The Welcoming New Users Contest! [Round #6][How-To Welcome][+Round #4 Winners]

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Today the focus of the contest is on how to properly welcome a new user to Steemit. On a regular basis, I am meeting new users in, on discord, and sometimes out on the blockchain. They usually have the same question. But first!!!!

Winners From Round #4 Welcome Image Design

The top two Welcome Images winning 20 Steem were:



Aaaand the Runners Up :)







Big Thanks to all of the participants for the originality you all brought to the contest.

These images are all free for use within the steem community for creating welcoming documents, and other such activities, as long as you give a proper credit to the user who created them :)

Now back to this round :)

"I'm brand new, what do I do now?"

By now we've collectively written some really helpful guides that point people towards the best resources for new users. I have my own that I've written, and I will likely write new ones, after I digest all of the material and information presented in these contests.

Here are the Guides that won Round 3, where users wrote helpful guides for new users:

and here is one I wrote a little while back:

One really helpful tool I learned about from @reggaemuffin, is you can log into this with a github account, or a google account, which most people have one or the other. Then, when you create a new note, all you have to do is copy the link in the address bar, and whoever you share that link with can edit the document with you. This is a great tool for teaching new users how to create nice looking blogs.

After I've given the new user some good reading material, I introduce them to, and go into a document with them, and help them work on steemit posts. Same as Reggae did with me, when I was just getting started. After a few posts, they have learned a lot, and usually don't need my help anymore. The best thing from there is brainstorming with them on helpful posts to write, and getting them to help new users just as they were helped. This keeps the cycle of helpfulness going.

How to Properly Greet New Users

When I'm trying to help a new user I will introduce them to the various communities that help to guide and instruct.

New User Communities

I'm sure there are many more that I have not mentioned, so please feel free to let me know who I left out, in the comments.

There are tools, such as editors.
There are numerous helpful websites that tell you information about your account.

Here are some tips @reggaemuffin offers:

– Be nice and respectful
– Filter your tips by the users situation, suggest things they can make use of.
– Have some space for a personal comment to add to the post, something you liked, for example.
– Make sure the user hasn't used the introductions tags numerous times already.

Offer your tips for how to properly welcome a new user

  • What information do you share with every new user?
  • What do you wish you were told when you first got started?
  • What information do users need, but not have readily available?
  • What resources do all new users need?

This round is a bit more open ended.

We're looking for all the bits and pieces that may have been left out in other rounds. Tips, advice, and ideas. All surrounding the concept:

"How to Properly Welcome a New User"

There is 100 Steem in the pot for this round, so I'll be looking forward to the creativity you bring to the comments section! I will be awarding steem based on the level of helpfulness, especially tips references and ideas that have not been mentioned or thought of, yet.

Previous Contest Posts

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To welcome a new user I would definitely tell about the projects that supports and help newbies and minnows. A great projects that isn't mentioned before is:
Minnows Accelerator Project

I would also explane that upvotes are not the same as likes on Facebook! I believed that my first time on Steemit and had no understanding about the limits of SP.

It's also important to tell new user that this is not like Instagram. I posted several single photos during my first time. That will not bring much attention. Many people work hard to create great content and that is the way to go:)

I would defenitely tell a new user about the importance of being a nice person and to get to know as many other Steemians as possible. Through the projects but also by reading posts and writing kind and supportive comments. The communication is very important if you like to succeed on Steemit.

There is also nice to go through the interface with new users. Where do you find replies to your posts and comments? How to handle the wallet? I would tell about the importance to keep the active key or password safe.

It would also be a great idea to provide a list of markdown code, this was really a struggle for me to understand on my own.

I will start with basics. Answering following questions, and similar newbie questions, is important part of welcoming new users to Steemit I think.

