RockYourWorld #13 - Your Body is the wonderland of your soul.

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Are our bodies merely vessels comprised of skin and bone with which we “randomly” roam, or are they symbolic representations of our soul?

I am inclined to lean toward the latter.

Yes, we leave it all behind when we “depart” but does that make our physical / materialistic expression / demonstration during our “living years” any less worth-filled? - I don’t think so.

Much like an artist (of any kind) represents their emotion or expression through their individual style, I view people’s “materialistic parade” in much the same light.


Often our literal voices fail us, so we make use of animated alternatives…much like “heroes” on the games people play. Their costumes, armour and demeanour “show” you who they are and what they stand for – without them having to “introduce” themselves.

I have always been a lover of jewelry - and by jewelry, I mean lots of rings, lots of bangles and lots of necklaces… normally of Indian / Eastern / Alternative influence. This in general, has always raised an eyebrow or two…but WHY? I don’t give you a sideways glare with your “blue…EVERYTHING” or your “gold handbag and horribly (in my opinion anyway..hehe) matched neon pink scrunchie! – Just leave me and my bangles alone please!

I am who I am- and if I choose to wear one bangle for every mood that passes through my being on a daily basis (and I am a Gemini… so it is many – haha)… then SO BE IT! – Deal with it!

Personally, I LOVE people who express their personalities (aka: souls) through their dress style. The more interesting the attire - the more interesting the personality. (For the most part anyway – not forgetting that every person’s definition of “interesting” is unique.)

What we choose to “clothe” ourselves in is literally a VISUAL representation of what is on the inside. In fact, not only does it depict our actual personalities and characters, but also our moods, emotions and pretty much everything else that we often don’t “vocalize”.

Like our “virtual hero’s” have talents and abilities, SO DO WE – therefore – it is no wonder we choose to express ourselves visually as such.


Colour, shape, texture, touch, smell, feel…. – ALL OF IT – carries a specific and unique vibration, energy and thus, effect, on its recipient. These are the silent indicators which attract us to one another. They are the “soul advertisers” – so to speak – and without many of us even being aware of it, we “promote” ourselves in this way because we are meant to.

This is how we fulfill our purpose.

No different to any other animal, we send out our signals and we get the relevant responses.

So… Whoever you are and HOWEVER you choose to express / represent yourself – go ahead and do it! Do not be ashamed of it or what other people think of it. Their path is not yours and never will be (and vice versa) so never sacrifice your own charisma because “someone” doesn’t understand you/it.

The person/people who are meant to… will.

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so true.
you got yourself a new follower :)


Thank you 😁🤗👌

Yes, people communicate with the outside world, i.e. other people via their dress style. It's can be interesting to watch how someone's style changed over the years and, due to that change, messages it wanted to send to the outside world were changing too.
P.S. My favorite jewelry - pearl ring :)

Great post as always:))upvoted and resteemed.

hello, please follow the rules in our group before you post in it ☺


Which group is that?