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I cannot speak for people in other parts of the world (specifically first world countries…) but where I live – Cape Town, South Africa - good customer service has become so scarce that you often end up selecting a preferred place of business with higher prices, simply because it is more likely that you will get served by somebody who actually, might, just possibly, maaaaay have the actual qualifications to have earned their position in the first place… (and this is NOT always the case even then!)

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Having been a business owner in the service and production industry for many years, I have learnt a lot about the importance of customer service. In fact, I am of the firm belief that it is even more important than price.

I own a very small business concern in one of our local suburbs, but we have been there for going on 13 years and we are like a staple in the neighbourhood. However, the only reason we are still around and have earned the spotless reputation that we have, is because of our willingness to bend over backwards for our clients.

Being an employer which follows an ethos of ensuring that my staff are well looked after in all respects, thus ensuring that they too, look after my companies reputation – I have become somewhat demanding and “expecting” if you will… when it comes to wanting good customer service when I offer my patronage to other businesses.

Sadly, for the most part, in this country – that mostly leaves me…um… well... pissed off and grumpy! Haha! Because the reality is, you simply don’t get it and if and when you do, it is like you have just won the lottery!!!!

Much like anywhere else, we have several large Supermarket chains which, despite their non-existent level of customer service and/or appreciation, we generally continue to support out of sheer convenience and lack of alternative.

Visiting these chain stores is about as pleasant as sticking a toothpick in your eye! Mostly I have to bite my tongue at the absolute complacency of the staff! It is nothing short of painful!

However… (yes, you know what’s coming don’t you…lol)

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Every now and then, I simply cannot deal with it!!!

The staff in general, spend so much time standing around, doing… well… nothing!! And they have absolutely NO consideration for the customers. Like NONE whatsoever!!!! They will literally walk you out of the way in passing – almost as if you were invisible!

The other day however, I decided to, well… ya… lol

I was strolling down the aisle with my trolley and not surprisingly, there was a congregation of staff standing around, talking about WHATEVER… I could not pass. I said excuse me…

I waited.

So, I found a gap on the opposite side of them and decided to that way… at the same time they all started moving and walked straight in front of me – I SWEAR I REALL WAS INVISIBLE!!!! In order to NOT connect them I would have had to A) shift my trolley in completely the opposite direction or B) again come to a complete standstill until they had finished their little procession.

Well, not today honeys!

Today I just continued to walk in the precise line I had started in and…

“OUCH” YOH!!!! That was my ankle!!!

…Oh dear! Really?! did your ankle meet my trolley wheel?!

Image Credit: https://www.sissify.com

Oh I am terribly sorry!!!! Perhaps if you paid a little more attention to your customers in future, your ankles would have a lower injury risk rate!

Just saying!

Point – Customer service people!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Nothing is worse than a peeved customer… which is why I ensure daily, hourly and momentarily that I kiss their arses!!!

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As usual... a blog appropriate song... hehe :)

Until next time...


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@jaynie nice post upvoted :) Thanks visit me


Thank you 🤗 much appreciated!!! Visiting now...


:) :) :)


🤗 :)

"I hate people when they're not polite"-Talking Heads. Seriously rude service people drive me mad! I'm in customer service and I just want to be treated the way I treat people. Come on!



thats a great post


thank you - much appreciated

sometimes customer service people not take seriously and we become made because we are not satisfied by them but still we have to be polite because we need of them and if we rude they will not do our work or just try to take more time and i have seen this thing.


so true. but that is sadly not the case here...lol

You sound like you are writing about my local ASDA which is now owned by Walmart. Most of the staff are far too busy talking to one another to attend to you the customer. My favourite is when a colleague starts chatting to the checkout girl (It's mostly women) while she scans your goods "You sure you've not scanned that twice?"

You are right, I prefer to shop in Sainsbury's which is a much nicer experience although as you pointed out, more expensive. Thing is, as a Sales Manager I understand what the problem is. If you want anything nice in this life you need to pay for it. I can do cheap but it's going to look and feel cheap. Sadly in a drive to keep costs down, staff are employed on as low a wage as possible and certainly, in my local ASDA's case, most of the staff are related family members or close personal friends. There's a saying in the UK "Familiarity breeds contempt."


You are spot on - and yes... for the most part, you get what you pay for! I do feel for those working for such low wages, it certainly isnt much of a motivation for enthusiasm on any level... but then again... even on those levels, you find the exceptions that despite their low earnings, they still manage to put a smile on their faces and do their jobs properly. Real gems those :)

Thanks for the lovely feedback and for taking the time to read my post. It is always greatly appreciated :)


Can we talk about my favourite (Sarcasm) pastime in supermarkets?
It's the one where the male partner stands waiting with the shopping trolley. No matter where you stand, some amoeba will want to look at the products where you are standing. They won't want them, they're just convinced there's something worthwhile where you're standing. I've tried it loads of times, "I'll just stand by the stewed prunes." Yep, there's Mrs Miggins wanting me to move. LOL


hahahahaha!!!! that is so funny!!! I am sure my other half could relate.... you should just respond by giving them a dirty look as if to say "IM LOOKING HERE, WAIT YOUR TURN"... and then proceed to stare at the random products on the shelf. lol!!! Thanks for sharing :D