The Welcoming Contest [Round #8 - Create a Welcome Message]

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Lets collect the our favorite materials from the previous rounds and create a custom welcome message that we can use to greet new users. Mind you, the idea is not to spam new users with a bunch of welcome messages, if they've already gotten one. However, when you see a new user trying to find thier way, you can offer your simple guide to help them get started.

(by: @mirhimayun)

There are a few prizes available for this contest. I will be rewarding the welcome messages left in the comments here on a sliding scale, depending on how helpful and nice they are looking. Next I will be offering editing work with some of the contestants, if you are available to work with me on making your entry the best, and we come up with a better product together, then there will be an additional reward. I likely won't be able to work with all of you individually, so make sure you create something really top notch and worth my time to help with :-) Each round has a prize pool of up to 100 Steem available. I try to be generous, while also conservative with the Steem, so as many deserving individuals can be rewarded. If there is any left over because there wasn't enough participation, I simply carry it over to future rounds of the welcoming contest :-) As a few more have been created since this took off.

These entries will contain links to guides on the most important topics, or guides that already have a number of good resources already linked within them. You will have at least 1 image, either created by you, or from the entries in Round #4 (the Welcome Image Design Contest).

Your entry should be easy on the eyes. Clean formating, nice looking links, with proper image and resource references.

Basic Example of What I'm looking for.

(image by @krenter)

Hello @username, welcome to Steem. This is an amazing community where you can get rewarded for creating content, and building relationships! It's always good to see new people joining, I hope you'll find all of the information you need to enjoy your experience here!

Here are a couple of guides to get you started :)

  • @ilyastarar - Absolute Beginner's Guide to Steem
  • @inquiringtimes - Welcome to Steemit - A simple guide to getting started on Steem(it)
  • @shinyforest - A Minnows Guide to Steemit

    That's a basic sample of what a welcome message will look like, and of course you will want to include some words that relate to whatever the user is posting about. Lets look at some notes from the round #6 which was all about how to properly welcome new users. Some of these tips and suggestions might help you create a wonderful message for welcoming new users :-)


    "Whenever I welcome new users to the platform, I have a markdown code saved for just the occasion. I usually include a personal message before I just copy and paste a form, though. That helps to let the new user know that you've taken time to read their post and you are interested in what they have to say. This is incredibly important so that they listen to what you have to say rather than just writing you off as another comment spammer.

    The main resources I like to point them toward are the Steemit FAQs, since they help orient new users to the platform itself, the Steemit Etiquette Guide, since it has instructions and suggestions for how to properly introduce yourself and interact with others, and I follow up with a link to a blog I posted about formatting and polishing your posts. Add a link to @inquiringtimes's post about how to be a great commenter, and that should be plenty to get a new user started!

    In addition, I always like to point users to communities where they can receive support. I recently helped found a new Discord community dedicated to mentoring new Steemians and curating undervalued content. We're called The STEEM Engine, so I end with a link inviting new users to check out our group if they'd like to plug into a support community."

    Thanks Ethan! You all can Click this Link to read the rest of his comment which includes a Welcome Message he already created previous to this contest :-D


    "My number 1 suggestion for new people: comment a lot and interact in the Minnow Support Project. It's the best place on the web for a Steemian to build community."

    @aggroed also posted this helpful guide recently:


    "When I help someone new in this platform, then the welcome I tell them: be original."


    "How to properly welcome a new user:

    • First of all, I'm very warm and nice towards them, I welcome them, wish them luck and success, offer help if they want - in general I try to be very supportive;

    • I react to their content with upvotes, make sure to leave a quality comment, and encourage the relationship for example by follow (especially if it seems we will both be interested in each other's content) and saying that I look forward to see their posts in the future);

    • I try to reward value and quality;

    • I give couple of general suggestions and some more detailed tips when applicable, but I try to make sure I won't overload someone with info at an early stage;

    • I do my best to come back to the newcomers (especially when they caught my attention or when they reach out) so I leave more upvotes and comments and try to spark a conversation, and also many times have I went to PAL and upvoted their posts with bots.

    There are a lot more details in the rest of @shinyforest's comment here.

