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What is it with the young “women” of today?! Obviously there are the exceptions to the rule but for the most part, many of them are… (Let me think about how to put this politely) …SELF ABSORBED, ARROGANT LITTLE B*TCHES! (Yes that’s about as gracious as it was going to get).

They walk around with such a sense of entitlement, like the whole world owes them a favour! I don’t know so much about anyone owing them anything but I can say for certain that they are in dire need of a massive slap back to reality!

Yes, we all have our moments don’t we ladies? But living your life with the “bitch mode” button stuck permanently in the “on” position really isn’t doing you or anyone else ANY favours. Lol! Aside from the fact that encounters with individuals like this are nothing short of painful…what exactly is it passing down to the younger generation in terms of morals, ethics and “general character shaping”?

I recently attended a media event and at one point was seated next to a young girl (and I say girl because she really looked nothing older than about 16). During my time next to her, I was witness to nothing but derogatory remarks, mocking cackles and possibly the fakest smiles I have ever seen appear on a person’s face.

At one point, a particularly well known TV presenter happened to stand next to this “brat” and jokingly made a remark about how she had been slightly inconvenienced a few moments prior, by the owner of the building wanting to give her a tour, and that she wasn’t really keen to do it as she was busy having fun at the event itself – obviously she had to oblige – and had done so. The remark was said in humour and held no real weight behind it. I am certain my shocked STARE was noticed when said “brat” turned around and responded to the presenter’s statement by saying “well, you know, it’s a full time job!” The remark was DRIPPING with sarcastic venom and ugliness - you know the old saying... "jealousy makes you nasty"...

I heard this, looked at this little “child” and thought “who the hell do you think you are? – In fact – WHO ARE YOU ACTUALLY?!” – Needless to say, this prompted me to (attempt to) start a conversation with her so as to discover “who she was” – and to no surprise…I didn’t discover much other than I already had.

Why are all these terribly shallow and ugly traits becoming such a “norm” – I would even go as far as to say that they are considered “cool” (oh, I am sorry – is “cool”, not a “cool” word anymore? – lol – oh well TOUGH! - I guess I must be cra cra) – and as the wonderful man in my life likes to say… “suck it up cupcake” haha!

“They travel in packs of two or three, with their itsy bitsy doggies and their teeny-weeny tees. Where, oh where, have the smart people gone? Oh where, oh where could they be?” – Pink

When did we start forgetting that people actually like NICE people – INTELLIGENT people - SINCERE people!

Perhaps if a little more effort was put into offering someone else a genuine smile on a regular basis, rather than snapping another “selfie smile”, things might change…? – Nah, probably not. Haha!

NOBODY knows everything and every single person that crosses your path has something to offer you – so just extend a little authenticity and RESPECT for heaven’s sake! – You might actually learn a thing or two, or even better... crack a REAL smile!

As usual... a blog appropriate tune... enjoy!

​Until next time!

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Wow.. that girl. Sounds like a maturity issue. To me, I see unhealthy people. People that need to do some self reflecting and analyze where their actions and negative energy are going to get them in life. I don't care to surround myself with negativity.

I will cheers to that! The people you associate with are a reflection of you and where you are "at". No doubt!