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I have been through a FEW tests in my time… Each of which has made me into the lunatic (aka: honest, uninhibited individual) I am… Love me or hate me, I am who I am. Take it or…piss off (to be honest ;)

In my younger – more inexperienced – years, I did not react to situations quite like I would today… I did things with a LOT more vooma (so to speak) - hehe J (one of my oldest and dearest friends will testify to my defensive zap signs being issued in traffic as a passenger in her car… haha!)

We all have so much on our plates as it is – is there really time to hold grudges, be angry or fill our time with bitterness? NO! – An echoing and resounding NO!

I am no religious fundi but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that all the greatest prophets that have ever walked this earth have taught the same lesson – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

It isn’t complicated really.

Nobody wants to be judged – because “everybody” makes mistakes. We would all like those around us to be accepting of our shortfalls in life (oh come one… you are not exempt from this statement and you know it!)

So, on that note, would it not benefit us all to be a little more accommodating of the shortfalls of others?

Not sure?

Ok. Let me ask you a question…. How do you feel after you have gotten revenge? GREAT?! Adrenaline rushing and all… fantastic! – What comes after the rush ends? – I will tell you…

CONSCIENCE – that’s what.

GUILT and remorse.
Does that make you feel good? No!

Negative emotions do not fulfill us, they only feed an empty and constantly hungry vessel which will forever need feeding in order to survive… and THAT is how you get “unhappy people”!

So, on that second note…
“All you need is love”… and across the universe we shall go… J

(oh and if you have not seen this movie yet… put it on your “to do “ list NOW! - Across the universe)

and for the old school music lovers...

Until next time...

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