Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

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After a 10-day vacation in Japan where I didn't have the possibility of juicing, I immediately got back to my juicing routine the day after coming back to Bangkok.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

Going to Japan was a wonderful experience and I did have a fresh orange juice for breakfast every day, but without a juicer, I had to let it go.

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Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

After going to the supermarket and having a cart full of vegetables and fruits, the very next day we arrived back home, I prepared my first serving.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

Leafy greens and a mix of fruits and vegetables.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

Today's Juice Recipe

I used these ingredients exactly as you can see in the photos above:

  • Leafy greens
  • 5 mini cucumbers
  • 2 carrots
  • 4 small tomatoes
  • 1 lime
  • 2 red apples
  • 1 big yellow apple
  • 6 mandarins
  • a small piece of ginger

Let's juice!

I always start with the carrots, so the juice of other soft fruits do not go to the waste container.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

Then, I juice all the leafy greens.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

I put some of the juice in two bottles, so I can continue with the remaining produces.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

As you can see, the color is now turning more orange and I am nearly done.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

I was able to make an extra glass with just a little amount of leafy greens, which had a different taste.

Juicing After a 10-Day Vacation in Japan!

The taste of this juice was as good as I remembered it to be, and I am back on track now for a daily juice, so I can enjoy a future vacation without it, and not feeling guilty.

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I hope that you enjoyed this post, which I wrote to remember that daily veggie and fruit juices are good for health, that they taste good, and that they help to lose weight.

Give it a try!

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Michel Gerard



healthy foods good routine keep it up

Thank you for commenting @imran-aslam.

Indeed, it looked like you had a great time in Japan. But glad you are back to juicing. My health is improving and now I can branch out and start doing some more juicing. Have to admit you were a big motivating factor in getting me going in that direction. Have to admit too that you look like the Cheshire Cat at your desk... minus the glowing teeth. Blessings.

Thank you very much @mistermercury for your comment and I am glad to read that your health is improving. I am also glad that I have motivated you to try juicing. I still have many posts about Japan to come as I didn't have the time then to write them, but got all the photos. I see that going to Disneyland Tokyo, which I will post about, has some effect on how I look now!

Hi @gmichelbkk,

It seems that you have some amazing diet plan, because your post is looking so, really following you here would be fruitful for many as your follower will also get some serious and amazing plan too.

Happy to see you here and also being you follower,



Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am glad you like my post.

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Good initiative, thank you for explaining what you do.

Thanks for sharing, Michel!

This is really disappointing news. I have never thought it will be so late to take juice in Japan. It is my favorite drink. I will think carefully about this issue before travel. But after 10 days you finally got juice that would be more tasty. Your recipe shows that. I would like tase your jouice. Why are you waiting? just drink.

Thank you @sayemsonai for commenting. They have some juice in cartons like coffee, but it's not as good as a fresh cold-pressed juice.

Juices are healthlys, but are beige a fibers.
Juices are good when you need energy, in a moment now.
Glucose from Juices is is quickly in blood, so it is not recommended for diabetics. Slowly introduce sugar is better and for all others.
You throw this fibers away and then you need to enter them from another source.

It is better to juice veggies and add a minimum of fruits to limit sugar, and also select fruits with lower sugar if it is a concern for you. There is still fiber in the juice itself so you don't have to eat the excess dried one.

Wow, bro you are enjoying a healthy juice full of vitamins. bro.....please me an upvote.

Thank you for your comment.

Yes the juice have lots of fiber and anti-oxidants. Surely it has lots of health benefits!

Yes, if I had discovered that earlier in lfe I would have done it. Thank you for commenting @gpalav.

Dear Micheal health food fit your body & boost your energy to actively participated in social life activities

Thank you for commenting @tanveerali.

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