Fitness Challenge - August Report

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Would you like to read my August fitness challenge report, which is my tenth monthly report, because seeing my results after walking and exercising every day for ten months, you may get motivated to do the same?

Fitness Challenge - August Report

I started this personal fitness challenge on the first of November last year, and I have continued each and every month thereafter. I do the best I can to lose weight and I feel much better in my body now than ten months ago, all without too much effort and food restriction.

I use my Samsung smart phone and the Samsung Health app to record and track my fitness progress every day.

I started to write these fitness challenge reports on Steemit in November 2017 and I have published one each month. I document my progress, see at the end of the month my results so I can plan for the next month, and I am also accountable to you and myself.

This challenge consists in doing a 2-kilometer walk and exercising 30 minutes daily (I started with 40 minutes the first six months), I eat healthier and more balanced meals now with less meat, and drink veggie-fruit juices daily.

You may be interested to read my nine previous fitness reports:

That's the first time, at 53 years old that I exercise so consistently and I can say that I feel ten years younger now. I am looking forward to exercising every day.

If you copy what I do, I believe that you will see good results for you too.

Let's see my results for this tenth month.

Fitness Challenge - August Report

I am glad to report that I have walked my daily 2 kilometers this month every day, except for 3 days, two days my excuse was heavy rain all day, and another day I had to do the Visa application for my wife and daughter for our upcoming trip to France, and it took almost all day.

I exercised every day, except for six days, with the same excuses as for walking and also a very busy schedule in August.

I realize that I have missed the same number of days as last month.

Let's see what the app is saying for "Walking."

This is when I started in November 2017 and up to July 2018.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Walking

Fitness Challenge - August - Walking

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Walking

This is for August 2018.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Walking

I walked 28 days in August in 34 sessions, for a total of 58.37 kilometers in 11 hours and 18 minutes.

In July I walked 61.8 kilometers, in June I walked 59.74 kilometers, in May I walked 69.22 kilometers, in April I walked 64.08 kilometers, in March I walked 68.47 kilometers, in February I walked 62.35 kilometers, in January 69.53 kilometers, in December, 66.59 kilometers and in November 62.26 kilometers.

I walked less in August, even if I walked the same number of days as last month.

In 10 months I have walked 642.41 kilometers in total and I am impressed!

Let's have a look at my exercise this August.

These are for the 9 months since November 2017.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Aerobic

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Aerobic

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Aerobic

This is for August 2018.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Aerobic

I missed 6 days of exercising this month, as you can see below and this is to remind me that I should try not to miss days that often.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Aerobic

I still have exercised for 12 hours and 51 minutes in August, which is exactly the same as for July.

I burned 7,272 calories according to the app.

My weight loss results.

Let's see if I successfully lost weight in August even though I missed the same number of days on my fitness commitment, the same as July.

These are for nine months from November 2017.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Weight Loss

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Weight Loss

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Weight Loss

This is for August 2018.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Weight Loss

My minimum weight is exactly the same as last month, 73.4 kilograms. My average weight is also the same as last month, 73.9 kilograms.

The only improvement I made is that my maximum weight is 74.5 kilograms now, when it was 74.8 kilograms last month.

At least I have successfully maintained my weight.

Now, if I look back from where I started in November.

Average weight loss: 80.8 - 73.9 = 6.9 kilograms

Weight loss: 81.4 (max) - 73.4 (min) = 8 kilograms

I am still very pleased with my results and I know I am at a point where it's going to be difficult to get below 73 kilograms. Anyway, my next target for September is 73 kilograms or less.

I had a juice almost every day this August, and this helped me maintain my weight without too much effort. You can do the same, start juicing.

Fitness Challenge - August Report - Weight Loss

Read this post to see how I do it: Green and Orange Juice Recipe!

I hope that this August fitness report is useful for you and I welcome your feedback in the comment section below.

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Michel Gerard


Well done!! The main thing is not to stop. Good luck to you!

Thank you very much @tananda. I appreciate the comment.

Hey you! very great post...
Short but true story:
I have a friend that i know since we were kids, and she was struggling with diets and "fatness medicine" that didn't work. So after almost give up a friend told me about this Tiny Belly Challenge. I start searching for this
and found a pretty good article about this challenge

so i gave my friend this entire program as a gift so she may stop thriving with his weight problems She was looking depress and her birthday was coming so i tried give her something nice and useful. She reached 300 lbs. by consuming “a diet full of bread, pasta and chips,” told people.

After talking and laughing with her for a while I dared her to do this challenge and surprisingly , after three months she turned to intermittent fasting, which helped her shed the last 50 lbs. of the 125 lbs. he lost during the process.

This was very shocking. She look so different now. It's like other person!

I highly recommend you to read that article if you are thriving against obesity!

With love, @oniel

Thank you very much @oniel for your comment and there are certainly many ways to lose weight when you put your mind to it.

Your post had been curated by the @buildawhale team and mentioned here:

Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Thank you so much @nicnas for curating my post.

I fell off the diet wagon last week and gained back a lot of the weight I lost... reading your report gives me motivation to steady myself and keep at it! Thanks for the update

It is easy to let it go and writing these reports helps me because I think of what I am going to tell my readers the next month, that I was too lazy to exercise and indulged myself in too much fat food?

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