Leadership Management for a better career [Renew for December 29th 2018]

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Hi Guys, this time I will share with you about Leadership Management style. Well Guys, So avoid bad habits that will damage your leadership management style. One dangerous form of these bad habits is that we are only aware of what we have done when everything is too late.

Well, STEEMians don't want to be like that, right? Try it, read the following list. If the STEEMians have one of these lists of bad habits, now is the time to improve the management style of the STEEMians leadership.
  • STEEMians look unprofessional

Today, people always look stylish. In short, appearance is important. If the STEEMians do not care about appearance, it means that the STEEMians are also ignorant of other things. The situation will get worse if other employees mimic the habits of the STEEMians, making the STEEMians department unsightly.
If the STEEMians feel no one is paying attention to the STEEMians, try doing small research. Dress up like a professional then write down and write reactions from people around the STEEMians every day. STEEMians will be surprised at the results!

  • STEEMians Not accommodating to clients

If the STEEMians seem reluctant to talk to the client, impatient with all kinds of questions he asks or are lazy to help him solve the problem, then the STEEMians staff will see and imitate. They think they have the right to do the same thing with clients/customers. This action will make a boomerang for the STEEMians.
Immediately leave this behavior to remember so much the meaning of the customer/client for the company. Try to follow the training about providing good service or service to consumers. Don't forget, the buyer is king, right? In other words, if the company is successful, it means that the STEEMians will still be able to "live", and be able to live a more decent life.

  • Using power by misusing time

Did the STEEMians get up early late? Order another cup of coffee at lunch to extend the break? Stop working earlier than office hours so that you don't get caught in traffic jams? Is this the bad habits that the STEEMians do? If so, STEEMians will never be able to reprimand or reprimand employees or subordinates when they also eat lunch for 45 minutes or come 15 minutes late for reasons of traffic jams or others.
Maybe that indeed has become the habit of the STEEMians. But whatever, as a professional and leader, it should not be done. The power that the STEEMians have is not to be used at will. Don't forget, the STEEMians are subordinate role models. Do not let this bad attitude rub off and inspire other colleagues.

  • STEEMians show open dissatisfaction

Naturally and very understandable if the STEEMians feel burdened with many tasks or get reprimand from the boss because there is less work done. However, it is very unnatural if the stress and dissatisfaction with the boss is conveyed by an alias told to other colleagues. Moreover, while cursing and vilifying the boss. The work team will feel "panicked" and worry about hearing complaints or irregularities from top management and this can give birth to unpleasant situations. For example, the loss of respect for the leadership, which began with the STEEMians themselves.
If the STEEMians feel right, look for the right time and the right person, where the WEKUians can issue unegregation and maintain the opinion of the STEEMians. Maybe it could also be with STEEMians or close friends who can be trusted. They certainly will not drop the STEEMians and the STEEMians themselves feel safe.

  • STEEMians take goods or company profits

Maybe the STEEMians think, no problem taking a few items that are in the company, or those produced by the company, or even money that is not checked for expenditure. If things like this are known to subordinates and other coworkers, don't be surprised if they imitate the STEEMians. Obviously, this behavior can harm the career of the STEEMians. So, throw away this detrimental nature.

  • STEEMians are too close

Acting as if you were too familiar or too romantic with one of the employees, could cause other employees to be jealous. If you are looking for friends, try by developing an activity such as gathering together so that you are familiar with your extended family. It is also important to avoid rumors that the STEEMians are close to one of the employees because they have a special relationship. The STEEMians don't want to, right, is the atmosphere in the STEEMians tinged with cheap gossip.

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"Physical limitations (disabilities) are not the main obstacles to achieving a dream, if you are trying to be really there will be good opportunities. Efforts will be directly proportional to the outcome. So no need to fear, your dream will be achieved without having to beg..."

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