  • What is Steemit?
  • What is Steem?
  • What is blockchain?
  • How to add picture and set up profile?
  • How to upvote?
  • Where does money come from?
  • How to resteem?
  • What is a resteem?
  • How do I reply?
  • How does reward system work?
  • How to transfer my balance?
  • How to see my wallet?
  • What is Steem Dollar?
  • What is Power Down?
  • What is Power Up?

And many many more questions. I created an absolute beginner's Steemit FAQ to answer these questions in the simplest words to make the welcoming part easy.

Please have a look and see what it delivers.

My number 1 suggestion for new people: comment a lot and interact in the Minnow Support Project. It's the best place on the web for a Steemian to build community.


Thanks for your input! I also found this helpful post you just wrote, which I will recommend to new users!


nice profile n name @inquirigtimes i am also new user thansk for the info @aggroed

Welcoming new users for me the first thing is love, showing them love would come first, in various manner, steemit is a step by step development, and this should come first, when new users feels loved it uplifts their spirit, then secondly, the major steps in writing a post and generally acclamatising to the community is what I teach them.
Thirdly I tell them about the do's and don't's then it's also important to monitor their day to day activities also, and also importantly upvote them no matter how tiny the upvote may be.

When I help someone new in this platform, then the welcome I tell them: be original. Steemit is not another simple social network, steemit is the best social network you ever have. Take it seriosly and follow the rules. Steemit has all the tools to take you to the best way. Make your post with your oun photos and written. Take care your grammar, avoid the plagiarism and the abuse, do not ask for follow and upvote. Be kind in the comments and avoid the short words. If have a questions I try to answer or look at the link like @inquiringtimes that has very much informations. The Tags are important too, must be according to what is written on the blog. When someone start is very important have another person for follow or guide.


I find new users like contests so I made a contest that also helps them get started and encourages older users to help

i always welcome the to the steem train and the send them thismatrix.jpg

Being a plankton I can see that Steemit is huge place with many different corridors. It's a lot to get your head around. I am not technical, so this will just be a short suggestion/wish. The first thing I noticed were the bots in the comment section and have researched enough to know many could be hack attempts. I think a very useful idea would be to create a welcoming bot, which upvotes posts with minimal power, but contains the link to a large portion of helpful links and tags for useful bots like @originalworks. Thank you

Whenever I welcome new users, I briefly introduce them to the series of post i have been writing purposely for the upbringing and educating newbies like them on steemit. This post has been writen segment by segment to throw light on questions they might have and possible answers to such questions.
Steemit Termilogies for new users-@elixbaba
Steemit help for new users episode 1-@elixbaba
Steemit help for new users Episode 2-@elixbaba.
It is my believe that any newbie that come across this post will be edified and enlightened thereby helping them to have a good begining on steemit .

I usually take this one, you can have it:

hello there welcome.gif

great work you do! it is not easy for minnows to swim in the steemit ocean :)

It reminds me of a post I wrote.. its been a while, but it is still actual...

To new users here on steemit, I wanna tell them they are so lucky that they got to know about steemit and decided to join. Before anything, They should know that this is unlike other social platforms, the rules in here are quite different. Dont just post useless, or comment. Try to develop a friendly circle. Give Respect and find a mentor. There are a lot of good mentors here in steemit who are ready to share tips. Make steemit a part of your life. Take part in contest, they help alot. Don't steemit for money, just do what you love to do, and share your thoughts and feelings. Use Tags properly. Make quality post and make sure its not copied. Be careful when using internet photos.

I don't know if this could help to others, but it certainly helped me. One day I stumbled upon @armandocat Steemit More Info 1.5 Chrome extension and Firefox extension. Among other tags he added Votes, Mentions and Links. Not all links are added but quite some. Also his extension provides information on value and percentage of votes. It helps to brighten the darkness in which the newcomer tiptoes to brighten a bit.

