Steem Web Resources: Tools, Apps, Communities, etc.

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This is an epic list of sites that all connect with or relate to the Steem Blockchain! Much thanks to @reggaemuffin for creating the list which I used as a foundation for this one, in his post Complete Guide to what is Steem(it). His 6th post on Steemit!

To be clear, I have only included links to webpages external to I have not listed any discord servers, as another list entirely is in the works, until updates are finished you can feel free to add discord servers to the comments of this post: @torico's magickal list of discord servers.


Front Ends for the Steem Block Chain - Variations on, and Mirrors of the Steemit Blogging App

dApps - These decentralized applications serve a variety of purposes, built on top of the Steem Blockchain.

  • - For rewarding Open Source Developers via the Steem Blockchain.
  • - a Forum structured interface for Steem
  • SteepShot – An instagram like client for Steem
  • - Live Video Streaming platform for steem
  • - Video Platform like Youtube with Steem rewards
  • - Soundcloud like Platform With Steem Rewards
  • - An app for posting your favorite memes, funny pictures, gifs and videos.
  • - A twitter/reddit mash-up, meant for short/quick sharing of media and links.
  • - a revolutionary social mobile APP that lets anyone without prior crypto-knowledge benefit from blockchain technology effortlessly. (Coming Soon, of the first SMT created)
  • - Event-Ticketing Network - Being built on the Steem Blockchain
  • - A different way to view Steem Posts (it looks nice over there :)

Steem Communities and Initiatives

Different Sites for Viewing information about the Steem BlockChain.

  • - Lists your most recent votes, rewards, and pending payouts
  • SteemD – See all internal data for anything on the blockchain
  • - Another Block Explorer like steemd, with a variety of additional features.
  • Similar to steemd, also including potential rewards
  • - Gives you all sorts of stats and info about your (or any) account
  • - a publicly available Microsoft SQL database containing all the Steem blockchain data
  • - All sorts of information about the blockchain such as who votes for who, who delegates to who, lots of great info not available easily elsewhere
  • SteemStats – Here you can watch users and get live updates
  • - Still under Development,currently features a mentions checker, keyword search, and a blockexplorer.
  • Steemviz – Livefeed of what happens on Steem, and other tools.
  • Phist – See the history of any post
  • – See who mentioned you
  • Steem Followers - Simple app to check followers
  • - A steem Rewards Calculator
  • - a really awesome site that shows you interesting statistics about your account, which is currently down, but will be back soon :)
  • SteemitBoard – Achievements for Steemit
  • - Check images from a steem profile\blog
  • SteemWhales – See the biggest accounts on Steem. Includes many other features, including the ability to create a post.
  • SteemDown – See what whales power down
  • Downvote Viewer - Watch flag wars - Live
  • Who muted me?
  • - A Listing of Blockchains. Ordered by amount of Transactions
  • steemblockexplorer
  • - A website for receiving notifications about various happenings on the steem blockchain
  • Steem Rain -a visual experience of transactions on the Steem Blockchain

Apps that help Curators

Steem Games

  • - Play Pacman for free, get tiny amounts of steem awarded(it's just fun, don't go crazy about getting money for playing a free game)
  • - Largest Cryptocurrency Freeroll Poker Site in the World. Play Poker, earn Steem
  • - MMORPG Built on Steem

Steem Tools

  • - A community maintained collection of tools and apps for steem
  • - a website with a number of useful tools for Steem
  • - an automated voting tool, to automatically support users you love
  • - A way to view steem posts based on where they were created.
  • - An OS for RasberyPi that includes a bunch of tools and apps for steem
  • SteemLink – A Steem based URL shortener
  • SteemVids – See the latest videos on Steem
  • Vessel – Secure Desktop wallet for Steem
  • - Website For Steemify: IOS Notifications app for Steem
  • - Steed Node and Steem Faucet
  • SteemWatch – Configure notifications for events you are interested in
  • AskSteem – Search Engine for Steem
  • SteemSplit – Split the reward of a post with other users
  • SteemVids Create – Easy youtube video embed to your post
  • - A service that keeps track of bidbots so you can use thier services with more information.
  • – Buy goods with Steem
  • - Automate activities on steem such as Schedule post, Build a Fanbase, or leave a curation trail