    @fitzgibbon shared this with us:

    Not the way I would typically welcome a new user, but it's funny, so I'm sharing here :)

    @virus95 shared:

    " They should know that this is unlike other social platforms, the rules in here are quite different. Dont just post useless, or comment. Try to develop a friendly circle. Give Respect and find a mentor. There are a lot of good mentors here in steemit who are ready to share tips. Make steemit a part of your life. Take part in contest, they help alot. Don't steemit for money, just do what you love to do, and share your thoughts and feelings. Use Tags properly. Make quality post and make sure its not copied. Be careful when using internet photos."


    • "Don't be in a hurry to get your post up, it's more important to have a good final product"

    That's just a selection from the comments of Round #6 - How to Welcome

    I would recommend reading all of those comments, and using material that can be found in the other guides, and hopefully your own bookmarks list.

    There will be as much as 10 Steem awarded for each contribution of a welcome message. But please don't just come up with an easy one in 5 minutes and think you'll win.

    I will be rewarding the most helpful, thoughtful, and creative submissions. Remember, this is a comment that you'll be leaving on a new users post, to welcome them with quality information, and a warm heart.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with, and hope to find the best welcome messages ever from you, the participants in the contest. Some guides are so helpful, I won't be suprised if you use some of the same guides to link to. But I really want to see some effort, and creativity. Maybe you even have awesome guides and information to add to your welcome message that I haven't thought of, or don't know about!

    Good luck Contestants. Winners will be awarded after post payout.

    Thank You for Participating. Together we can make Steem(it) a more welcoming community!

    Previous Welcoming Contest Posts

    Thanks to our Sponsors, who are also our Witnesses!!!!!

    @ReggaeMuffin: 500 Steem - @reggaemuffin Witness Update
    @Aggroed: 100 Steem - @aggroed A History
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    @Swelker101: 90 day delegation of 500sp - @swelker101 Witness Update

    These sponsors are also our witnesses, if you like what they are doing, please consider giving them a vote.

    When you go to the above link, you can click the upvote button next to @aggroed's name, for the rest of them, you'll have to put their name in the box and then click vote. Don't do it twice, just refresh the page to make sure it worked :-D

    p.s. When this contest series is over I will share with you all the ledger I have been keeping of prizes awarded.

    So far 83 contestants have been awarded 495 Steem! A few participated in multiple contests, but mostly that is all different individuals who have been blessed by helping to make steem a more welcoming place! Thanks to @aggroed, @ausbitbank, @reggaemuffin, and @swelker101


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  ·  2 years ago (edited)
Hola @user, bienvenido a Steemit, nos alegra mucho que te hayas unido ;)

Quisiera ayudarte a crecer en esta red y entender como funciona la plataforma Steemit para que puedas desarrollar todo el potencial que tienes.

(Aquí inserto un mensaje personal acerca de su post, para hacerlo mas orgánico y cálido, resaltando lo bueno y ayudándolo a corregir lo que está errado.)

Ten en cuenta que esta es una plataforma que recompensa económica e intelectualmente el buen trabajo, talento y el contenido original que puedas aportarnos.

Sería genial que puedas compartir todo el conocimiento que tienes a toda la comunidad.

Por lo cual te dejo algunas guías para que empieces desde ya:

Si tienes alguna duda puedes contactarme dejándome un comentario o a través de la aplicación discord. Te deseo mucho éxito.


Hello @user, welcome to Steemit, we are very happy that you have joined;)

I would like to help you grow in this network and understand how the Steemit platform works so that you can develop all the potential you have.

(Here I insert a personal message about his post, to make it more organic and warm, highlighting the good and helping him to correct what is wrong.)

Take into account that this is a platform that economically and intellectually rewards the good work, talent and original content that you can give us.

It would be great if you could share all the knowledge you have to the whole community.

So I leave some guides for you to start from now:

If you have any questions, you can contact me by leaving a comment or through the discord application . I wish you much success.

Excellent! thank you so much for your submission!

my recommendation would be to link to a discord server which is a community that you are a member of. otherwise, there are so many discord servers and users out there it would be near to impossible to find you.

Sure. I just put the link of the main page as an example, in the original my discord user number should go. and add the msp channel, thank you very much;)

will be featuring yours in one of the upcoming contest posts

I feel my entry is a bit long BUT I would have loved to get a reassuring comment like this in the beginning. I want to encourage others to try their best and be themselves.

