RockYourWorld #12 - Cracks allow the LIGHT in!

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I can remember a time in my life when I won an award for the best speaker in the school. Public speaking (and speaking in general, lol) came very naturally when I was young… and whilst I still find the road to my platform on occasion these days (when it’s emotionally driven), in general I avoid it. I attended a business networking meeting a while back and “walls closing in on me” would be an understatement of how I felt standing up in front of a mere 30 odd people. …Nerve wrecking comes to mind.

That particular incident got me thinking about how life and your experiences throughout it change you. Break you and make you, if you will.

At the age of 10, I thought nothing of standing up in front of an entire school of people to “state my case” so why not now? Am I damaged goods which cannot be repaired? Or do I simply need to re-learn the skill? And if that is the way forward, how do I do this? More importantly to me (well my heart and soul anyway) is, why did I allow something enough power over me to forsake that gift/skill.

I am a firm believer in the “power of thought” and I have proven the validity of this principle, time and time again, so, if my calculations are correct – THAT would be the most constructive way forward.

Positive Self-talk is an incredibly powerful tool that very few people actually make regular use of and in today’s world it is far too easy to be “overcome and overwhelmed” by social media and the attention that it brings with it. It can, in many cases deliver a false “self-worth” that fools the recipient into believing that they are in fact doing better than they last thought, in terms of their endeavours to conquer said fears, insecurities etc. It is also a falsely created barrier behind which many people hide these days. They can quite comfortably sit on their couch, without anyone around and flippantly “develop” a sense of “self”.

The sad reality of this “guise” is that it is always short lived. People move at the speed of light these days when it comes to news and interaction, so as fast as the hype lands on your doorstep – it leaves, compelling people to continually re-create “new interest”.

What does this tell us?
Well, it’s pretty obvious…. We need to stop looking outside and start looking INSIDE for approval – OF OURSELVES!

Yes, we have ALL made mistakes. We have all been hurt, broken, trampled on, abused, mocked, belittled, side swiped (the list could go on and on) – but entertaining that would defeat the objective behind this post.

The point behind my words is to tell all of you – YES YOU – that you are AMAZING! You were simply and perfectly designed that way. (yes with flaws and all) – Believe it or not, your “so-called” flaws are an incredibly important part of your magnificent make-up. They are an integral part of what makes you – YOU. They allow you the opportunity to grow, develop strength and character and ultimately, become and fulfill your – life’s – purpose. (You know – that thing that makes you all giddy inside, the one that you simply can’t wait to wake up and do)

My point?

• Take your “quirks” and work with them. Allow them to guide you. They didn’t happen without cause. Yes – all your “cracks” DO in fact let the light in.

• Accept what you have gone through and appreciate what you have learnt from it.

• Acknowledge your positive attributes and “FEED” them with positive self-talk.

• Take your “toolbox” of knowledge and experience - and move forward.

• Follow your excitement - Every single one if us has that “special something” that speaks to our soul. That unfulfilled purpose that speaks to us, nudging us constantly – (which we often ignore).

• STOP ignoring your gut! (That one is self-explanatory)

• Challenge yourself and all your (self-created) fears. The quote “do one thing every day that scares you” holds an enormous amount of weight.

• Do what makes you happy in your HEART – (Life is short, don’t wait). Yes, phone your mom if you haven’t spoken in a while. Say sorry to the person you know you hurt (yes, pride is best kept in a pocket), take out your paints and paint, call that friend for that long overdue catch up.

Do any ONE of the above listed things for ONE day and you will FEEL the difference in yourself and your energy levels. Do all of them every day and you will change your life.

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