RockYourWorld #14 - Life Lessons through HONESTY!

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I was shown a movie once where people lived in a world where it was IMPOSSIBLE to lie and it made me smile from the inside out because it was such an accurate depiction of the human race and everything is it NOT!! As a simple example - In the REAL world, if someone you know didn't like your outfit, they would probably think precisely that, but would still tell you how nice you looked. In this movie however, they told you how crap they thought you looked. hehe!! - It was amusingly BRUTAL!

How are you?

Has anyone actually realized that the 99.9% of the time the person asking that question, does NOT give a damn!! They simply ask the question because it’s “what you do”… They don’t REALLY want to hear about your “drama”…. They are expecting your generic “I am great thanks” and quite frankly, when you deliver a “well my day has been awful”, you are mostly received with an awkward…. “that’s terrible, I am so sorry to hear that…however I really need to run, I am late for a meeting…” awkward!

WHY are people so dishonest? - Not only that – why are people so self-absorbed?

Myself… I wish people were more honest. But, I have discovered that people…for the most part… DO NOT LIKE HONESTY!!!!!

You know… that brutal, vinegar on an open wound kind of honesty….. Whilst I know how much that kind of honesty stings, I still KNOW that it came to my attention for my own good. Did I want to hear it? NO. Was it comfortable? NO. Did I walk away feeling like a million bucks? NO……

(and this is a big one)

Those who take the time to “spill the vinegar” on your open wounds are normally the ones that REALLY LOVE you!! I can guarantee that despite the initial reaction of “WHAT! OMG!” – you will eventually walk away from situations like that, having learnt a life lesson that will penetrate a lot deeper (and longer) than most others. If we are not here to learn and grown, then why?!

Do not be scared of your voice! (Whether it be verbally, emotionally or physically….) We are ALL meant to “deliver” our purpose. So when you feel the need to express, then EXPRESS!


The clarity of our “voice” and messages might initially be undecipherable but “practice makes perfect…” and this goes for the messages which are delivered to us by others.... the honest ones I mean!

Each and every one of us encounters situations in our lives for a REASON (lesson) – the sad thing is, that most people seem to “miss this” - or, they avoid it because "playing dumb" is easier than facing the truth.

My challenge to you….


There are many questions which can cross your path at this point……..Why have you landed in the situation that you have? What can you learn from it? How can you grow from it? How can you help others with what you have learnt? How can this make you / others a better person? How can this take you / others a step closer to desired goals….

Try hard enough to see the purpose of the challenge every time life delivers one your way and you will eventually begin to connect the dots.

Whatever you learn, give it away. It always comes back to you.

Life is ABUNDANT in EVERY facet. (Lessons included)

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I like your style, following :-)

Thank you so much!!! When you get such positive feedback from the people that read your content, it makes the efforts seem so worthwhile :)

Absolutely well written! There's too much lies everywhere, it is more and more difficult trusting anyone these days!

Sadly, very true! Thank you for your lovely comment :)

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Thank you for the positive feedback :) Have followed back :)

an upvote would be awesome if you are feeling generous :)