My Steemit Journey #1

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First of all, let me say – that I know little to nothing about Steemit (not in the grand scheme of things anyway), I have absolutely nothing worth talking about in my wallet and I am definitely not a whale, in fact I don’t think I could even refer to myself as a dolphin… I am probably a little closer to plankton at this point… haha!

But that is ok, because I am not writing this to boast about my wallet or to press my expertise on to anyone.

I am starting this post thread because I would like to not only share my journey but I would also like to document it.

I expressed my gratitude and excitement for this platform a few days ago, which can be read in the link below, but this post is about something entirely different.

A little earlier today, I shared a post about a chapter in my life which in all honesty, I never gave myself any credit for – which can be read here:

I am not entirely sure why I didn’t, but I didn’t. Even though I haven’t thought about that time in my life for a substantial period, it popped into my mind today and I went to go and have a look at what I produced.

It made me feel proud, but simultaneously sad, because I let it go. I had gone through a very tough divorce not long before I started that endeavor, and it was a lot to take on. I did it, and I did it successfully, but I simply wasn’t feeling it.

However, that is not really my point… what I am trying to get to is much like when you cook dinner for your family and you spend the entire afternoon in the kitchen doing so… more often than not, when the meal is finally ready for consumption, the cook approaches the table with a lot less hunger and raw enthusiasm than everyone else – simply because they have been surrounded by the sights and smells of the food for as long as it took to cook it.

Often, I find that I appreciate my leftovers more the next day than I do on the day I actually prepared the food.

Looking back today, made me realise, that I did not afford myself any appreciation for what I was achieving whilst I was busy achieving it, and perhaps if I had marked my progress at the time, I might have found the motivation to push through the challenging parts.

It is not often that I give up. It is simply not a natural part of my character dynamic – so it was a particularly difficult pill to swallow – knowing that what I had created was enormously popular and very successful, yet I still chose to walk away from it because I simply wasn’t in the right headspace.

I have come a hell of a long way since then, and I know very well now, that much like bathing… motivation doesn’t last – which is why it is recommended daily!

So, here I am, beginning to document my Steemit journey.

I sit in a very different place today than I did a few years ago, but I am still learning, still growing, still falling down – and most importantly - still getting up. And this time, I definitely have a healthier sense of self-worth and am not going to sweep myself under any rugs or disregard my achievements.

I want to be able to look back at my thoughts which I am expressing with all of you this very day, so that I can see how far I have grown as an individual in the weeks, months and years to come.

Join me on my journey, if you will – there is never a time in life that you cannot learn at least SOMETHING from information and experience that another shares with you.

Live and learn... live and learn.. and let's not forget... GROW!

Onward and upward :)

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Hi Jaynie.
Very warm welcome on Steemit.
Fellow South African here.

Don't worry we all started from the bottom om Steemit, just stay active, vote and make good comments on peoples posts and you can start earning some decent starting money to grow your Steempower.

More steem power helps you grow faster


Pleasure to meet you :) thanks for the guidance too!

Welcome at good luck


thank you :)

Always a pleasure for me to read your post!


Thank you so much 🤗

Following and upvoted


thank you very much :)