Ladies of Steemit, Volume 7 | Artist Selection


This week, we're showcasing​ five female artists who create in different mediums and showcase a variety of muses in their portfolio. From pen and ink to questioning what "qualifies" as art, each of these women are making a mark on the Steemit visual creatives community.

Each Wednesday, we're curating posts by the Ladies of Steemit, established/whales and new/minnows (and everyone in-between), bringing you the most talented female/femme/feminine voices on the platform. Subject matter is entirely based on the writers featured and no subject is off-limits!

We are very proud to present...


is a champion for all art, and her published articles on Steemit are a mere fragment of her contribution. She curates an art digest, hosts art mix-up contests, and has begun sharing art grants that could help Steemians continue to nurture their craft IRL.


Learn more about Lily in her intro post.

One of her recent exemplary posts:


What is Art and Who Defines It?

Since people first started making it, the debate has raged: what exactly is art and how do we define it?
I interact with art every day: I’m either making it, writing about it, or viewing it. And, because of the communities in which I work, I regularly see powerful expressions of creativity far beyond the walls of a traditional gallery or theatre space.

Read the full post here.


is an unabashed individualist with a strong sense of personal style and a tenured career as a professional artist. She stands for fearless personal expression and works in a variety of mediums AND sizes!


Learn more about Jay in her intro post.

One of her recent exemplary posts:


Through Time and Space - NEW Original Artwork

'Through Time and Space' is a tiny, feature-packed feast of shimmering purples which burst into life when the sun hits them. It looks so different in the sunlight that it's almost unrecognisable! This is one of those artworks where the original is so impossible to replicate that anyone buying it will have a huge advantage over those purchasing prints, as its multi-faceted nature can only truly be appreciated in the flesh...

Read the full post here.


is a devoted portraitist who works wonders with watercolor and markers. Her portfolio contains a diverse collection of Steemian Portraits (hello @ned) and is currently working on a collection of birds.


Learn more about @amalinavia in her intro post.

One of her recent exemplary posts:


Farecrest. Which bird will be next?

I use the watercolor "Nevskaya Palitra": ultramarine, titian, cadmium yellow medium, neutral black, scarlet, white zinc. Paper Palazzo 280g / m2, 70% cotton.

I paint the silhouette of a bird and draw the main parts: head, beak, wing, tail, paws. Now I can go to watercolor.

See the full post here.


has a creative imagination which she channels into unique graphic designs and avatar portraits! She's quite new to Steemit and publishes both in Spansh and English, so be sure to check out her latest work!


Learn more about Vanessa in her intro post.

One of her recent exemplary posts:


🌹🐱 "The Power of your Inner Cat" 🐱🌹 A Cat Muse! 🦋🌸 ♥ ILLUSTRATION ♥

If there is a creature that will always fascinate with is graceful pace, agility, stealth and enigmatic glare, is the Cat. Loved by many, not so appreciated by others, they will always be part of human history as symbol of Elegance, Greatness, Power and even, as happened at Ancient Egypt: Divinity.

Read the full post here.


creates stunning illustrations with pen and ink, working with people, animals, and mystical themology. In her intro, she says, "I think dream worlds are real." and her artwork illustrates that perfectly.


Learn more about Adele in her intro post.

One of her recent exemplary posts:


Drawing by pen on paper 🎨 - Original illustration *Circles Collection

its the second version of my pencil drawing, i added it into my circles collection

i worked on it with pen and marker

See the full post here.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the Ladies of Steemit!

The #LadiesofSteemit curation initiative aims to curate the best female content on the platform and that can come from accounts of any size, age, subject-matter, and engagement level. To females/femmes/feminine voices making an investment in Steemit and its community growth, we salute you.

Our numbers are growing exponentially and we're on a mission to highlight the unique voices emerging every day. Do you have a Lady of Steemit you think deserves a mention?

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Should you feel a person was featured in error, say we have misjudged a man/guy/masculine-identifying individual OR spammer pretending to be a woman, please use your best judgment and alert us politely in the comments or on Discord: @ameliabartlett / @ladiesofsteemit. We will be discreet and delicate in our handling of misprints!

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I'm really honored to be featured along with such wonderful and talented women ♥ ! I never expected such a precious surprise and gift like to be mentioned in a precious project as #LadiesOfSteemit.

Is beautiful to discover such initiative to bring and showcast women in the media, especially in this marvelous place. Once again, I dearly thank you for the chance for both appearing here and getting to know such amazing group ♥ ♥ ♥

Keep being incredible. I'll be looking forward to know more amazing ladies and their works! <3

This is a beautiful group of women with some incredible talent! Thank you for sharing!

I am delighted to have been included in this awesome initiative, and I just LOVE what you wrote about myself and all the other ladies you've featured here! I'm off to check them all out now... Resteemed, Followed and Upvoted <3 Jay xxx

It is so great to see these artists, and more women- being encouraged and supported on the blockchain! Thank you!

These are amazing! I'm on my way to find new artists to follow. I'm really new here, so I love seeing and meeting so many new artists.

Some really awesome ladies there! Thank you so much for showcasing them to us all! I will definitely be checking their blogs out :)


Always grateful when we can send traffic to talented female Steemians. Thank you for continuing to support this project, @beautifulbullies. 💓

I really like the initiative you take. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you @maria-alejandra! We are excited to serve the female community on Steemit and are always looking to connect with more women. Be sure to tag anyone you feel we should be following!

Wonderful initiative! glad to see and learn about such creative ladies on steemit.

I am so honored to be featured alongside these other amazing ladies. So much incredible talent is featured on this platform and you highlight everyone with such grace! Also, I love the banner links at the bottom, so fun!


💓 Thank you for your kind words, Lily!

oh Artist ladies! I'm so honored and very happy to be featured in your interesting and wonderful post , thank you very much :) 💓
and i liked the idea of LADIES of Steemit YES! :)


You're so welcome. The Ladies of Steemit get stronger and badder and broader every day!

This is tremendous! I cannot wait to explore all these artists in greater depth! Thanks so much for this post. I'm very excited.

Thanks to this initiative of *LadiesOfSteemit I knew the blog of @lilyraabe and I was charmed with it, I encouraged to take part in his contest and newly I found out that habia cattle, I am charmed with the way as her colobara and supports the artists.


Yes, Lily is a badass! We've come across so many cool gals through exploring various tags, surfing comments on other ladies' posts, and following each lady author we find!

This is so great! Thanks for sharing with us. I followed you 😊


Thank you! We've followed you back. Be sure to tag any ladies in your network you believe we should follow!

This group is awesome - so happy I stumbled upon this today! Following and looking forward to supporting you awesome ladies here! GIRL POWER! :D


Heck yes, girl power! Thanks for joining us.