Congratulations to the Winners of the Final Round of the Welcoming Contest | 150 Steem and 1100sp Delegation in Prizes!!

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The idea for this contest started way back on 9/13 in a DM between @reggaemuffin and I. I worked on coming up with the concept for how the contest would work, and writing the posts over the course of 3 months, until the first post, finally, came out on 12/11. Two months and 13 posts later, our winners have been selected for the Final Round of the Welcoming Contest!

For this round of the contest, we had a prize pool of 150 Steem for Powerups, and a 500sp delegation. The mission was for you to nominate the most deserving Steemians to Win a Power Up. After the contest was published, I came into contact with @carlgnash and @sircork who both offered to add to the prize pool with delegation prizes!

Thank YOU!!!

Encountering their generosity, I too decided to use some of my SP to increase the amount delegation prizes a bit more. I used 200 sp, to bring the total of 6 extra prizes of 100sp delegations!!!!

(by: @CreativeSoul)

Because the prizes were so large for this round, I didn't want to be in charge of how they were awarded. @carlgnash and I checked out all of the nominations. Some didn't make the cut for various reasons, such as being too new, or not posting often enough. When we were done, we had a list which was very close to the number of prizes available. Then, I narrowed down our list just a little more, so there were the exact number of users as there were prizes to be awarded. At that point, I sent a randomized list to @ausbitbank and asked him to award each prize to whoever he wanted. Thanks to you @ausbitbank for helping with that!

Without further ado:

Congratulations to the Winners of The Final Round of the Welcoming Contest

40 Steem Powerup

@johngreenfield and @shinyforest both won a 40 Steem Powerup!

20 Steem Powerup

Congrats to @gabrielatravels and @charm29 who now have 20 more sp!!!

500 SP Delegation

@davemccoy is our winner for this prize! He's always helping out new users, and I'm sure will put this delegation to good use!

100 SP Delegation

The winners of the 100sp Delegation are:


** NOTE: These delegations will last for at least 3 months **

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this contest over the past few months. Thank you to the nominators, for helping us to find some really deserving Steemians. Thank you to @carlgnash and @sircork for joining in on the festivities, and offering some extra prizes for this round.

A Big shoutout and thank you to @reggaemuffin for inspiring the contest, donating 500 Steem to the cause, and being an amazing support throughout my entire experience on Steem. I suppose I'll always feel indebted to you, my steem life wouldn't be the same if we hadn't met all those months back.

Much grattitude and appreciation to, @aggroed, @ausbitbank, and @swelker101 for their generous contributions, and for everything these guys do for Steem.

During the contest rounds leading up to this post, a total of 615 Steem was awarded in 124 prizes!!!!! Most of the prizes were awarded to different people, however there were a few people who participated in multiple rounds, and won multiple prizes. Thanks to you all for making the Welcoming Contest Great!

Including this round, there has been a total prize pool of 775 Steem, plus 1100sp in delegations!! All of the prizes have been used for the purpose of helping each other, and incentivizing helpful behavior on the blockchainl!

I would encourage you all to get to know our Witness Sponsors, better, and offer them a vote if you like what they are doing here!

Big Thanks to, and an Overview of the Sponsors to the Welcoming Contest

@ReggaeMuffin: 500 Steem - @reggaemuffin Witness Update
@Aggroed: 100 Steem - @aggroed A History
@Ausbitbank: 100 Steem - @ausbitbank Witness Update
@Swelker101: 90 day delegation of 500sp - @swelker101 Witness Update
@sircork: 90 day delegation of 300sp - @SirCork Witness Update

This post wouldn't be complete if I didn't offer some appreciation to @fulltimegeek and @stellabelle, whos generous delegations have allowed me to share a lot of nice upvotes to those who participated in the comments section of the contest posts!!!!!!

Previous Contest Posts

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I love contests and seeing that people like you are doing it warms my heart. Thank you for bring joy into people's lives on steemit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This came as a total surprise and a gift (yesterday was my birthday), so again, THANK YOU!


happy birthday! Glad this contest found you!


Thank you so much!


congratulations and happy birthday. you won just at the right time


Thank you! Yeah, the perfect gift :)

Thank you @inquringtimes for your beautiful effort with the Welcoming Contest. You're building here quite a legacy. I'm impressed by your generosity and helpfullness. Well done my friend! I'm very happy that I met you here on Steemit and I hope to help you with your other fantastic ideas and projects. I'm grateful for the prize! I didn't expect it, but it's a powerful game-changer for me. I can continue to post my art on Steemit thanks to your generosity! You're changing my life for better outside of the Steemit, it's important that you know that @inquiringtimes :)
My dear @spiritualmax, I'd like to thank you for this nomination, I planned to nominate you but the problem was, you were too powerful in terms of SP to become a contestant. I will try to show my appreciation for your outstanding and by all measures fascinating performance in other ways, I can promise you that.

I would like to also say thank you to all the generous Sponsors of the contest, I'm hoping to follow your lead in the future!