3rd Party Account Creation

Steem Related Exchange, Pricing, and Trading Services

Helpful \ Informative Links:

Libraries, Tools, and other Developer Resources

Witness Info and Resource

(by @creativesoul)


Ditch - C# SDK for Steem

Nice post, that must have been quite a lot of work! We're just missing Steemify in the list ;)

I'll be making updates as the day goes on, thank you!

if you're missing steemify, i have to point out that you're missing @ginabot too ;)

Sorry, friend, this list is only for external websites. If I had tried to list ever bot discord community, ect I would have been at it another couple weeks. Don't worry, more massive reference lists to come. Ginabot IS my favorite instant notification bot that lets me know everything that happens on steem via a direct message in discord, tho

Would be on the lookout then.. Saved.. I'll be checking out these tools soon..

I will be using your post,(a link back to it), in a couple of post I am working on. @mudcat36 and @davemccoy have started a project that I am helping on, to help brand new steemians.

excellent! if you wanna hit me up on discord I can share some other resources with you and we can chat a bit :)

Very good post! It is a really useful list of almost everything you need in Steemit.
I think you forgot in "Steem Communities and Initiatives" the biggest spanish community on Steemit called @Cervantes ;)

thank you, friend. I have only included in this list external websites from steemit. If @cervantes has a website, I would be happy to include it <3 Otherwise, it will be never ending for me to list every user account that heads a community.

Since you are involved with @cervantes, maybe you can help with this post:

I might have a couple saved you dont have.. - 24/7/365 Seed Node & Faucet where you can see things like this - another way to view steem posts - see who follows someone or who follows you

and someone made a website for the steem users who do series posts, where they can post them there and the whole series is all in one place next to eachother.. so you can see who series of posts instead of having to search.. Cant remember what it was called though.. Hope these help

thanks for that, I thought I already included steemreports, but it was hard keeping track of everything. Eventually I had to post and hope you all would lend a hand :bow:

Hey man that was a long list. I would have forgot much more than you did. Thanks for taking the time. I bookmarked for later, you are appreciated!

This is amazing and must have take FOREVER! I’m saving this and spamming everyone with it! Thanks for taking the time to put it together

thanks Kubby! if you are excited about it, then I feel like I really did something good here :)

This is an amazing list. Thank you so much. I'm definitely bookmarking this. I've been doing a tutorial series on DTube for newbies/minnows, and I'm realizing more and more that I'll never run out of material. There's such an immense treasure trove of things being built on Steem. This list only confirms that even more for me.

Another addition for the list: @PassageX ( is a secondary event-ticketing network being built on top of Steem.

OMFG this is an insane useful list that deserves to be bookmarked .
@appics is an instagram like app with its ICO coming soon.

You are very right, I kept remembering to include @appics, but never actually got around to it! Thank you!

You had listed very many already hehehe

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the page about Steem Ecosystem. Thanks and good luck again!

thank you! I've been thinking about spending some time in that, myself. :)

You are welcome! Feel free to create, edit, change or update any wiki page if you wish.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

Add to your list

Here's a fun one. See who has you muted on your personal wall of shame. ;)

Just for shits and gigs, you know I had to check the Bern list. It scrolls down a little ways. Lol


Fantastic work! Maybe a general overview of Steem in coinmarketcap/another currency valuation website could be useful as a catch-all? Thanks for your efforts!

Holy f*** how long did it take to put this directory together? Screw limiting my resteems, this is impressive. I have so many things to check out I recognize only a very small amount of what's actually listed here.

I was reading this post and after seeing your work here, I honestly believe your post here should be around the standard.

Useful for the community with a wealth of information. Just damn son.

to follow up, actually I spent a ton more time editing, adding stuff, and working on this post. It seems I can't open up my feed without finding another steem based web-site :X Glad this one is finally past payout, un-editable, and I can forget about that stuff for a while :)

Yeah, idk I worked on it over the course of a week.. ;) Thanks for the kind words. It'll be good for a about 6 months before it needs to be entirely revamped <3

Ayeee, I admire that you draft and revise posts properly before putting them live. Even I'm in the boat of; "I want to finish my blog now!"

