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​I am not generally one to go out of my way to follow what is headlining the news and many people raise their eyebrows or roll their eyes at me when I mention this, but guess what – it is a choice - which I am perfectly happy with.

Quite frankly, I find it all so bloody depressing!

Why oh why would I want to add to the already enormous amount of stress I have in my life as it is?! Swing it whichever way you want – reading the news doesn’t very often leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth or a good feeling in your heart – and that is simply because – good news just doesn’t sell. People are so hooked on bad news and that in many ways; they literally “feed off it”.

Some people are so utterly dependant on drama that they are actually prepared to go and spend their hard earned money (and like that isn’t tight enough for most as it is), buying publications and newspapers that they KNOW are selling garbage!

The only current news I subject myself to is whatever happens to cross my social media feeds.

Recently, for whatever reason, the content which has crept its way into my browsing experience as well as news which has reached me via conversation has been nothing short of nauseating. Axe murders, toddlers raped and killed and kept in plastic bags, twenty-something’s dying because they felt the need to experiment with “near death” asphyxiation games … fathers committing suicide, the list goes on – and on and on!

This world is in such a truly sad state of affairs which you become acutely aware of when you take your blinkers off.

I think I will put my blinkers back on thank you.

I am quite happy reading articles about positivity, motivation, love and all that “warm and fuzzy stuff” that so many people “poo-hoo”.

Why is that?! – Why are people so ready to fill their minds and lives with utter garbage (probably contributing to some of the atrocious things we hear about), yet a headline about something 100% positive and inspiring would most likely leave the newspaper paper stand ignored.

Oh yes – I crossed that bridge already… the reason is, because people are, for the most part, complete negative Nancy’s! – True story!

I understand that life can be overwhelming, which is precisely why I am bringing this matter up. WHY, would you then consciously CHOOSE to add to that?!

Well enough about that – I don’t have time for that crap!

There is so much beauty to be embraced around us each and every single day that I think it is about time we all started filtering out the garbage and focussing on all the good things in life – improving ourselves, our life experience and that of those around us. After all – we only live once, right?!

Well – as far as we “REALLY” know anyway – besides – you might come back as an ant or a bird in your next life, so dancing around the fire barefoot or baking a cake for your child’s birthday might not be an option on the table… unless we know a whole lot less about ants and birds than we think we do… haha!

So, on that note… here are some of my ideas (some conventional, some not so much) for how you can start to channel your focus and attention differently (and more positively) on a “day to day” and “moment to moment” basis… giving you more motivation about your life and your surroundings in general…

Here goes…

• Wake up earlier so you have time to get ready leisurely rather than in a mad rush – and at least TRY not to pick up your phone the second you open your eyes. Breathe first. Stretch. Go look out the window, make your coffee… enjoy the quiet morning.

• Subscribe to a few “positive living” pages or feeds. Go read the things which they are talking about instead of the daily headlines!

• Make a point of showing a little more gratitude to the people around you. This one is a GAME CHANGER!!

• Be productive – not just busy! All those moments when you catch yourself being swallowed by your screen, thinking about absolutely nothing… STOP wasting that time! Do something – anything that inspires or energises you – and if needs be – walk away from the task at hand for 5 minutes so that you can “refresh yourself”.

• Get enough sleep! – We are all different in terms of how much sleep we need, but nobody can function efficiently on little to no sleep for any length of time. This is a no brainer!

• Take time out to have fun. Play with your kids, paint, run, lie in the sun, try a new recipe for dinner – whatever. Take a little time each day for YOU! If your schedule is crazy busy – don’t make excuses, incorporate that time into your schedule. Trust me – you CAN find the time!

• Take your shoes and socks off when you get home from work! This is going to sound ridiculous, but just bear with me for a second… shoes carry an ENORMOUS amount of negative and stale energy, simply because of everything they pick up “on their travels”. Get rid of them at the end of the day. Let your feet breathe. Ground yourself. Connect with the earth beneath you.

• Drink A LOT more water! – Again, a no brainer!

• Seek out a mentor – somebody you can follow online or read their books. One who is going to motivate and guide you in the right direction.

• Listen to more music. Do I really need to add an explanation to this one?! No, I didn’t think so.

• Smile at every stranger you pass throughout the day. It is actually amusing to see how MANY people are simply not familiar with receiving a smile from a stranger. Let’s change this – one smile at a time!

• Be (or attempt to be) more organised. Don’t leave those dishes until the next day – do them straight away! It is only going to take you 10 minutes and is totally worth the reduced stress of walking into a clean kitchen the following day when you need to start preparing dinner. Ps. This was one example… lol – try and extend this into other facets of your life too!

• “Get up, Dress up and Show up” – Yes, we all know the saying. It works! Do it! Arriving at work looking and feeling like a million bucks, really gives you that extra kick for the day. Not only you notice it – everyone you encounter notices it and it shows – and now that you are getting up earlier, you will have the time to spend on looking and feeling good!

• Hug! – ANYONE! Your spouse, partner, child or pet! – regularly!

• De-clutter. No, those empty Tupperware without lids and that letter you received 15 years ago are not going to do anything for you moving forward. Say your good-byes and clean out. It is AMAZINGLY liberating and not only that – the energy of the area that you clean will be completely renewed. You will literally get excited every time you see it.

• Dust the corners in your home. Just do it! Corners carry a lot of stale energy. The end!

• Re-arrange. Mix it up! Give your lounge or bedroom a new look. Change the colour of the décor in your bathroom (soaps, facecloths, towels ornaments etc.) Change is as good as a holiday and you should do this at least twice a year. It really gives the area a new lease on life.

• Be present when you shower or bath. EXPERIENCE the water. Close your eyes and revel in how it cleanses you, not only physically but emotionally too.

• Walk.

• Smile at yourself whenever you pass a mirror – no matter how silly you feel.

• Place short, positive quotes around your house, on your mirror or anywhere that you will be forced to see and read them repeatedly and read them OUT LOUD!

And last but definitely not least…

• (I have mentioned this one before in a blog post) – Do one thing, every day that scares you – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, even if it is simply taking a different route to work.

Keeping all of the above in mind – none of this advice is a one-time deal… “Rome wasn’t built in a day” as they say – keep at it, all the time, every day! One day you will wake up and realise that you now feel, and stand, in a very different place compared to where you started.

When our time on this earth comes to an end – it is not going to matter how many news headlines we consumed ourselves with, however – if you choose to live in a consistently more positive and grateful manner, not only will your life change, but you will begin to impact those around you in the same light and that, most definitely will matter!

as usual... some music to reiterate my post :)


Until next time :)

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