Heya! -And if no one has told you yet, Welcome to the Steemit! ;D

dont just dream it 2.png

I was scared when I first joined Steemit, not knowing anyone or anything about this platform at all. I came across the following post that really helped me immensely in the beginning, hopefully, it can help you too! These tips will help you understand the basics of how things work.

There is some etiquette that is acceptable on other social media, but not on Steemit. This post has some positive practices that will improve your experience overall. Working hard and treating others with respect is essential to leaving a good impact here. Make lots of friends, and you will never have a shortage of people visiting your blogs!

What I love about Steemit is that the community and other bloggers are very supportive of other's goals and ambitions. Unlike other social media, free speech is encouraged. Don't be afraid to show others who you are. There is no such thing as a stupid idea, if you love something, write about it! If you need help, ask!

@minnowsupport has a discord channel where you can make many new friends and contacts to help build up your network! If you would like a mentor as well, this is the best place to look!

What makes Steemit special is that someone is always willing to help you because when those around us succeed, we succeed too. You may think; I should write x topic because it will make a lot of money. But the truth is, if you write about what you really care about... It's going to be a good post! Everyone has a voice, and a passion. No topic is off-limits, even if you think it's weird xD

Steemit has changed many lives including mine.

Have fun, do your best, and may this be the start of your new story!



I do think welcoming messages should ideally be catered to the person who is new. I would point a photographer to the photocontests and to @cryptoctopus' new photography curation initiative. Scientists I would point to #steemstem, developers to utopian-io etc. etc.
Since I take care of new scientists whenever I see them, this would be an example of how a welcoming comment of me usually looks like:

"Hey and welcome! (here usually goes a comment or question on what they've written)

If you plan posting scientific stuff, u should really use the "steemstem" tag and qoute your sources. steemstem's curators give well-written and rechered articles very nice boosts ;-) They also have a nice chat running.

Should you feel like reading a very well-written and extensive guide to the world of steemit, take a look at this one that I recently found, I can highly recommend it.

I'll also follow you, cya around!"

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Welcome to steemit,
we are so glad you joined our ever expanding steemit community, we are rest assured that your instant contribution will uphold and lead to the increment of value to the steemit community. here we are a family, who believes in helping one another in achieving greatness. So feel free to link up with communities that are at your disposal

  1. Minnow Support Project
  2. Minnow University
  3. Minnows Accelerator Project

I would advice you to develop a friendly relationship with everyone on the platform, find a mentor, who will tutor you and share good and quality tips with you.
Do not steemit for the money involved, your attitude, dedication, passion and enthusiasm should drive you into producing beautiful, jaw dropping great contents.
I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with the FAQS so as to understand the user friendly platform steemit and know what it really entails.
I want to introduce you to A site that contains a growing collection of tools, Also, this is an collaborative editing tool for creating quality oriented contents, with other people.
Again we are so happy to have you join us here on steemit and hope to see your many educative and inspiring contents

thank you for your contribution:)

thank you so much.... corrections noted and taken care of

I want to address something I have seen lately that I feel is an abomination, and that is the use of "welcoming guides" for newbs in lieu of a thoughtful and personal comment to their intro post.

Lately I have seen these "guides" (usually a listing of several unexplained sources in a huge block paragraph) attached to someones first post. No hello, no personal comment. They usually contain a huge flashy gif or banner advertising a particular server, and are longer than the introduce yourself blog its attached to. They also effectively hide every other comment with the ginormous length.

People, this is just plain rude! At least have the courtesy to write something personal acknowledging the individual before you paste that mess. Next, edit! Don't just drop 101 links. Pick three links and explain how each works and why they might be helpful to that person instead of listing the nigerian server next to one for chess players in a post about crypto. FOCUS dammit. Make it personal, make it specific, and if that person comments to you about your abomination, have the decency to comment back. Rant over.

Hopefully our contestants will read this. Maybe i should add some of your points to the main post that weren't already addressed

you are welcome to. no credit needed.

This is a great idea! I'm definitely putting my thinking cap on for this guy!
I think the welcoming message should also be concise... I've noticed some users posting entire novels of text on a brand new users page, which has to be completely overwhelming.

