I Invested in a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer!

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Today I made one of the best investments I could do, which is buy a whole slow juicer for making daily veggie and fruit juices with better taste and more nutrients.


In this post I am going to explain how I came to juicing, why I bought this type of juicer and brand, and where you can buy the same one if you are in Thailand.

I Invested in a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer!

I started experimenting with juicing last month with a cheap centrifugal juicer I bought a few years back and never used.

You can read my article about this here: Saturday Walk, Fitness and Green Juice!


In the image above you can see this juicer I had and it helped me get started with juicing. I wanted to know if juicing had real benefits for health and if I could swallow these green juices on a daily basis. It was difficult at first to get used to the taste of greens, but I learned a bit more how to mix veggies with some fruits to make it taste better.

The disadvantage of this centrifugal juicer was the noise, the mess it was making spitting juice around, a lot of parts difficult to clean, and too much wasted produce with juice still in the fibers inside the machine. You could press the waste and still make juice.

What made me try juicing is the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" that I watched on Netflix, and then watched again for free here: https://www.rebootwithjoe.com/watch-fat-sick-and-nearly-dead/

It's not that I was like Joe in a terrible health to get into juicing, but I'm trying my best now to stay healthy. I also bought his book on Amazon: The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet – Lose weight, get healthy and feel amazing.

So after trying different juices and getting used to them I was looking at buying a better juicer. I was considering another centrifugal juicer, but as I was learning more and more about juicing, I decided to go for a masticating juicer.

It appears that a masticating juicer has several advantages over a centrifugal juicer. The juice retains more nutrients because the vegetables and fruits are not shredded with blades, which produce heat that oxidizes nutrients, there is more juice obtained and less waste.

This is where I wanted to go because if I plan to juice every day for good health, I'd also better get the maximum nutrients out of the produce with the maximum juice and minimal waste.

The disadvantage of a masticating juicer or slow juicer is that it is slow, you have to cut the produce in smaller parts and it is much more expensive.

Long story short, I researched for a week on the Internet, reading articles and watching YouTube videos until I couldn't wait anymore.

This morning we went to the *Kuvings warehouse, which is located just 5 kilometers from our house in Bangkok, and the staff there demonstrated how the machine works. They made different juices in front of us and even a sorbet that we all tasted. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised because all juices were very tasty, no comparison with what I have been doing.


I talked about an investment in the beginning of this post because this is extremely expensive. We bought the Kuvings Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer EVO820, which is the last evolution of the brand and there is an exclusive reseller in Thailand.

You can see their website here: http://kuvings.in.th

This is the one I bought: เครื่องแยกกาก สกัดเย็น ใหม่ ของ KUVINGS NS-1226 หรือ EVO-820

We bought it 22,900 Thb, which is $725.

And below is a video of the juicer in action.

Now, let me show you a few photos of what is in that box!


The juicer, which is of very good quality.


A blank strainer for sorbet, a coarse strainer for smoothies and a lid opener.


A rotating brush and brush for cleaning.


A recipe book and manual.


The motor of the machine is guaranteed 5 years and the rest of the machine one year.

We also received a few goodies for buying the machine.


I haven't opened the boxes yet, but I'm keen on trying the ozone generator, which is for cleaning the produce. We even got a cart to shop for veggies and fruits.


Now, what I'm very excited about is that my daughter who never wanted to try my fresh juices before was motivated today to make her own juice.

This is what she chose to put in it.


Then she started juicing.


That's the juice obtained at the right and the very dry waste at the left.


No need to tell you that the juice was succulent and she finished the entire glass, we only got the left over in the carafe.


I am very glad about that because I finally succeeded in making the family follow me in consuming more veggies and fruits with juicing.

My daughter said she will have another one tomorrow and I will try to introduce some greens.

To finish this article, a behind-the-scenes photo.


I can also say that it is very easy and fast to clean.

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Michel Gerard



It's not only an investment but sharing happiness too :D
Cool idea, enjoy your new investment :)

Yes you are right @mino.gris, it's happiness too.

The little lady is like wondering why you asking me to hold this instead of asking me to drink this. :-)

With a daddy blogger, she knows the drill!

Wow Michel Gerard this post is so amazing. First of all I would like to say a big congratulations to you on getting your first brand of Kuvings Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer and other wonderful gifts in the boxes you received together with this. The shimino mix and go blender bottle actually looks so amazing you should open that box.
And your daughter is actually so beautiful and adorable I'm glad the family joined you in consuming fruits and veggies this is thus a very healthy lifestyle.
Keep studying great books that would transform your health and give you an amazing physique.
All the best buddy @gmichelbkk

Thank you @eunireal1 for your kind message. I'm still learning about juicing, it's a whole new way of consuming veggies for me. Today, I opened the box of the Ozone machine and whashed all produce with it for 20 mins. I have more to learn about that too.

Kuvings should put you on their marketing staff!! Looks like a great investment. I'll have to put one on my "wish list" for now. In the meantime I use a cheap centrifugal machine. And by the way, have voted for jb as a witness and proxy. Blessings.

Thank you @mistermercury for your comment and your vote for @jerrybanfield. You won't regret investing in Kuvings for good health.

Congrats for new juicer @gmichelbkk, i hope you all will enjoy green juices and other types of juice now.But I feel the juicer is too costly.

Yes, it's expensive @lovecreativity, even more I think than the US because it's difficult to have this kind of items in Thailand.

Thank you, I’ve stayed away from juicing because of the hassle of clean-up, I didn’t know there was an effective alternative to centrifugal juicers

Thank you @jspots for your comment, and not long ago I didn't know too!

Amazing, Michel! I've heard the many benefits of a cold press juicer compared to an ordinary juicer. But you know, cold press juicers are just kind of pricey. 😅 Anyway, looking forward to your next juicing stories!

Thank you Michelle for your comment. Yes, you have to use it often to make it worth it. Better to start with a cheap one like I did and see if it's something you like before spending a lot more.

Juice is very good for health when routinely drinking what Fruit choices

I agree @nazaraceh, thank you for commenting.

a very helpful post, I really like the name of his juice

Please VOTE let me add the spirit to make his post

Thank you for stopping by.

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