Thank you once again, friends ;)


Congrats, Klaudia. Keep up the good work! :) I think it was this post that really brought it home for you:


Congratulations Klaudia,

I won 10 SP by the smart investment of nominating you :)
Thank you very much for the kind words, no repayment is needed. Just keep adding value to the blockchain :)

A huge shout out to @inquiringtimes for coordinating this whole thing and putting in a TON of time and energy into this behind the scenes. It was really hard to narrow this down, there were so many amazing deserving authors nominated! Steem rules!

Much love - Carl


thanks for the kind words! and everything!

I don't think I'm gonna be able to get across just how much this means to me. Thank you guys so, so much! I've not stopped smiling all day. I really look forward to getting to know you all better
Thank you to @zetetrahedron369 for you nomination in the first place, I won't forget that =]


Congrats! You deserve it. :)

(FYI I am unaware of SteemIt having a feature to alert you when somebody mentions your account name. I came across this comment by merely coming across this post.)

My full and hearty congratulations to the winners! Happy to support and be a part of this fantastic contest.


thanks for supporting the contest in making people happy


thanks for helping out with more prizes!


so kind of you

Thank you so much @inquiringtimes!! And a special shout-out to all of the sponsors who made it possible for so many people to benefit from this contest:) You are all awesome! Cheers:)

Wow I am so honored that you would have selected me @inquiringtimes. It is such a compliment and amazing that you took the time to understand what we're doing at #newbieresteemday.. I know you awarded me the prize, but I realize that it is really to help our cause.

We have so many people that this will motivate and I'm happy to know who to thank! Starting today we have been offering "Newbie Nickels" to bring attention to the fact that we offer a $0.05 upvote to encourage the newbies to participate and engage!

This 500 SP will be leveraged in these ways and you should know that our success would also be your success! We are teammates now (even though I won't make you do anything else) ;)

One last thing, I know @beeyou who writes our "Weekly Buzz" will want to give you an honorary sponsorship for what you have done. Are you ok with her mentioning it and would you accept?

Thank you again and I promise to make you proud of me and our whole group of awesome people!!!


Hi! Thanks for your support, @growingpower just upvoted your comment ;) Hope you have a great day


sponsorship? not sure what that entails.. but, should be ok!


That's a great attitude!!! You already have faith :)

It doesn't entail anything further... just your act of kindness gives you the "honorary sponsor" title... You were there for us and we want to recognize it....

Kinda like an honorary degree at a college...

You can rescind it any time, but we are hoping to be here for a long time and make it something you will be proud of!


oh, I get it, I was a little slow at first. haha... well, you should give that to @swelker101 since he is the one who shared the prize! I just ran the contest


we are asking him too... (and hope he says yes)

but he said it was at your suggestion, so we would be honored if you would accept too!


ok, have your way with my name hah. :) I won't argue


Great, we will make you proud! Thanks again :)

Have a great day/night whatever is applicable to you!!!

Thank you so much! I totally have no idea what I won.


you won 20 Steem, directly powered up into your account, so now you have 20 more SP. This will help you give better upvotes, as well as have less problems with bandwidth! Congratulations! :-D you might want to thank @hornblende for nominating you :)


Thank you again! Let me go thank him!!!

Thank you so much!! I just don't find the right words to thank you enough guys, you are amazing! As those who nominated me and gave me a hand of help! ❤️❤️


well, I'm just the messenger :) this was very much a community effort! keep up the good work!


Thank you so much! 😊

Congratulations to the winners and also thanks to @carlgnash for offering a 100sp delegation and
@sircork for offering 300sp in delegations!
And to everyone that supported.

@inquiringtimes indeed I really missed a lot.


indeed you did, as you can see from the list of posts at the bottom :)

Congratulations to the winners ...@inquiringtimes cant wait for the next concept you have for us


phew... it's hard to know what to do next. I have a few ideas for topics to write about, it will be good to be able to focus more completely con content creation for a while


Can I help ?

Congratulations @davemccoy this is an awesome and well deserved prize! You have helped so many newbies since joining the platform and it is from the heart and people see that you are here to help! Love it! Also, a much deserved congratulations to you @lynncoyle1 love seeing the two of you doing such great things here!

To all the sponsor and creator of this contest, thanks for putting smile in the faces of steemians. wish to partake in the next contest. good job for the transparency

Congratulations to the winners, this is a motivation for you to do more.

Yay:). Well done guys. This is how a healthy community is built.

Wow a big one here, I laid you for your continuous steps in building a better and brighter community.
And email congratulations to the winners.
They're champions today, and so are you

Congrates to the winners of the welcoming contest

Congratulations winers! thats cool and big motivatoin!✍✍✍

Oh, there's a welcoming contest? Only saw this now...

This post has received gratitude of 10.69 % from @appreciator thanks to: @inquiringtimes.

Thank you for sharing...:-)

congratulation @inquiringtimes... cheers

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow, I am extremely grateful for this awesome opportunity I was given. Thank you @inquiringtimes for lending me your SP and also thanks to @redvsworld for nominating me! Hopefully, I will wisely use the chance you guys gave me :)

Thanks for your support, please when will be the next contest be ready

I like the concept of delegating SP, is a good way to reward the people. thank you for supporting the community

Congratulate the winners wholeheartedly, happy if I followed him, young in another contest event I can follow him

Loads of love and steemit goodies are shared here! Thanks a LOT for doing this!

Ya..lanjutkan saya selalu ada dibelakang anda