Witness Update 01/04/2018 - The vote begging Post!

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So it's come to this. You've forced me into flat-out begging for witness votes.

Perhaps you haven't voted for me due to me having an awful account name. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about that.

Maybe it's because you don't know what I do on the platform.

Let's take a look

  • 6 radio shows on MSPwaves and The Writer's Block
  • I'm a Sr. Mod at MSP and a Moderator at The Writer's Block
  • I started @minnowuniversity to help guide new users into understanding the platform and creating successful accounts
  • I support the Music and Arts community with my Steemit Creative Curation Show. I donate 15 SBD per week for the Steemit Musicians winners. I currently delegate 500 SP to @msp-music, which curates music, arts, and writing.
  • I run @upgoater, which donates a percentage of its earning to @msp-waves and @tarc
  • I run @msp-shanehug which is a delegation account geared towards helping new users gain some traction.

So there it is, my Steemit resume.

Is there more to come? Absolutely! 2018 is going to be a good year for the platform. And with your help, that witness vote would go a long way to ensure that I don't have to make a begging video.

I'll make a begging video

Please don't make me make a begging video.

How about a picture of my cat instead? THIS HAS TO WORK!

In summary: Please Vote.

Please Consider Voting For My Witness
Use the witness page https://steemit.com/~witnesses
scroll until you see this box and enter swelker101
click vote and accept my virtual hug!

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Awesome! Thank you!


Okey...regards from Indonesia.

But I kind of want a begging video. And not one with words. Just you making begging faces.

Will vote when I get my computer online.


with triangle... :-)



Which kitty is that? I like her!


That's special baby Jeffy! He plays fetch like a doggy.




That's Baby Jeffy

I'm going to wait for the begging video...

Will they be personalised?

Shane - if I could vote for you twice I would!


Some of us have voted him three times...sigh


Thrice is right! :-)

Jeffy the Cat for Witness!


That's probably not a bad idea


I hear he's running a seed node now.

wow you have done nice work i will just say

You're on my list, you've been on my list, you will continue to be on my list of witness votes. :-)

I am absolutely new here so not sure my vote counts or not, but I still voted. Best of luck for all the good work you are doing

What is the cat's witness name, please.

Despite our friendly rivalry, you will always have my support. Much man love.


And I'll be there, keeping you both up with all my man love...

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Oh unvote your witness, I got this. BRB :)

You had me with the kitten. Voted. This was my first witness vote as I am still learning. I am now following @minnowuniversity and the others you tagged here as well.

I believe you

If there are 2 things I can't resist, it's vote begging and cute cat pictures.

You have my vote.

U got me with that cat :D voted!

okay, the cat pic was the cincher. Jokes, I heard you were running for witness in a #PYPT last week, and it's been on my mind to vote for you! Done :)

It worked. You know, with the kitten, and all. Kittens are an essential component of successful vote begging.