Overcome bosses who are annoying for better STEEMians careers [Renew for December 30th 2018]

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When we talk about the annoying boss, who immediately comes to mind STEEMians are a superficial and unfair boss who makes life miserable. Each boss has a different character and I try to understand some of the boss's characters. According to the @fremy version : Here are the annoying boss's traits and how to deal with them :

The boss who likes to rule, always feel the most knowledgeable and true, do not want to blame and always blame others.
How to deal with it :
In writing, ask for opinions for all the plans and decisions are important, but still have to guard if there is a mistake. Certainly the boss will say he does not know alias exhaust body.

The boss always commented on every move of the STEEMians.
How to deal with :
Debate superiors with the type through e-mail, reports and meetings so he can control himself.

The boss is a workaholic and demands STEEMians like him.
How to deal with it :
STEEMians superiors should know, there is life other than work. Any chance, tell him about STEEMians family, friends and hobbies.

The boss likes to make a funny/unpleasant joke about STEEMians.
How to deal with it :
No need to respond. Just change the subject.

Rigid supervisors, just need "yes/no" answers and do not care about useful information or discussion.
How to deal with it :
Prepare the report in writing along with several alternatives that must be done. If a STEEMians superiors require a recommendation, give it orally.

The boss wants to get information by approaching you as if you were his best friend.
How to deal with it :
Keep the distance. Take him to a place he does not like and avoid his false good.

Bosses who can not separate work and personal life.
How to deal with it :
Enjoy the work of the STEEMians. Misunderstandings about things that are not meaningful, can damage the working relationship.

A boss who can not make a decision, ask for information from here and there before making a decision that seems to be self-made.
How to deal with it :
Find information from people who play a role and engage in the same issue.

Passive-aggressive bosses, like to postpone work, complain not enough time and always blame others for work that is not good.
How to deal with it :
Involve as many others as necessary so STEEMians have witnesses.

Well, that's some of the annoying qualities of the boss and the steps to deal with it. Hopefully it can be a reference for a better STEEMians career.

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