Exercising, Drinking Green Smoothies and Juices Paid Off

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As I just had my visit to the doctor today for a follow-up, I decided to talk about health and what was my attitude to it until I decided to change my lifestyle and food habits.

In this post, I do not suggest that you avoid medical treatment for some natural healing, but that doing both can help accelerate recovery.

Exercising, Drinking Green Smoothies and Juices Paid Off!

I am very grateful not to have had any serious illness in my life.

Three to four years ago I had a mild pain in my foot and I went to see a doctor at the hospital. I thought I had hurt my foot while running a bit in the park, but the doctor asked me if I ever had gout. I had never heard about it at the time and he suggested I get my blood tested, which I declined. He gave me then some cream for my foot and some meds for the inflammation and I went home.

That's only a few months later that I had my first gout attack and it was excruciating. It happened at night and I counted the minutes until morning so I could go to the hospital. I just couldn't walk and go down the stairs. I had to sit on the stairs and use my butt to get to the ground floor, one step at a time, and then crawl to the sofa.

If you don't know what gout is look at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gout 

I had never taken good care of my health in terms of exercising and food. I was eating very badly, too much meat, especially chicken and very few vegetables. Gout is the results of eating too much of some sort of food, bad lifestyle and alcohol. I don't drink alcohol, and if I did it could have been worse.

I had then my blood tested and was given a very common treatment, which is Allopurinal and Colchicine for a month. When I returned a month later, the doctor said that my uric acid level was back to normal and that the incident was finished. I was glad, but he also insisted that I continue to take the pill and that it will be for life.

I was shocked and being about 48, I was not ready to accept the fact that I had to take a daily medication for the rest of my life. Before I visit him, I had studied about gout and I wanted to deal with it naturally, so I declined and he was not happy. He said that my metabolism would not allow to have a reasonable uric acid level.

I said, OK, I'm going to manage it with my alimentation and in one month we do another blood test to see how it's going. He gave me the appointment and I didn't go back.

Instead, I ordered some herbal supplements and a device to check my uric acid level at home, so I can follow my progress. When I received the supplements I also started a special diet for 10 days where I lost 6 or 7 kilograms, and I looked good. I was then very careful to balance my meal more and I started to eat much less meat.

I went like that for 3 years having one gout attack a year and each time I had that gout attack it was because I was weaker and given antibiotics to treat something else. I realize now that I should have stopped eating any meat while taking antibiotics, but I was just eating as usual.

Nine months ago I had enough of trying to eat better and still having gout attacks, so I went to see a gout specialist. He ordered blood tests and in addition of the uric acid level being high, I had some issues with my liver and cholesterol. I had quite a few more pills to take now.

If you don't know what a fatty liver is, see this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_liver 

A month later I went back to my initial doctor and decided not to be stubborn anymore and just take the damn pills.

The uric acid went back to normal and I am still taking the pill today.

My liver was tested again for hepatitis A, B and C, which I didn't have. I had an ultrasound and they found that I had a fatty liver. A disease that is caused by alcoholism, and again I do not drink. I was prescribed 2 more pills to take daily and advised not to eat fat and exercise.

That's what motivated me to start exercising daily as you can see in my posts here:

And also to drink fruit smoothies:

But what really made a difference this past month is this:

Starting to consume vegetable juices with some fruits in them and the weight loss smoothies really made a difference and I felt it in my body. Before I go for the follow-up today, I was sure it was going to help, and when the results came back, the doctor said that everything for the liver is back to normal. He was a bit surprised as 2 months ago there was no real progress. The fatty liver is gone now and we dropped one pill.

This is really motivating to see that my efforts have paid off and now I intend to continue what I'm doing with exercising, the smoothies and juicing. I may even go a bit deeper into juicing because it is working.

I also intend to continue to take the pills my doctor is giving me and let him decide when it's time to reduce the dosage or stop them after receiving the results of future blood tests.

