really there will be good opportunities. Efforts will be directly proportional to the outcome. So no need to fear, your dream will be achieved without having to beg..."

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