International How-To Guide Contest [Round #5 Welcome Contest][$100 in Prizes + Delegations]

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Throughout this Welcoming Contest, we have been reviewing the aspects of Steem which new users need to learn, and rewarding users for making it easier to help others to learn how to succeed on Steem(it). During this round of the Welcoming Contest we will be considering a variety of languages, which a new user might use, and the best guides to help them.

(By: @blueberryfoxy)

Athough English is the most popular language, Steem is an International Community. There are many people, with many languages who use steemit.

In this post by @eastmael, we can easily see which languages are used most on steemit.

It is your task to find the best guides in each language, and list them here.

This contest is not exclusive to those languages

  • Preferably the guides are in both english and your chosen language, so they are easy to review, and this help people to learn new languages!
  • Better than individual guides is a post linking to them all.
  • Bonus if you write a post with a good collection of all guides for your language.

  • List here, a post within the last two months that catalogs all of the help guides for a particular language, or create your own post that catalogs all of the help guides for a particular language.

.5 for listing individual how-to guides
.75 for listing a post which links to multiple guides for your language.
5 for creating a post with a good collection of guides for that language.

up to $100 in liquid rewards... PLUS!

2 * 4 week 150 sp delegation for the top entrants.

..and Thank You for Participating! Together we can make Steem(it) a more welcoming community for Everyone!

Previous Contest Posts

Let's take a moment to thank our Sponsors, and Witnesses!!!!!

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@Swelker101: 90 day delegation of 500sp

If you like what they are doing please make sure to vote for their witnesses.

Also, congradulations!!!! @ilyastarar and @shinyforest for winning Round 3 with the following guides for new users

I'd like to share more but I'm a bit under the weather. <3

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This contest is awesome... I would like to contribute with a very detailed series of Turkish guide. It helped me a lot in the beginning and it is my reason to come to SteemIt.
The guide consists of 12 individual chapters which explains different aspects in detail.
Unfortunately, the starting 8 chapters are more than 2 months old so they will be out of contest.
I will start with Chapter9 and translate the headers to English.

Anyway, for anyone interested I will give the link for the first 8 chapters.

These are written by @monomyth and @sndbox thanks to them.

Let's go :

These are in contest participation.

As I said, I also want to share the previous chapters out of contest since they are really good.

These are the best content in Turkish on this subject I have seen so far in Steemit.

Stay positive.


All guides below are in portuguese.

For starts, here is the 2 guides i wrote for my fellow brazilians:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Translation of the tutorial How to register on MSP/PALnet -

Plus here is the guides other fellow brazilians wrote:

What is and How to Join minnowsupportproject -
What are and How to use the steemit keys -
Analysis If the Brazilian community on steemit -
Tips for steemit newbies -
Video Guide on How to create and steemit account -
What to write about on steemit -
Definitive guide about steemit - blockchain -
Definitive guide about steemit - reputation -
Definitive guide about steemit - plagiarism, spam, abuse -
Definitive guide about steemit - voting and curating -
Definitive guide about steemit - economy -
Definitive guide about steemit - commenting -
Definitive guide about steemit - posting -
Definitive guide about steemit - community -
10 useful tips about writing a good post -
Definitive guide about steemit - accounts -

Amazing !

For the french guides, there is one and only place : the collaborative website : where every french people who create a guide can submit it over there. We check if we don't have it already / which one is better - I mean, not better, but more complete and at the date (not old guides so).
I hope you will like it.

In the website you will find differents sections :

  • A video section tutorials about everything you need to know to have succes on Steem
  • A section about Community (every things you need to know to join steem, be part of the community)
  • The FAQ translated in french
  • The Steem white paper translated in french
    (we are working on the bleu paper now, would be release in march).
  • All you need to know to use Markdown and have nice articles :-)
  • All you need to know to write well in french (how to deal with the mistakes/ the correct french way to write)
  • The Minnow Coaching Section
  • Reviews of many many Steem tools (we are generally the first to release a tutorial about it because we spent our days on the tag steemdev :D )
  • A review of all the Steem App (all the gates to enter in the Blockchain Steem)
  • All the bots (even if we don't really like them)
  • The " cools " project on steem (if a Steemian has a crazy idea, it may be featured here :-) - Steemfest or Steem B n B for example)
  • One section only to understand what's a witness steem
  • Severals tutorials to use Steem at the high level (for example to invite your friends to Steem / to publish automaticaly from Steem to FB-Twitter)
  • All the exchanges plateforms (where you can buy steem / change your steem into fiat)

This website is open-source and everyone can translate our videos / articles. You just need to mention the original author :-)

We also have a complete ebook about " How to get started on Steem ". It will be release on January. And translated in severals languages.


what an excellent initiative! If only all countries had such a hardworking individual to put all of this together!