You don't need to thank me because it's true! <3 <3 <3

With how much progress happens across the board for existing and new projects, a massive update later on would be just as appreciated and reach even more Steemians who will join in the future. Before you even replied me, I thought to myself;

"Wow, he even taught me how to make things like this. I need to be revisiting making drafts first."

Hehe.. well, I'm hoping to put together some pretty serious documentation over the coming weeks for new users... Ultimately I'd like to think I'll come to a good stopping point with all that so I can write other things besides just about steem :)

At the same token, I have been posting many personal posts surrounding the things going on in my real life, and want to be writing about things to help newer users lmaooo. I would enjoy some more blogs about you specifically, but I really did enjoy the one you did about how Steemit made you a better person! c:

maybe after I get some sessions in with the therapist, lol

The one I use every day and not mentioned here is:

It is similar to but has additional tab, to see potential payout rewards incoming

Of course - a professional photography related website with full Steem integration.

Wow, thanks for this! This is an epic list indeed!

thank you! I checked out your vice article today! I was very impressed with the quality of your writing, gratitude to stella for mentioning I should catch up with you. I'm adding you to my @ginabot notifications right now :)

Oh, I'm not the writer of that article, I was just quoted a few times in there in regards to the experience of women in crypto. I was impressed with that article, too. Wish I could write like that :) Yes, stellabelle mentioned you!

@Ginabot - another tool I have to check out!

oh hehe... misunderstanding probably born from it being my second day ever trying out twitter

cool post and bookmarked list
just a small correction, you can log in to steemwhales now as well and post through their site so it should be in the Front end list as well
then there is an initiative missing:

Has anyone opened a market place where you can sell items on Steemit like Amazon or Ebay?

Thank you. I took a look at the link, and personally feel, unsure about the method of it connecting with Steemit. I think an external service where, a new account is created separate, with all new info of passwords and so. It should be easy to link an account with a Steemit name.

thank you for your submissions. Looks like SWG is still under development and doesn't have a website.

Similar, steembay doesn't have a website. I would probably include it in a bot list, but I haven't tried to make a bot list. that's another monumental task <3

simply incredible work on this! We all thank you.

Any interest in retail stores accepting steemdollars we just opened featuring my families David Bradley Chocolatier located in Windsor, NJ and it is priced entirely in steem dollars (we update twice a day) its run by my brother @bradleyhicks and he posted the grand opening a few days ago, great article, I am sure I will use this TONS. is a new community website!

It's a place for freelancers to benefit from support and promotion, while giving those who are looking for talented individuals an organized database of everything our members have to offer!

well now look at you. Awesome list of resources, nice work putting this together

:) thanks for noticing. You know me, I stay busy.

it is hard not to notice :-)

@inquiringtimes, I don't know, how to say thanks for this post. You did a nice work by bringing all together at one place. This saves lots of time for me and new users joining daily. And I want to congratulate for your success on the steamit platform.

thank you! it's a lot of work, but so very rewarding. <3 [edit]by rewarding, I mean that it makes me feel good to have as an accomplishment, of course the post rewards are nice too. :)

This is what I like about you IT.
You don't post a lot, but when you do it absolutely throws everything else out of the water.
Here's my 100% upvote and a thank you for showing everyone Steem is much more than Steemit.


I seriously don't know how you did this. I finished mine -
I'll come to this post once a day to see if u updated.
thank youu!!

lol... I been updating it all day

Ye I noticed. I'm going to check the comments on this post as well. and I'll make sure to update it.

Ya.. I think I covered the comments pretty good. I'm gonna update some of the text up top too as the week goes by to make it more slick looking for the long term. I don't wanna have to rewrite this one anytime soon.

nice information @inquiringtimes ...
I usually see the development of "steemit" which is easy to understand on :

Thank you so much for this exhaustive list. It will take me days to try all of them - but I will at least try ;-) I would also like to participate in your contest - but there is for sure no site not covered which I could know about ;-)

I'm using quite often for finding new understeemed post which deserve more voting.
I did not see the link in your list, maybe you should add it:).

Many thanks for mentioning SteemMakers!

