Welcoming Contest Round #2 - The Missing Links[$50 in Prizes]

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A Contest for Everything Related to Welcoming New Users to the Steem Platform.

(by @shello)

In Round #1 we asked users to submit the best how-to guides for new users. Today, we want to know which guides are hard to find or haven't been fully written, yet.


What subjects are hard to find information on via Google or asksteem.com?

What areas are not well represented in the Round #1 contest submissions?

Please submit your answers in the comments section!

For this round of the contest, only entries in English will be counted. There will be other rounds for guides in other languages

Thank you for participating. It takes a strong community to onboard "The Millions".

Two Ways to Win Prizes!

.500 Steem for each valid submision of either a guide that needs to be written, or an area which is not covered well, in general. We are not looking for a long paragraph.. Simply list the topics which need more attention, better documentation, and more clarity for the average user.

Win 1 Steem if you find a guide for the user looking for information on a subject that's not missing, they just didn't know where it was!

To be clear, you are either asking for information that you've had a hard time finding, or answering those users here in the comments section.

Currently I have 50 Steem Allocated for this round of the contest. Whatever prize fund is left over after awarding Round 1 will roll over onto this contest, in case there is a ton of helpful people in here!

Let's take a moment to thank our Sponsors, and Witnesses!!!!!

@ReggaeMuffin: 500 Steem
@Aggroed: 100 Steem
@Ausbitbank: 100 Steem
@Swelker101: 90 day delegation of 500sp

These folk listed above have all done a lot for Steem, and for helping users across the Steemiverse.

<3 Thank You! <3

Previous Contest Posts


Good day @inquiringtimes, I am happy to participate in this contest.

I think almost everything in the discussion almost complete, there are only a few who have not discuss.

Here is something rarely discussed and rarely found google:

  1. About how to upload videos in steemit.

  2. How to include the right source, because sometimes there is a source but the cheetah keeps logging in.

  3. How to remove posts that are sometimes wrong posting.

  4. If in the post there is some discussion, then which tag is more appropriate in the first.

  5. How many posts should be made each day by steemit users.

Just a few discussions according to my rare analysis, thanks for your support.

Let me see,
1 . I believe the only options are Dtube and Youtube for uploading videos. You have to upload your video to one of those services and then link the video location in your Steemit post.
2 . Try to use hyperlinks for your sources and reference what it is you are sourcing. Also, if you are quoting someone, try to use "blockquotes"

try to use "blockquotes"

"Blockquotes" indicate that you are quoting someone else and might help keep cheetah off your back. You can learn both hyperlinks and blockquotes (as well as a bunch of other handy stuff) by checking out this post Polish Your Posts by my friend @ethandsmith.
3 . I do not believe you can "remove wrong postings". Once you post something on Steemit, it is there forever. If you don't want something seen later down the road, don't post it. The only real option is just make 100% sure that you want people to be able to see what you are sharing before you hit post, because once you hit post, it is permenant.
4 . The first tag of your post should be the tag that is the most relevant to your post. So the one topic that you discuss the most in your post. Keep in mind that the first tag of a post is the tag that gets the most visibility and will in essence "sum up" your post with the one tag. Make sure that if you are posting pictures of your camping trip or opening presents Christmas morning that you aren't tagging your post with "Bitcoin" or "Fiction". Make sure that your first tag is the most relevant to your post.
5 . You will get a different answer from every different person you ask that question. The only real answer to that question is another question. "How many times do you want to post in a day". Honestly you can post as many times as you have the bandwidth to post (someone answered what "bandwidth" is and does on steemit somewhere in the comments of this post) but keep in mind, is what you are posting about relevant? Is what you are planning about posting something that other people want to read? Are you talking about creating several different posts about interesting topics that will spark conversations among your readers, or are you talking about creating short little crap posts like "Hey, I had a grilled cheese for lunch, upvote my post". I say, if you have a quality subject to post about, post as much as you want, but if you are just going to post garbage or spammy posts, then don't bother to post at all. I know that doesn't really answer your question 5, but those are my observations on "how many times should people post in a day".
I hope these answers help.

One of the ways to win is to ask questions about what you can't find information on after searching for the answer, and not finding

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