Thank you @inquiringtimes, I appreciate that very much! This means a lot to me. I'll do my best to create lot of valuable content, and winning this content is going to help me a lot in doing so! Thank you very much for organising this great contest, this is an excellent initiative for beginning Steemians like me! I'm very thankful to our Sponsors and Witnesses! You're doing great job for the whole Steemit community, I'm aware of that. Congratulations @ilyastarar! Much love, Klaudia


First of all, congratulations! Thank you for mentioning me. I am glad I have found and followed you. The first content I am going to read from you is the winning guide of course. Hope to see more of your awesomness!


Cool, @ilyastarar, I'm very glad I've found you through the contest post. I will also read your winning post and I'll be seeing you in the future! :) Klaudia

In German:
thanks to @asmr-austria there are lots of German FAQs and Help Guides / tutorials already listed in:

in addition @the5kyliner explains how to exchange Steem / SBD to €:

@flurgx explains how voting works (votingpower):
and lists a lot more links to German faqs / guides / help

@afrog shows us how to create unqiue content for Steem:
how to exchange STEEM / SBD
what it means to power up and how it works
how to vote effectively

and last but not least @andalucia explains how the @minnowsupport project works in German:

hoffe die Deutschen hier finden dort genug Hilfe

do yhu mean guides like teaching how to post, how to comment, how to reply a comment, how to post pictures e.t.c


Yes! Thanks for clarifying!


i will do just that

Good luck to all and excellent initiative of the contest. This will improve the collection we have to receive new steemians

Here are my Entries for Welcome Steemit,

Steemit Beginners Guide Series in Hindi and English 'Duo Language':

Series #1: How to Setup Your Steemit Account

Series #2 Markdown Tutorial

Here are my contributions of some tutorials for Steem users:

Searching an alternative platform for Steemit? An Introduction to


Want to Go Mobile on Steemit? An eSteem Introduction

Here are a collection of tutorial posts that I found useful for the Steem users. For these collection, all of them are written in Chinese or in two languages which are Chinese and English.

使用Steempy和Vessel保护帐号安全 [This is a guide for Steem users to safe keep their account, preventing theft]

Steemit用户声望值升级越到后面越难,如何提高? // How is the Steemit user reputation score calculated? And how to increase it? [This is a guide about the calculation of reputation score in Steem, it is good to know on how to push that up and it will increase the upvote value relatively.]

提示:重复投票会浪费多次Voting Power [A reminder on not wasting Voting Power from repetitive vote.]

怎么检查给你点赞的人是否100分点赞 [A guide on how to check the weightage of voting you get from others.]

Thief of Steem有贼 [A guide for Steem users to safe keep their account, preventing theft]

我在STEEM发文的动力 [A motivational guide for Steem users to keep on producing contents.]

买赞合算吗?[A guide to justify the worthiness of buying a vote.]

How to delete duplicate posts which made by carelessness / 如何删除不小心发重复的帖子 [A guide to delete duplicated posts.]

Always keep enough STEEM POWER / 账户内记得保留足够的SP [A guide for maintaining the right amount of Steem Power.]

How to set up a user-friendly password for the posting private key? / 如何为posting private key 设置个友好的密码?[A guide to manage your passwords, very important as I had lost once before but luckily recovered it.]

通过cnsteem.io快速注册steem帐号 [A guide to register yourself to Steem.]

My SBD and Steem are stolen 我的Steemit帳號的錢被偷光光了[A guide for Steem users to safe keep their account, preventing theft. She is one of the victim of being theft by a user. Her active key was compromised and the culprit can transfer all her Steem and SBD to any other account, without consent.]

