Achieving SUCCESS in Careers with Coworkers in the Office[Renew for December 21th 2018]

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Create a comfortable working environment should be done all those who are in the environment. Including the STEEMians people, of course.

If the relationship with fellow co-workers is well built, not only is the comfortable atmosphere to be had, but also a solid working team. Therefore I try to share some basic rules that should be run by the STEEMians.

  • STEEMians call the names of co-workers

When talking to coworkers and STEEMians do not call him "You" but by mentioning his name, then the message the STEEMians convey is clear. It also shows that the STEEMians care about the other person and consider them important. Season the phrase by saying name and start the question with, for example, "Good morning, my partner(the name of co-workers), how is this morning?"

  • STEEMians gives praise to co-workers

If the subordinate has managed to do the job well, give praise and show that the STEEMians really pay attention to it. For example, by saying, " My partner, the explanation put forward at the meeting was very good and made everyone impressed." Avoid criticism and criticize if necessary and criticism should be more of a constructive criticism.

  • STEEMians respect the ability of co-workers

Do not feel the most capable of doing everything. Acknowledge the abilities of others. Trust someone to do the best they can. By trusting somebody, it means that STEEMians give support to her to truly produce and give her the best. In addition, should be patient with co-workers who are still newbies in the field.

  • STEEMians admit mistakes to co-workers

No need to be embarrassed, to admit mistakes precisely is a respectable act because very rarely people who want to do this. Get rid of STEEMians ego and admit that STEEMians are not perfect. In acknowledging the mistakes made, there is no need to overdo it. Simply by saying, "I realize I made a mistake."

  • Show STEEMians genuine interest to co-workers

Notice the interests and passions of the co-workers around. Although their interests and interests are different from those of the STEEMians, they show the attention of the STEEMians by asking questions around the topic. The positive aspect is that the STEEMians learn about something new. And do not forget, everyone likes to be noticed and remembered. Importantly, STEEMians know when it's time to talk and when it's time to be quiet.

  • STEEMians help resolve co-workers' mistakes

Everyone can make mistakes and when these mistakes happen in front of the crowd, of course feelings of shame arise. Therefore, if there are co-workers who experience this, do the same thing. Do not laugh at the mistakes made by others, instead say, "Everyone has experienced it," and reassure to the person concerned that this does not mean doomsday. If the fear of wrong with the words STEEMians, better silent.

  • STEEMians are humble to co-workers

STEEMians do not need to touting the work. No one likes this attitude. STEEMians must be patient in order for others to pay attention to the achievements of the STEEMians. Let others see for themselves the work and persistence of the STEEMians. This attitude is much appreciated.

  • STEEMians give thanks to co-workers

If STEEMians need other people to complete the work of the STEEMians, make sure WHALESians show gratitude to the person and offer him the help of STEEMians if he / she requires.

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Hopefully this article is useful for all My friends

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My life keeps running, I really hope you can always provide support for the disabled so that I can be motivated, your kindness is all hope for me. If the spirit of my life begins to dim and my confidence will also disappear then all my dream will be stopped.

Thanks for all of you who have shared love all the time.

@fremy gives a message through words of wisdom :
"Physical limitations (disabilities) are not the main obstacles to achieving a dream, if you are trying to be really there will be good opportunities. Efforts will be directly proportional to the outcome. So no need to fear, your dream will be achieved without having to beg..."

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