3 Veggie and Fruit Juices + Ozone Generator Machine

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Today I'd like to follow up on my juicer purchase post and show you the different juices we made yesterday with my daughter.


You may want to read the post I wrote a couple of days ago showing you the juicer I purchased and how I came to juicing: I Invested in a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer!

In this post I am going to show you 3 different juices we made to accommodate everyone's taste and my test with the ozone generator machine that came free with the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer.

3 Veggie and Fruit Juices + Ozone Generator Machine

This is the second day I am using the Kuvings cold press juicer and I absolutely love it. It is very quiet, clean to operate, easy to clean and the juices it makes are excellent.

When I started juicing with the centrifugal juicer, all the juices I made that contained green vegetables were drinkable, but not very tasty. There was a little voice always telling me, "You got to finish that juice!"

Now, you have to stop me or I finish the whole bottle on the spot!

I don't know how this is possible, but all the juices I made, even with vegetables I do not like that much like tomatoes, broccoli and cucumbers were succulent.

Now, if you want to get into juicing I will definitely recommend a masticating juicer or slow juicer like I have because the difference in taste for the juice is like day and night. I know the cold press juicer is much more expensive, but if you can put that on a credit card or get some sort of consumer credit, then do it.

1) My morning green juice with fruits

This is the first juice I made in the morning for my wife and I.

Fruits: orange, limes, apples and papaya.


Vegetables: carrots, cucumber, zucchini, coriander, ginger and a kind of Chinese kale.


Let's the juicer do its magic!


As you can see it's a lot of juice and very dry waste.


The ginger added some hot flavor to the mix and it was excellent. We each had a class in the morning.


2) Testing the Ozone generator machine.

I was very excited to have this ozone generator machine at first because I didn't know that you could wash away all pesticides and other microbes that way.

To start cleaning the produce, you plug in the machine to power, attach a tube to it that has a small ball at the other end and that you drop in the water. You select 20 minutes and then wait.


The machine manufacturer and other documentation say that the ozone will clean all produce from pesticides, but after researching it, I do not think it's a good idea.

Not a good idea because the ozone gets rid of the pesticides, but also some of the nutrients in the produce, which is not ideal and there is no proof or studies showing that this is working better than washing the produce with plain water.

The purpose of using a cold press juicer is to keep all the nutrients in the vegetables and fruits and this would be silly to remove them then with an ozone generator machine.

This is an article that explains this: Safety and Usefulness of Ozone as Food Sterilizer

If you have a different opinion or experience on that, would you please explain in the comment section and point me to relevant articles?

3) My daughter's fruit juice

Now my daughter has something new she likes to do after school. I let her choose the produce she wants for her juice and this time she wanted to try a cucumber.

Fruits: orange, apples and cucumber.

Vegetable: carrots.


She is really enjoying the process to make her own juice and that makes me very happy.


As you can see this juice is very beautiful and I can tell you it was tasty.


Two half glasses that were finished in no time!


This was yesterday and today she made a similar new juice that is as good.

4) My evening green juice

For the evening I decided to make a green juice and this is what was inside.


Vegetables: celery, cucumber and coriander.

Fruits: orange and apple.

Beautiful color and excellent taste.


I will have this one this evening and tomorrow morning if I can resist drinking it all. If I do, I will make a new juice in the morning.

I wanted to write this post because I am like a kid with a new toy, and taste buds, discovering that vegetables can taste great.

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Michel Gerard



Oh! it's so healthy and energetic to start your day with this healthy organic juice.
The most one I loved is your daughter's choice "orange, apples, and cucumber"

Keep on this healthy mood every day :)

Thank you for your comment @mino.gris. They are all good, even the green ones, which I had difficulty to swallow using my previous juicer.

Thanks for sharing
I use to take Apple,Beetroot and Carrot juice now i will try with Oranges and Papayas:)
Your daughter is so cute :):)

Thank you for the suggestion to use beetroot if I can find some here @fajarabbasi.

Good job sir.

Fruit juices help to provide the body with a number of important nutrients, such as antioxidants that help to fight cancer, as well as many essential vitamins for health, such as vitamin C, which regulates the work of the nervous system and vitamin K essential for bone health, and can provide you with a quantity of minerals found in the fruit.
Thank you dear @gmichelbkk for all the benefit we have, I have explained some of the benefits of natural juice to our body. It is of great benefit to our body.
Your daughter is very nice, she is very lucky because she has a father like you, I wish her and you a happy life always

Thank you walid.larbi for your kind comment and explaining about the benefits of fruits juice.

Excellent machine you took.
There is nothing better than fruits, vegetables and plants for an excellent
I am more specialized in healthy plants and vegetables from the garden.
I'll resteem because you are in line with my articles.

Thank you very much @archeothot for your comment and resteem. Unfortunately I do not have space for a garden and that would be something new to learn.

If you have a small terrace, you can make a vertical garden.

That would be a big project.

Enjoy healthy juicy life 😀

fruit juices are very healthy for body. your daughter is very cute and its seems she also love to make juice by-self.

Thank you very much @imran-aslam for your kind comment. Yes, she enjoys making the juice and before that she didn't want to drink fresh juice, so all is good.

@gmichelbkk thank you for such an informative post.Bless use, your daughter is a lil cutie you can soo see how much she loves making the juices.Kids love to get interactive.If we involve them they will sure be more interested in the healthy options available.It is amazing how you can make different variations on the juices.The possibilities are endless.Fab review👍🏼👌

Thank you @pamcooks for your kind comment.

@gmichelbkk Aww no problem.If you get chance take a look at my blog may be of interest as I have 4 kids.I try and incorporate food and fun for my family.Would appreciate the support from my fellow steemians👍🏼

4 kids! I won't survive... I'm following you.

Bless you.I am following you back.Im finding your cryptocurrency posts very useful.One of the main reasons I have used steemit is to get familiar with digital currency.My hubby introduced me to it.As I have now left my corporate job to be a stay at home mom.I have a slight void in terms of writing and keeping my brain active, as you loose that looking after kids.Literally I use steem to let of steam.lol.Can be as creative as possible.If i feel like sharing a recipe I can.Sharing a review i can.You have the added bonus of learning about crypto world and gaining currency. 👍🏼

I haven't tried out any juicer but your post makes me want to save for one. Again, it's always a pleasure reading your post @gmichelbkk!

Thank you @emdesan for your kind words and saving for a good juicer is the best thing you could do for your health. I was not just interested in these things a while back, but other people made me discover it.

Great choice! Cold press is the way to go. Gave you a follow...

Thank you @doccrypto for your comment and the follow.

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