Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

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Would you like to share with us a traditional Japanese breakfast that we enjoyed during our stay at the Hilton Tokyo because this might encourage you to try it if you travel to Japan?

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

The Hilton Tokyo Hotel gives their guests the opportunity to try a real traditional Japanese breakfast that you have to book in advance as seats are limited.

We booked our Japanese breakfast for the second day of our stay and we were a little bit concerned on what it was going to be, imagining plates of raw fish or sushi that we do not like to eat.

All photos are mine and taken with my Samsung phone.

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

We had this Japanese breakfast at 8:00 a.m. in the Junisoh restaurant on the second floor of the hotel. After being seated, the breakfast was served.

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

This is the menu of this "Junisoh Japanese Breakfast."

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

These are all the dishes nicely presented in wooden boxes that we were served: the first, second and third courses of the menu without desert.

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

My wife was served first and waited for me to take the first bite.

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

We timidly tried each dish and I was very surprised to be able to eat absolutely everything that was served. This breakfast was excellent with new food savors we hadn't experienced before.

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

My wife and I shared my daughter's breakfast, which she didn't eat.

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

This was the desert served after the main dishes, and then we had coffee.

Japanese Breakfast at the Hilton Tokyo!

That was an experience that we will remember for a long time and we will absolutely do it again the next time we go to Japan.

If you go to Japan, try it too!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

All photos are mine and taken with my Samsung phone.

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Michel Gerard



wow,the breakfast of japanese breakfast looks so tasty & yummi.

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Yes, it was. Thank you for commenting.

First of all wellcome back after many day new post from you side.

After watching these pic i remember these sticks
one time i go to Chinese to eat with these sticks and i am not able to pic a single rice using it :D

Thank you @imran-aslam for noticing I have not been posting for a while. The trip took a lot of my time and wanted to experience it fully. I have a lot of photos to share in future posts.

Hi Michael, I first found out about you from @jerrybanfield. I've only been on Steemit for 3 days now. I got your email from him too. (very well written email too BTW). #mailinglist

Also, I'm lovin' this post, but... it's a bit hard to read because my mouth is watering so much! 😂

I ❤️ Japanese food // Thx for sharing your world with us.

Thank you very much @transformed for your kind words and welcome to Steem. I'll have more posts about Japan coming.

I appreciate the welcome. I've been posting everyday since coming on board. I also wanted to thank you @gmichelbkk for your post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@gmichelbkk/easily-create-your-steemit-posts-in-this-markdown-editor I downloaded Typora today, and it works great! (let me see if I can also post this 'thank you' on the actual post too. 😎 You're awesome!

Thank you very much @transformed, I appreciate your feedback. I am using Typora now even for post I make on WordPress blogs because I can just copy as HTML and voila!

I also was at the Japanese Hilton in Tokyo!

Were you? Have you tried this Japanese breakfast? Thank you for commenting.

Looks delicious. I m very hungry now ;) but what is Laver?

Laver is dried seaweed, usually salted. It's a staple in Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Thank you @dbru for answering to the question and posting an image.

It's a kind of algae. Thank you for reading the post and the menu.

That looks so delicious. If it's anything like the Osaka Hilton, the miso soup was out of this world. I'm pretty sure they use the same ingredient suppliers.
Keep us updated on more Japanese cuisine.

I guess that was the same supplier @dbru and the miso soup was excellent like everything else. Next time we go to Japan we will visit the provinces and maybe stay where you stayed.

This is perfect Japanese breakfast! Certainly going to try when I go Tokyo!

Yes, that's something to try and maybe have it more than one day. Thank you for commenting @gpalav

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