Well, I think the best way to welcome a new user is to help the user get used to using of tags since what he or she will be doing is to make posts and the right tag must be used. Here is a post I wrote on use of tags which will be helpful to all
Also there is the need to upvote and comment on the posts of the new user so that he or she will feel loved and will not backslide. I have seen people leave steemit just because they were not getting the upvotes they wanted. So the new users should be well curated and a proper guideline is to be given them on how to write a good post.
They should also be taught the following
How to get known and attract more followers most especially whales
How to upload videos on either Dtube or YouTube
To comment on people's posts
To upvote the posts of others.

There is also the need to introduce the new users to different groups and different chat zones both on steemitchat and also on discord

New users should also be taught the need to participate in contests as this will help them in a very long way

Congrats to the winners and thanks a lot for choosing my entry as a runner up :-)

As a new Steemit user I appreciate the context of this post. It's nice to have the potential of receiving a jump at the start in order to keep that momentum going by building a following. I worry that new users:

  1. Post a blog before reading the recommendations for an Intro post
  2. Don't understand the importance of tags

In turn, get discouraged if their intro post doesn't take off

New users (like myself) can find answers in the guide but have the desire to want to dive in, it's information overload for someone when your focus is writing.

I was lucky enough to have a fellow Steemit user @giftedgaia help me get started...without that help my own experience would not have been as rewarding.
Because of this...

I find a LOT of value in personal invitations in order to teach the basics!

The most important lesson for me: People are looking for content that has value to them so:

  • Don't be in a hurry to get your post up, it's more important to have a good final product AND
  • Use available resources to get a jump start on building followers. Potential leading to less inactive accounts

The problem there-in is...sorting through legitimate resources that aren't overwhelming to new users and practicing patience when it comes to posting.

Congratulations to all the winners And Runner Ups... You are doing an amaxing job with the Projecr Welcome To Steemit!!! Hope my New Posts about Welcome Guide will be of any help to the New Comers!!!

Wow these images are FANTASTIC! Good choice nt the winners! and I really liked @shortcut s entry as well!


Thanks for letting me know :-)

@omg-is-biology you should read this , is EVERITHING i was about to teach you and even more (much more) , well nothing else to say that WELCOME to steemit (?);)

I could remember when I was a newbie, I was totally ignored, like totally.I wouldn't want any newbiee to go through what I went through
@inquiringtimes .It was really hard.So if this contest is about welcoming newbies I'm in


Thank you for the support and kind words!

congratulation to new contest

Sunguh menarik

Friend, I started joining steemit, I have followed you, thank you. If there is time to visit my blog, I like to wait. send a greeting to success

@inquiringtimes lovely post Many many happy returns of the day Bitcoin


If I can offer you some advice it would be to read the posts you are commenting on and leave a relevant comment. This is considered spammy and I won't be surprised if you get flagged for it soon! Happy birthday though :)

I'm anew in steemit
thanks for welcoming

I was reading thru the article and clicked the link to to hackmd.

The m and d were interchanged. Should be not :)


thank you, kind sir! <3

While I was a new member I appreciated the most helpful tips from other members. That's why now I try to give some basic tips to new members :)

How to participate in this competition
It's new in this site.
Thanks for help

congrats to winners. You are doing a great job.

Welcome my friend carry on your life

i just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative you are

doing great ,,If you are interested in cryptocurrency visit my steemit

for more information @reewy ,, and thank you again for your great



you are welcome, friend! thanks for stopping by :)

I am fairly new to this. I have heard about this few days ago and tried it. More than anything, we should dwell on what the core of Steemit is, that is

Being sharing people and expressing yourself for other people to learn from it.

Using steemit as a platform...either by promoting tourism and helping out communities around the world. Steemit being a medium to impart your thoughts and blogs and touching people's emotions.

Be "the change"...having a substance and making sense to "be the change"

Helping less fortunate children to go to school is the least thing i can do to help, 15 kids doesnt sound a lot but i wanted them to realize the value of education. So when i heard about steemit, the earnings will be a huge help in supporting them.

I'm writing a course at the moment to help new users on steemit
the outline might help here a little