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Bloody hell, stress is STRESSFUL! Those two little words "stress & anxiety" – or emotions rather, can activate an entire personality within you, taking one particular situation or state of mind and literally turning it on its head – so much so, that you can honestly reach a point of wishing that a hole in the ground would swallow you up – or even better, you could cover your eyes like a 5 year old and practice the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” routine…

Well – the hole in the ground probably isn’t a very good idea, but the latter is not impossible and is a great idea!

No, really!

People, in general, focus too much on what is stressing them out. Whatever the circumstance, they sit, and think about it, re-living it, thinking about how they could have done it differently, how they see no way out of it, how it’s going to potentially wreck a particular relationship, work position, or their lives in general and at the end of the day, they achieve nothing – other than feeding the problem itself.

Yes. That is precisely what we are socially conditioned to do. So many things direct us towards negative thinking and “needing, wanting or lacking”. True story! – And it is very, very easy to get swept up into that whirlwind of despair, desperation and ultimately destruction.

Well, for me, my life and my dealings, all I will say is this – thank goodness for hard-core, old-school parents that taught us how to embrace our “fighting spirit”.

You know what I am talking about – “well, you didn’t die, did you?”

No, you didn’t – and you won’t. Not if you learn how to channel your stress and anxiety constructively.

The solution is simple, yet as many times as you might have heard it – until you actually implement it – the words and the principle itself are completely useless. “Don’t focus on the problem – focus on the solution”.

When I am faced with a stressful situation (of any kind), yes, I go through that wave of panic – where your heart sinks to your feet and your body literally goes hot or cold - and yes, I do panic – momentarily – but then I give myself a big fat mental “B*tch Slap” and start facing the realisation that unless I change the situation, all the “fearful stresses and anxieties” which I have allowed to momentarily consume me… will most definitely become a reality.

Do I want this? No, absolutely not.

So, much like an animal in the wild with the mentality of “survival of the fittest” – I start looking at solutions. Any solutions! This action in itself disarms the anxiety and stress and shifts your focus into a place of positivity - and mark my words – when you shift your energy into a more constructive arena, you are in a far better place.

You might not always come up with a solution that guarantees complete freedom from your current situation – severity dependant – but it will give you the strength to carry on fighting. It might buy you time by way of a short term solution until you work things through and find a better one, it might also open doors to other opportunities or circumstance – but most importantly of all – if exercised regularly enough, it will empower you with one exceptionally dangerous weapon…

The belief that no matter what situation you are faced with – no matter how stressful – you can and WILL find a way through - and ultimately conquer it.

And that – is a very useful tool.

Use it!

and in the spirit of positivity, determination and my sons love for the Ninja Turtles...


In parting - and because I have a soundtrack for everything in my life - I though I would share this music video too... Enjoy xxx

until next time...

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Fantastic post hehe :) You should always bitch slap that stress Hehehe

😁👌 absobloodylutely 😎😏