Wow my friend, thank you so much for your efforts. You have taken on a great responsibility and this one post alone is of great use. I hope it is resteemed by everyone who interacts with this post. I will dig through it and see how I can help to add to this.

This is indeed an epic list, have bookmarked it, helps new joiners a lot.

This is a great list. Thanks for compiling it. I'm a bit confused by some of the front ends. Are they different from Steemit they look very similar. Or are they just a different way to access Steemit? Would I post the same post on Steemit and for example. I just don't understand what I would use it or busy for.

Some are almost exactly mirrors of steemit, some have their own features, others are for different activities than long form blogging. Occasionally there are issues with, and we need to access Steem another way. Some of the sites may be preferable to individual users for countless reasons. is only one method for accessing the Steem blockchain.

Oh, I see. Thanks @inquiringtimes. Sounds like there's no way round it but to check them all out and see what they do then. I think I'll wait until I've really gotten the hang of Steemit first though. As posting, commenting and replying here is already taking a lot of time. 😊

I am amazed that a stand alone wallet app has not been made. Something like that would allow easy transfer of value. I see Steem as being the best currency with no fees and immediate transfer. It makes BTC look like an Atari 2600 dipped in molasses!

Thanks for the wonderful summary. I have some new Steem stuff to explore!

you mean, besides Vessel?

It's a desktop wallet.

I believe SteemitInc is working on a mobile wallet too.

It's the mobile one I think will make an impact. I am glad there may be one in the works. Thanks for the info!

The Steemian Universe At-A-Glance - AWESOME!

Highly valuable rEsteem!

great job i must say
compiling these list of sites that connects to steemit
was comparing them with ones i have on my sticky note and found out that its much more than what i have
nevertheless any further observation and addition will be reported shortly.

there will surely continue to be sites added to this list... actually I just thought of one I've been meaning to add. A list like this will be fairly relevant for about 6 months before it needs a complete overhaul\update lol

also, I didn't dig into steemprojects or steemtools, both of which surely list sites that I didn't include, but I didn't feel like going through those entire sites and checking everything.

Wow, my friend, you should have gone through all this information carefully. Excellent your contribution with this post. It's amazing how quickly our Steemit community has grown, as well as the number of sites that use the Steem blockchain network.

Steemit rises like the foam every day, and soon we'll see the value of Steem and SBD through the clouds.

Greetings my friend @inquiringtimes

I think you son a good job .you give a sequence of these links that's a wonderful work.@inquringtimea

Thanks For this guide list of all websites , tools and apps
I am newbie on steem it upvoted and following expecting the same
good job buddy

Wow I was unaware of how many there are! This is amazing👍

This is a great list of resources! I will definitely spread this post. Thanks for putting it together 👍

No, I thank you 👍
Seriously amazing post! I haven’t seen all these resources put together like this. It’s amazing

Buen contenido, muy util, gracias!

this is a great post deserves a really huge upvote and resteem thank you

Thanks for this, as a newbie I don't even know what the hell people are talking about half the time and I see a lot of those things explained on that list!

glad it's helpful to you :)

Take a rest and get fresh

Did I miss seeing Steemspeak or Whaleshares Discord Communities on there?

There is another list being compiled for discord servers. This one is just web resources. Any Steem related website made it on this list

Wow ! You expose me to different sub community in steemit i have not notice before .am happy to come across your post .thanks for wonderful project / compilation.

Awesome list. It's going to take me a day to sift through all of these resources. Thank you!

there is this nice one not included yet:

This is INSANE. One of the GREATESTS and more useful posts i've found here! A real keeper!

Thank you very much for sharing!

I have my collection of steemjs utilities that i will be adding to my github repository. Thanks for putting this together.

My last post has a link to it.

I'd like to add my new SteemItQA discord channel that will provide User Help!

ah, yes, there is a seperate list of discord servers, I heard a rumour that an updated version was coming out soon, but you'd have to ask @torico about that :)

this list is only for websites that connect with or relate to the steem blockchain

yes im evil, i keep chipping away at it and i keep getting more entries... feel free to dm or drop a request with anything til it comes out... server data collected.

