Steem Web Resources: Tools, Apps, Communities, etc.

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This is an epic list of sites that all connect with or relate to the Steem Blockchain! Much thanks to @reggaemuffin for creating the list which I used as a foundation for this one, in his post Complete Guide to what is Steem(it). His 6th post on Steemit!

To be clear, I have only included links to webpages external to I have not listed any discord servers, as another list entirely is in the works, until updates are finished you can feel free to add discord servers to the comments of this post: @torico's magickal list of discord servers.


Front Ends for the Steem Block Chain - Variations on, and Mirrors of the Steemit Blogging App

dApps - These decentralized applications serve a variety of purposes, built on top of the Steem Blockchain.

  • - For rewarding Open Source Developers via the Steem Blockchain.
  • - a Forum structured interface for Steem
  • SteepShot – An instagram like client for Steem
  • - Live Video Streaming platform for steem
  • - Video Platform like Youtube with Steem rewards
  • - Soundcloud like Platform With Steem Rewards
  • - An app for posting your favorite memes, funny pictures, gifs and videos.
  • - A twitter/reddit mash-up, meant for short/quick sharing of media and links.
  • - a revolutionary social mobile APP that lets anyone without prior crypto-knowledge benefit from blockchain technology effortlessly. (Coming Soon, of the first SMT created)
  • - Event-Ticketing Network - Being built on the Steem Blockchain
  • - A different way to view Steem Posts (it looks nice over there :)

Steem Communities and Initiatives

Different Sites for Viewing information about the Steem BlockChain.

  • - Lists your most recent votes, rewards, and pending payouts
  • SteemD – See all internal data for anything on the blockchain
  • - Another Block Explorer like steemd, with a variety of additional features.
  • Similar to steemd, also including potential rewards
  • - Gives you all sorts of stats and info about your (or any) account
  • - a publicly available Microsoft SQL database containing all the Steem blockchain data
  • - All sorts of information about the blockchain such as who votes for who, who delegates to who, lots of great info not available easily elsewhere
  • SteemStats – Here you can watch users and get live updates
  • - Still under Development,currently features a mentions checker, keyword search, and a blockexplorer.
  • Steemviz – Livefeed of what happens on Steem, and other tools.
  • Phist – See the history of any post
  • – See who mentioned you
  • Steem Followers - Simple app to check followers
  • - A steem Rewards Calculator
  • - a really awesome site that shows you interesting statistics about your account, which is currently down, but will be back soon :)
  • SteemitBoard – Achievements for Steemit
  • - Check images from a steem profile\blog
  • SteemWhales – See the biggest accounts on Steem. Includes many other features, including the ability to create a post.
  • SteemDown – See what whales power down
  • Downvote Viewer - Watch flag wars - Live
  • Who muted me?
  • - A Listing of Blockchains. Ordered by amount of Transactions
  • steemblockexplorer
  • - A website for receiving notifications about various happenings on the steem blockchain
  • Steem Rain -a visual experience of transactions on the Steem Blockchain

Apps that help Curators

Steem Games

  • - Play Pacman for free, get tiny amounts of steem awarded(it's just fun, don't go crazy about getting money for playing a free game)
  • - Largest Cryptocurrency Freeroll Poker Site in the World. Play Poker, earn Steem
  • - MMORPG Built on Steem

Steem Tools

  • - A community maintained collection of tools and apps for steem
  • - a website with a number of useful tools for Steem
  • - an automated voting tool, to automatically support users you love
  • - A way to view steem posts based on where they were created.
  • - An OS for RasberyPi that includes a bunch of tools and apps for steem
  • SteemLink – A Steem based URL shortener
  • SteemVids – See the latest videos on Steem
  • Vessel – Secure Desktop wallet for Steem
  • - Website For Steemify: IOS Notifications app for Steem
  • - Steed Node and Steem Faucet
  • SteemWatch – Configure notifications for events you are interested in
  • AskSteem – Search Engine for Steem
  • SteemSplit – Split the reward of a post with other users
  • SteemVids Create – Easy youtube video embed to your post
  • - A service that keeps track of bidbots so you can use thier services with more information.
  • – Buy goods with Steem
  • - Automate activities on steem such as Schedule post, Build a Fanbase, or leave a curation trail

3rd Party Account Creation

Steem Related Exchange, Pricing, and Trading Services

Helpful \ Informative Links:

Libraries, Tools, and other Developer Resources

Witness Info and Resource

(by @creativesoul)


Ditch - C# SDK for Steem

Nice post, that must have been quite a lot of work! We're just missing Steemify in the list ;)

I'll be making updates as the day goes on, thank you!

if you're missing steemify, i have to point out that you're missing @ginabot too ;)

Sorry, friend, this list is only for external websites. If I had tried to list ever bot discord community, ect I would have been at it another couple weeks. Don't worry, more massive reference lists to come. Ginabot IS my favorite instant notification bot that lets me know everything that happens on steem via a direct message in discord, tho

Would be on the lookout then.. Saved.. I'll be checking out these tools soon..

I will be using your post,(a link back to it), in a couple of post I am working on. @mudcat36 and @davemccoy have started a project that I am helping on, to help brand new steemians.

excellent! if you wanna hit me up on discord I can share some other resources with you and we can chat a bit :)

Very good post! It is a really useful list of almost everything you need in Steemit.
I think you forgot in "Steem Communities and Initiatives" the biggest spanish community on Steemit called @Cervantes ;)

thank you, friend. I have only included in this list external websites from steemit. If @cervantes has a website, I would be happy to include it <3 Otherwise, it will be never ending for me to list every user account that heads a community.

Since you are involved with @cervantes, maybe you can help with this post:

I might have a couple saved you dont have.. - 24/7/365 Seed Node & Faucet where you can see things like this - another way to view steem posts - see who follows someone or who follows you

and someone made a website for the steem users who do series posts, where they can post them there and the whole series is all in one place next to eachother.. so you can see who series of posts instead of having to search.. Cant remember what it was called though.. Hope these help

thanks for that, I thought I already included steemreports, but it was hard keeping track of everything. Eventually I had to post and hope you all would lend a hand :bow:

Hey man that was a long list. I would have forgot much more than you did. Thanks for taking the time. I bookmarked for later, you are appreciated!

This is amazing and must have take FOREVER! I’m saving this and spamming everyone with it! Thanks for taking the time to put it together

thanks Kubby! if you are excited about it, then I feel like I really did something good here :)

This is an amazing list. Thank you so much. I'm definitely bookmarking this. I've been doing a tutorial series on DTube for newbies/minnows, and I'm realizing more and more that I'll never run out of material. There's such an immense treasure trove of things being built on Steem. This list only confirms that even more for me.

Another addition for the list: @PassageX ( is a secondary event-ticketing network being built on top of Steem.

OMFG this is an insane useful list that deserves to be bookmarked .
@appics is an instagram like app with its ICO coming soon.

You are very right, I kept remembering to include @appics, but never actually got around to it! Thank you!

You had listed very many already hehehe

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the page about Steem Ecosystem. Thanks and good luck again!

thank you! I've been thinking about spending some time in that, myself. :)

You are welcome! Feel free to create, edit, change or update any wiki page if you wish.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

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