My Two Juice Recipes of the Day!

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Today I experimented using new vegetables for my juices and made a very colorful purple and green juice, which I share with you.

My Two Juice Recipes of the Day!

This week I have bought different vegetables I haven't tried before, and these are my two recipes of the day.

My Two Juice Recipes of the Day!

I decided to go colorful today and make two different juices.

My Two Juice Recipes of the Day!

1) Purple Juice

This is the first one and I used these ingredients:

  • 2 red apples
  • 1 orange
  • 1 purple cabbage

Purple juice

I usually don't like to eat this raw purple cabbage that is usually mixed with carrots and salad to go with some dishes at the restaurant, but I wanted to give it a try.

Purple Juice

As you can see, this was really purple and I had enough to make two small glasses, one for my wife and the other one for me.

Purple Juice

I can't say that it is my favorite juice, but the taste was good enough to get it down my throat in a few minutes.

2) Green Juice

I then made the green juice with these ingredients:

  • one orange
  • one big yellow Chinese apple
  • celery
  • 1/4 oppo squash

Green Juice

That's the first time I eat this kind of green squash and was not sure what to expect.

Green Juice

This juice was my lunch and I still have more for tomorrow morning. It was sweet and very easy to drink.

This is a photo of me with the purple juice to freeze that special moment on the blockchain!

Michel Gerard

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Michel Gerard


Do you add sugar for extra sweetness or you prefer natural sweetness of fruits?

No, I do not add sugar, it's not a good idea. The apples are there for that.

i think cabbage and opo squash juice destroyed the taste of both juices :D

Cabbage was the main ingredient so the taste was mainly cabbage, and squash was just a small portion.

Wow that looks wonderful, would try that.
Please this is a link to my post on The Supernatural writing contest, hope i'm not too late please.

I have added it to the list @avosep. Thank you!

Hello @gmichelbkk
I am already salivating for the purple juice.😋😋

Thank you @samson12 for your comment.

Wish I could do that. I've got this 20-year-long disease of the adrenals, liver, and pancreas that severely limits my diet. I cannot eat any simple carbs or sugars. This eliminates almost all fruit and even carrots. Essentially the only thing I can eat is protein and complex carbs like broccoli. I know that juicing would work wonders for me. I squeeze one organic lemon in the morning and drink the juice with a little stevia in it, and water of course. Maybe that helps. Thanks for the post though. Good to have the input here in Steem world.

There must be a combination of veggies + your lemon that would work for you. With your condition being monitored and advised by your doctor would help you get started juicing. I haven't heard of juicing making a disease worse, the opposite.

You know, I think I'm going to give it a try. I do believe it would be very good for me. I'll let you know what combinations of veggies works best as far as taste goes.

That seems great. Start with a small glass every day. I was inspired by

Dude these posts have been making me so jealous!! It always looks so appealing!

I’m a huge juice/smoothie fan- I have several favorite exotic combinations. We have absolutely no room for another kitchen appliance- we have everything EXCEPT a juicer. (And a vitamix-which I want also). Maybe once we get our new house we’ll have room for a juicer.

I digress.

Thanks @gmichelbkk

Sorry @theessential for making you jealous. Hope you'll make room for a juicer soon.

Wow, fantastic, craving for the purple juice already 😋...... Nice post @gmichelbkk

Thank you @effey for commenting.

That looks yummy. You are motivating us to have juices as well.

I hope so @event-horizon because I feel so good having a juice ever day. It's a discovery for me.

Your recipe is good. There is a similarity between u and me, i love to eat, you love to make food to eat.

Thank you @shameem007 for your comment. I love to eat, but I'm a terrible cook, so juicing is easy enough for me.

Hey @gmichelbkk, thanks for sharing! So many things out there to be happy for and about. Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post! Cheers

Thank you @exxodus for your positive comment.

I e never experimented trying to make juice, I use to think,it would make them lose the original taste they bring through.
But this you've done is amazing really, I think I will try it.

What's happening @josediccus is the opposite because you removed the fiber.

I like juice but I seldom make it my self

Thank you for commenting @cicisw.

Excellent juices to start the day. I'm going to prepare them

That's a good idea @lmrey. What juicer do you have?

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