I was seeing my doctor as my enemy before and I see him as a partner in health now.

I was scared of the needle for my blood test and I am not anymore. 

I didn't like exercising and now I do.

Green smoothies and juices were disgusting and they are becoming now more and more tasty.

In conclusion to this post, I see now that there are many possibilities to heal your body with a change of lifestyle and food, and that this complement a medical treatment and accelerate recovery. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it will encourage you to seek better health with exercise and that you will be keen to try green juices and smoothies. Also, I hope you will not be stubborn as I was with your doctor.

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Michel Gerard



I too use green tea, green juices for health. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I am glad that you like it.

Thanks for reminding ..
Today's sedentary life style is the main culprit.We prefer processed food over organic.
I had lot of issues because of my diet and my routine but now i change diet by quitting junk, adding coloured veggies and fruits , i start walking and jogging
and results are awesome.

Green smoothie means health. I always use to drink green juice, tea, green veges.

I can relate to this, I am hoping to put out soon some info of my own related to this topic. This is such an eye opener for most people, and many do not have eyes to see regarding how possible it is to eat right, live right drink right and heal your body! Great post. More like it would be awesome!

Thank you ver much @jaredzimmerman for your nice comment. This is something that should be taught in school at the youngest age as children can be positively influenced when knowing how to eat right.

Oh without a doubt I fully agree it amazes me how they neglect one of the most important subjects considering everything we eat either has a negative or positive effect on our bodies and our health. I think the agenda being pushed is an unhealthy agenda that seems to make the maximum amount of money without the focus on personal health.

Yes, the health industry is the beneficiary of all this.

"I see now that there are many possibilities to heal your body with a change of lifestyle and food" you are right buddy a lot of doctors say that our illnesses or most of these illnesses are due to our food. so it changing life style and relaying on healthy food will for sure make us as healthy as possible thanks for this post @gmichelbkk

Thank you very much @yassinof and I'm glad you like my post.

You are bascily made from what you eat.

Big ups on your work brother, well deserved. Can imagine it must have been tough as hell starting out, but then again, nothing worth having comes easy 🙏🏼

Never underestimate the greens! 💯

Thank you @williamwest for your comment. It's all in the motivation.

Hi gmichelbkk! I found your post very inspiring. I was lucky enough to have a college teacher a few years ago introduce me to the green smoothie concept and it may well have saved my life.

If you like, take a look below for my SUPER SIMPLE recipie for the green drink that i like to have once a day. I've been drinking and making it for years now and wish I could encourage everybody whos able to have one a day as well.


To anybody who reads gmichelbkk's article, you really should consider having a green smoothie a day. Look what its done for him!

Cheers to your health and hope its only up from here for you!

Thank you very much @kleric-lod for your comment and sharing your post here, which I will read. Going to my visit and have the confirmation in the blood test results is what showed me that it is working and encourages me to continue.

I look forward to reading about your positive results!

I started having minor health issues 3 years after moving to the US.
I've always been a meat eater and always laughed about vegans.
I tried going vegan for two weeks, just out of curiosity, not with the expectations of healing myself.
Those minor health issues disappeared and my general body health and energy improved dramatically.
I was so impressed that I never went back eating meat.
I''ll soon make a post about the full experience.

Good luck with your health and keep up with the good job. Living a healthy life means living a full life.

Thank you @cryptomma for sharing your experience here. It is difficult to turn bad food habits into good ones and I'll be interested to read your post.

Fascinating read! I went to the wikipedia article to learn all about gout. I definitely don’t want it. Good news is that like you, I am dkinking green smoothies every day.

I wonder how much beer is bad. I drink beer every day, but usually not more than a pinst

Thank you @swissclive for your comment. I believe that the green smoothies are better to prevent gout than beer, but there are many heavy drinkers that will never be affected. I believe it's all in a balanced diet, that everything can be consumed if the minimum of healthy food is present every day in the body.

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