It gives a very cultish recruitment feel.

However, a clean, concise welcoming message with some info but links to further information could absolutely help new user retention. Great competition!

I'm not an Artist InquiringTimes...

... but at least I tried :)

I wanted to make a nice post with ilyastarar's guides, I am following him for some time now and I am a big fan and supported, I am totally sure he wrote the best tutorials on steemit, but I can see you just did a hell of a nice job yourself in the example you gave and linked to his wonderful tutorial for absolutely new Steemians, so I will have to let it go this time, unless some brilliant tutorials pops and I notice it, in that case I'll feel I can contribute - right now I don't want to post anything when there is ilyastarars things :)

Have fun, and contribute however feels good to you!

Great job!

I'm really looking forward to the contributions is certainly something new for me. let your creativity run free guys :)

I think it's a very good idea, this will be very helpful to all the new members that are becoming more, and this work must be done not only for the fact of being a contest but also for the welfare of the community and the platform , you have my support in this, although I know that there will be many people who want to do this work with you, surely they will be of help, but if you want to extend this message to Spanish you can count on me to help you as much as possible, thanks for the good initiatives.

yes, I would be happy to see you create a welcome message in spanish... there are some spanish guides in the Non-English List of How-to Steem Guides.. but maybe you know of some even better ones. Since I don't know much besides english I'm limited in how much I can do for non-english communities, but I'm happy to support the work in that direction :-)

For sure, Maybe in the future this initiative will be extended to Spanish and other languages, and that some of us will be part of this wonderful project. ;)

certainly other languages aren't excluded. It's just a lot of work to manage a contest as it is, and then to try an extend it to many other languages, is something I haven't had the ability to maintain. I'd be happy to see submissions for this round in multiple languages, but it just gets harder for me to evaluate submissions in languages I don't understand :) for example, we had a spanish entry to our images contest, and they won a prize. If I had "ambassadors" in various languages it would make it easier for me. but I'm still not sure how to properly evaluate sumissions in other languages.

Yes, it is a hard work, it requires a lot of time and effort to manage it in just one language, imagine several. Well it would be great to have several ambassadors and a support group, I hope that happens in the future, sure the experience and knowledge will give you the strategies to achieve it! ;)

this will be a nice incentive for steemians to reach out to new member and welcome them to the platform, nothing beats a nice warm welcome , the welcome comments i recieved on my introduction post helped me assimilate into the community

Thank you for this good initiative
I am also a newcomer to this site. I learn many things day after day from friends who have knowledge of the secrets of this site because you have accumulated experience.

i like @fitzgibbon's !

How sweet! Thx!!

Thanks for the honour of putting my Welcome Banner in the Post. I am honoured...Thanks Again

Love this - great concept !/. I didnt post in Introduce Yourself yet - is it too late?

It's not too late, and it's a good idea to have an introduction post on steem :) to give people an idea of what you're about :)

Like your post and let's go steemit

that's great @inquiringtimes

Welcome on board dear friend @username. I hope you find fulfilment on steemit like many ahead of you. Success on this platform is just a reward for dedication,originality and quality write up. Never let a day go without making new friends. Once again,you are welcome. I am a friend @emmakwisequote.

you may want to include some infomative resources... such as links for the most helpful articles on how to steem, or links to discord communities which help new users.

Definitely! That will make it more complete.. I would have love to include some of the links you shared above as a guide,but i'm afraid of being flagged. But i can start using them in my welcoming posts if you give me the go ahead.
Let's welcome our new friends warmly and show them the path to greatness on steemit together. Thanks

I would not flag someone for sharing helpful information.. the whole point of this contest is to crowdsource the best guides and resources so we can share them amongst each other and other new users

Alright,i will give it another go!

Wow this is an amazing contest ever nice one. Can I join?

very helpful to all the new members that are becoming more, and this work ..tnx

steem to the moon @inquiringtimes

This is not a very productive comment, this type of generic comment is likely to get downvoted.

Cool!!!! I'll make sure to submit my entry soon. Thank you for the mention <3

Just amazing just love steemit.

Great to come across your post its really appreaciatable.

You got a 8.27% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @inquiringtimes! Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!