LOVE YOUR LAUNDRY.... no really!

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With most of us ladies being career driven these days, it can become overwhelming at times to keep a level head when it comes to managing all the ‘other’ responsibilities which come hand in hand with motherhood and family life – no, seriously – do the clothes in my house have something against me that they need me to repeatedly clean them?! Haha! – EVERYDAY is laundry day in my house! Literally! – But, it makes my OCD heart happy, and that generally means that everyone else around me is happier too… smile and wave, smile and wave…

We have a domestic cleaner three times a week and she does a fabulous job of cleaning the house (well… there are those few things that…ok, ok…back to the point) – but when it comes to the laundry, I simply prefer to keep on top of it myself…. Because, well… I am a control freak.

I am extremely OCD when it comes to detail (guess that would explain my passion as a designer), and to put an additional few cherries on the cake, I suffer with quite high anxiety… which as I am sure you can imagine (or even possibly relate to), is a nightmare for anybody who doesn’t do something precisely the way you like it done… ask my partner… poor man – I must be completely painful to live with at times… but I like to believe I make up for it with my cooking skills. Lol Well, he has stuck around for just over 5 years now, so I guess I must be balancing the recipe somehow. Haha!

There is nothing that short circuits my brain more than chaos – on any level – work or personal - and a clothes horse that is absolutely overloaded with squished up clothing and a house draped with damp attire is definitely on my list of “chaotic irritations”… so… the laundry gets done every SINGLE night, that way - A) the loads remain small, and B) nobody gets killed by dirty sock strangulation (just kidding… I think…)

I suppose this might seem a little crazy to some, but hey – what is normal anyway, right?! Lol.

I would imagine that each and every one of our daily challenges and chores differ somewhat, but there is a common thread that runs amongst them all – that being – that we all need to find a balance and a so called ‘happy place’, where all the things we want done as women…get done – without stressing ourselves out to a point of no return!

At the end of the day, we all know how MUCH we love to stand back, silently smile and revel in our achievements , no matter how seemingly insignificant they are to everyone else around us.

Finding that balance in your life, whether it is with getting the laundry done, completing a monumental work project, getting the kids to actually do their own homework or getting your significant other to put the dirty laundry into the ACTUAL laundry basket (so it can continue to taunt you. lol) is so VERY important. (Ok, in his defence, my significant other is actually quite good at that now) – Well trained I tell you… well trained! Haha!

The point is – (and perhaps you can relate this to your own perspective or list of responsibilities)… doing little bits of laundry each day, that generally equate to one load and 2 minutes of hanging time, is a lot less stressful than leaving it for a week and having to deal with 8 loads, lack of space to hang it, massive frustration in general and a house that looks like a Chinese laundry! Hahaha!

Yes, there is a lesson in that… if you missed it… read it again haha!

Until next time…

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