SBD大涨以后,在Steemit上写作的收入又可观了……[A guide to decide whether go for 50/50 payout of 100% Power up]

好文章应该简洁而不是冗长 [A guide to write a good content.]

用blocktrades把BitShares換了一點STEEM(附教學) [A guide to buy in Steem.]

[ Steem十講之第一講 ] 行為的主體 [A guide to understand the behavior of users on Steem.]

[ Steem十講之第二講 ] Steem之鏈 [A guide to understand about the Steem blockchain.]

[ Steem十講之第三講 ] Curation,上帝之手?[A guide about curation on Steem.]

[ Steem十講之第四講 ] 面子,還是裡子?The social factor [A guide to understand the social economy in Steem.]

新人生存指南之一:steem介绍(更新版)[An introductory for Steem]

新人生存指南之二:翻墙注册(更新版)[A guide to register on Steem in China]

新人生存指南之三:创作赚钱(更新版)[A guide to earn through Steem]

新人生存指南之五:司第目工具红宝书-更新版 [A collection of tools to use on Steem, helping us to create contents, finding images, etc.]

When I first started in Steem, I was introduced into the CN community and I learnt a lot from these tutorials as well. I am truly grateful for all the great works they had done and helped me along the way too.
Special credits to all the authors: @lemooljiang, @deanliu, @htliao, @tumutanzi, @catwomanteresa, @skenan, @oflyhigh, @justyy, @nationalpark, @wang-peilin, and @skenan.

I cannot explain the magnitude of value this welcoming contest is bringing to Steemit as a platform. One of the most helpful and community-oriented contests ever organized. I am humbled to win the last one and I am willing to help people participate in this one as well, as I write in English only (and Urdu is rare as of now).

Anyone who is a good translator is welcome to translate my guides into thier language and spread the love to their communities.

I have resteemed this contest post in the hope of getting more people to participate so that we can have more guidance available for people of all backgrounds.


thank you, friend!

I wanted to see a chart with the English language included :D. Anywaysm great post! I really didn't know that there were that many creators in so many languages !

Hi i am very new into Posting on Steem :) my first Post is a german tutorial i wrote for my friends.
Maybe you like it.
There are more upcomming in the next weeks.

Best regards

Great post thanks for sharing with us...

I am from India and We have Hindi (हिंदी) as Native Language. Can any tutorial in that language be eligible for the Contest?


yes! This contest is to make a collection of the guides for all languages


Can i make a series of posts regarding the tutorials or do i have to make a single post?


if you are writing guides, then write them however you want, you have approximately 6 days... not sure how many guides you are going to write.

are you collecting guides to post here?

either way, post all of your entries as links to the guides in one comment (edit the comment and add more as you go, if necessary)

see above entries for examples on proper entries for the contest.


Here is Steemit Guide #1 in Hindi and English, please have a read!

That's awesome!
I've done recently one tutorial in English on how to make presentations online using Markdown with Strut app, open source. Maybe someone here find it useful =]

Thanks @inquiringtimes ! great job!

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very nice and interesting contest. i will try my best to find few of them. @inquiringtimes


looking forward to it :)

Awesome idea and definitely needed. I have been working on getting people to also reach out to the newbies and to help them and welcome them. This info is helpful and your contest will encourage more to think about such things...

Its not an easy solution to achieve your objectives, but together we can all add piece to build the foundation!

Thanks for this and keep it up :)

And happy new year and an awesome 2018!!!

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good post. thank you

thanks for your help it so good to have you


you are welcome, friend!

hai kawan, saya merupakan awal bergabung dengan steemit, saya telah mengikuti anda, terima kasih.jika ada waktu lihat blog saya dan beri vote yang bagus, salam sukses

Nic post.your post is very helpful for us.Thanks for sharing with us sir...

I have reached out to a few to enter this awesome contest, thank you!


Thank you! I also am looking for more entrants. Ideally we will have a massive collection of international guides by the end!

hai kawan, saya merupakan awal bergabung dengan steemit, saya telah mengikuti anda, terima kasih.jika ada waktu lihat blog saya dan beri vote yang bagus, salam sukses