Really its useful post thank you @inquiringtimes

Thank you for this great post i tried the esteem app and it was really cool so thank you for being helpful @inquiringtimes

Thanks for compiling this list am sure saving it.. As a newbie I just don't get it when some of these are being mentioned... Hope to really contribute a lot to Steemit soon.
Greetings @inquiringtimes

Thanks a lot for the compilation. For one, I'm glad you listed steemdb as it allows you to categorize your activity.


That is super useful ! I was just trying to find something like that on google ! You get a resteem from me :)

This is very valuable info will very helpful links. I will resteem this so other will have this info too!

That is indeed an amazing compilation, thank you ! I've known many of those, yet was surprised how many I didn't!

WOW this is a really good compilation of all different initiatives and helpful links for using steemit. Thank you for posting this, I was trying to compile a list myself but this saved me a lot of time and energy! 👍

Wow, this is a very impressive list. So good to see all the projects revolving around Steem.

This is an amazing list, enough to help with every aspect of steem it seems. I did not know there were so many resources just for steem. Thank you for compiling and sharing this information. I am sure it will be extremely helpful to many of us.

great list....I will be keeping a copy close by........

Wow.. i tought it was steemit and dtube only.. so many more.. so confused

Thanks for sharing! This is super useful..

screedbot (2).gif

Nice poste I like it

Very helpful post !!!
Thanks a lot for the good work !

Very good list! I will resteem it so other people can use it also!! Thanks!


I commented the other day on a post about what it would take to make Steemit more popular. My feedback focussed on better onboarding resources for new steemers and sharing success stories to motivated newcomers. This list of successful Steem based/related projects should be copied into an onboarding/resources page on Steemit that is easily accessible and doesn't have to be searched for. Maybe in the FAQ or a new link in the main navigation called "New to Steemit?" or "For New Steemers"!?

Thanks, I passed it on to the guys with Steemit Inc, so... We'll see what becomes of it.

Thanks for this sharing, appreciate!! :)

A great collection of Steemit resources you have here. Great job. There's also I don't think its listed here yet @inquiringtimes

This is great!!

Really nice list of different apps and website a Steemian should know about!
A lot of them here I have totally missed so have to test them out. I mostly use Steemd and right now for monitoring my account

sunguh interesting your articles i like if there is time come my blog thanks friends

I was searching for all this information..Thank u..

excelente post. gracias por la inf !

wow this is one huge list.. i've been working with a handful of options from the list; dtube and esteem from the front ends of steem list, from steem communities and initiatives list, steemDollar from steemrelated web apps' list. I can now go deeper into steemit. thx for sharing this

great post great man thank for all your resources i upvoted and resteem.

thanks a million times...will always be grateful for this...:)

I am very impressed with you when can I like you.

cool photo, do not forget vote masterayi

Wow! That is an amazing and incredibly useful list, and definitely an essential "help guide" for those not yet fully familiar with Steemit and how things work around here. Thank you SO much for creating this-- it really should be linked to from the FAQ area!

In some future edition of this, I'd love to also see a listing of all the Discord/Slack Channels that work as support groups for different interests here.

Bright Blessings to you!

Woha, its more knowledge ghat ive been finding on the google... Thanks @inquiringtimes for the exceptio al work and hardwork... Keep up the good work 👍

Wowsers this is an insane list very well done deserves to be bookmarked , followed and upvoted you , xx thankyou

I was gone for awhile in Steemit & missed a lot of amazing developments in this amazing flatform.
This is so helpful to help me back on track @inquiringtimes. Thanks!

Upvoted, resteemed & bookmarked 😃👌🏻

wowGreat post tnx for the sharing upvote me if you can plz steemit all the way

Great article, can't wait to check some of these out :

  • Steemvoter i heard about i think that could be interesting down the line
  • Esteem, kept hearing that they had an iOS app, but i didnt know they had an android.
  • Dtube and sound look interesting as well

Thanks for posting !

Too important and useful, thanks to you and @reggaemuffin. for providing us with these valuable tools to make our stay at Steemit more comfortable

thank you so much for putting this together!! I will share it far and wide!

Very helpful


Will check out those :)

1great thanks to info overload....
Very helpful for me
Thanks much

Wow, thank you! I've been looking for a resource like this ever since I first joined a little over a week ago.

wow! great post, I like this and I've upvote

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