Fitness Challenge - February Report

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Would you read my February fitness challenge report, which is my fourth monthly report because it's the month I got the best results in my weight loss and healthier body efforts?

Fitness Challenge - February Report

I started this fitness challenge by myself on the first of November, using the Samsung Health app to record and track my progress on my phone, and my will power.

I wrote a report on Steemit at the end of each month so I can document my results, and be accountable to you and myself. This helped me to continue doing a 2-kilometer walk and exercising 40 minutes every day without fail, and also explore other solutions in healthier eating.

You may be interested to read my three previous reports:

I have never exercised like this in my entire life or made strict diet changes, and I will show you that change is possible if you want to. You will be in better shape and feel better in your body, this might be useful for you.

Let's see my results for this fourth month.

Fitness Challenge - February Report

I am glad to report that again, I have walked my 2 kilometers and exercised 40 minutes every day in February 2018.

Fitness Challenge - February Report

Let's see what the app is saying for "Walking."

Fitness Challenge - Walking

As you can see, I walked 28 days in February for a total of 62.35 kilometers in 10 hours and 49 minutes. In January I walked 69.53 kilometers, in November 66.59 kilometers, and in November, 62.26 kilometers.

We are missing 3 days in February so that explains the lower number of kilometers walked. In 4 months I have walked 260.73 kilometers and I don't know how it's even possible.

On some occasions, I have walked more than 2 kilometers like when I went to the Lumpini Park three Saturdays.

Lumpini walking

Let's have a look at my exercise this February.

Fitness Challenge - February Report

These are for the 4 months.

Fitness Challenge - February Report

I have exercised for 19 hours and 1 minute in February and burned 11,303 calories if the app is accurate. This is less than the other months because February is only 28 days.

My weight loss results.

February is my best result so far because my average weight is down 1,9 kilograms from January.

February weight loss

The second month my average weight was down 0.5 kilograms, my third month it was down another 0.8 kilograms, and now it is down another 1,9 kilograms.

Average weight loss: 80.8 - 77.6 = 3.2 kilograms

Weight loss: 81.4 (max) - 77.2 (min) = 4.2 kilograms

I try to present the data as it looks the best because I have been stable at 77.2 kilograms for several days now.

Now I am very pleased with the results, but it was not done with walking and exercising alone.

In November and December, I only walked and exercised, and changed my diet a bit, like drinking more fruit smoothies and reducing meat.

In mid January, I started to make smoothies with fruits and vegetables and then started to try juicing.

You may be interested to read the posts where I talk about that.

weight loss smoothie

This February, I continued for several days to drink my green smoothie recipe, and then started to experiment more and more with vegetable and fruit smoothies and juices.

veggie juice

Last week, after studying about juicing and weight loss on the Internet, I decided to go with juicing long term and I bought a new cold press juicer, which makes the minimum waste, gives the maximum juice and nutrients.

Kumings veggie juice

Juicing vegetables with fruits has been a revelation for me and I have become quite addicted to it as my body feels extremely good every day, and this is what helped a lot with the weight loss.

This is my daily breakfast when I'm at home, after exercising and my walk.

My breakfast

I also have a small coffee early in the morning, not ready to quit that yet!

Then, I prepare the veggie juice, which is my lunch.

Kevings veggie juice

Here it is.

My lunch

I can say that the juice is delicious and I drink it slowly between noon and 2:00 PM. I felt hungry at 4:00 PM when I started, not anymore.

So what do I eat for dinner you ask?

I normally eat rice with some meat or sausages, and vegetables.

I cut down on cookies and I may have a fruit or some juice later in the evening.

As you can see, I still keep some normality in my diet, so it doesn't look too hard to make it a daily routine. My goal is not to become a vegan, but to have a much more balanced diet with meat as a minimum.

Fitness Challenge - February Report

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Michel Gerard


Well Michel, when I read the title of the post, I decided to come and give you some motivation.
But after checking your post and your images, I saw that you're self-motivated and already made a great progress.

It seems to me you have a real fitness target and I'm sure you will achieve it
But once you achieve it, don't stop and keep yourself in a permanent healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Michel for sharing such a positive post today, glad to read it :)

Thank you very much @mino.gris for your comment.

i am also thinking about exercise but not able to manage the schedule but from some days i start badminton as a physical activity.
it is very hard to do alone workout/exercise with some friends its become routine.

Yes, you are right @imran-aslam, it's easier to workout with friend and it's sometimes difficult to find time for it.

Great post! You are really working hard for your health and its true our bodies are designed to move,they are not designed to sit.
Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you very much @fajarabbasi for your comment and I am glad that you like the post.

Being healthy is simple, right? "Eat less, move more, i.e exercise." That's easy to say, but practicality is one of the most important things when it comes to health and fitness . and so just like the saying ' no pain no gain' i see you even surpassing your fitness target. @gmichelbkk please check out my supernatural contest here. Thanks.

@isaacbanks, thank you for your comment and the story that I added to the list.

Admirable progress! Not only that you've lost weight, but your doing so much good to your overall health by small steps. 😊 You could also write about how you've felt after incorporating all those new habits into your life. E.g. what has been hard if something has been, or your overall feelings. I think many of us would find that interesting!

Thank you @jasmink for your kind comment and for the suggestion of a post I could write.

Sounds great, I've also did some exercise on my weekends @gmichelbkk Keep working hard. and one more thing, I've also voted @jerrybanfield as a witness for a long pass time ago, there's alots great contribution gift by him. :-D

@seifanlj, thank you for commenting and voting for Jerry as a witness.

You are doing great @gmichelbkk. I like the way you are managing the diet and exercise. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad you like it @lovecreativity, thank you for commenting.

Health they say is wealth. It's good to take care of our health and watch what you eat.

Good health report and nice result too.

Currently i have been promoting @jerrybanfield as a witness you may want to check it out here

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