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Tonight I feel like a five year old child on Christmas Eve. It is 8.30pm and I am in bed!
(I know, Right?!) Dinner, laundry, lunches, homework – check! Electric blanket on, the last of my glass of wine on my bedside table, son fast asleep and mom - headphones in and laptop where it belongs… on lap! Haha!

Thursday evenings are always festive in my house (or my mom’s) – as we rotate weekly dinners. One week her place, one mine and so it goes. My significant other will stand firm in the fact that our weekly rotation has very little to do with the food and a whole lot more to do with the conversation and wine. He is not entirely wrong… haha! Either way, Thursday night is always looked forward to.

There is a Zulu expression “Phuza ” which is often seen floating around the newsfeeds of South Africans social media accounts around about the Thursday mark…

(And for those unaware – a brief lesson before I continue…)

Phuza Thursday – pronounced - (poo-zah)
As 'Phuza' is the traditional Zulu term for drink, it follows that 'Phuza Thursday' is the act of drinking on a Thursday night. This has become a burgeoning tradition among South African youth, with Thursday nights almost replacing Friday nights as occasions for drinking.

My mother and I have mastered the art of “Phuza Thursday” (respectfully and moderately of course) – well in my opinion anyway… lol. In fact I think most mature people have mastered the art of partying with intelligence.

It is quite simply really, start early – end early. Wake up and enjoy the next day! Boom! – Yip!

What were we all thinking when we were in our late teens and twenties?! Why on God’s green earth did we obliterate ourselves until the point of hearing the 5am birds singing?

Old people are smart I tell you – SMART! lol!

Isn’t it funny how life goes full circle?

• When you were young you hated bathing – now it’s a treat.
• When you were a kid you NEVER wanted to go to bed –
now you can’t get into it early enough.
• When you were a teen you knew everything. Now you listen a whole lot more.

Oh how things have changed!

I literally couldn’t shower fast enough this evening so that I could climb into bed and bore you all with the random thoughts that waft through my mind. Hehe!

Children have all the uninhibited enthusiasm that so many of us lack as adults and old folk have all the experience of life and its (not always so golden) platters. If we could all learn how to combine the best of those two puzzle pieces, we would see some amazing results.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the world’s most influential creatives and ‘other’ - have never been conformists and in many ways have been ‘child like’ in their approach to things – whether it be their thinking patterns, emotions, tempers, lifestyles etc.

They have, to my mind – mastered the art of “life in reverse”. Living, with the experience and “savvy” of an adult - but retaining the raw, limitless, doubt free spirit of a child.

My point? (Yes, I actually do have one) lol

With every passing moment in your life that you gain exposure, experience and another “notch on your belt of adulthood” – take that – alongside your memories of youth and create a recipe that works for you – and if that doesn’t work, or doesn’t make sense to you…

Watch children. Learn from them – they are FAR wiser than adults. You will naturally combine what you see with what you know ;) Truestory.

Until next time…

Oh wait - I almost forgot to add a "blog appropriate song"...

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