Ladies of Steemit | Volume 2 - Making Waves


Welcome to Ladies of Steemit, Volume 2, edition dedicated to the feminine voices making waves in the Steemit community and beyond. The five voices we're featuring this week have recently (and consistently) been posting hard-hitting, thought-provoking pieces on subjects like equality​, social justice movements, sex & sexuality, the gift economy, and motherhood. Prepare to get your socks ROCKED by powerful voices behind the powerful posts on our roster this week.

Each Wednesday, we're curating posts by the Ladies of Steemit, established/whales and new/minnows (and everyone in-between), bringing you the most talented female/femme/feminine voices on the platform. Subject matter is entirely based on the writers featured and no subject is off-limits!

Without further ado, we're proud to bring you the latest from...


is a stand for empowerment, equality, and the betterment of the Steemit community! She's the creator, curate, and brains behind multiple Steemit initiatives: @OCD, @HumansofSteemit, a poster for the all-Steemit Twitter account @planetsteem, and now pursuing the opportunity to be the Community Manager for the Steemit social media accounts. She constantly resteems quality posts from users of all walks and styles and is a positive voice to learn from as you progress in your Steemit journey.

photo courtesy of @ashleykalila

A couple of her recently stellar posts

🦄Transitioning Towards Fulltime Steemian! Challenges I Am Being Faced With And How I Deal With Them🦄

Here’s to the Universe testing my limits to see if I really want this.
Here’s to staying in abundance and in love.
Here’s to me becoming a fulltime Steemian.

read the full post here

photo from Jessie J's official Twitter

👑Women! We Have A New Anthem To Sing! Queen By Jessie J👑

Jessie, a million thank you’s for bringing this heart-song into the world.
You are a goddess!
Deeply grateful that you see through the fake veil that our world is cloaked in.
Beautiful women of the world, I present to you Queen by Jessie J.
Our new anthem.
And girl, love yourself just how you are!
You are a goddess!

read the full post and get empowered as hell right here



is an abundant source of vulnerability and inspiration. Her poetry speaks to the depths of the soul, no matter where you stand in life. She posts almost every day, often multiple times per day. As a person who suffers from Lyme Disease, she is dedicated to transforming the community of sufferers and survivors through her education writing on Steemit and


photo courtesy of @lymepoet

A couple of her recent stellar posts:


Have you ever been looked down at because you were "just" a mom or housewife? Have you had all credentials, years of experience within a field or another (that includes motherhood itself) wiped out within seconds by a condescending, discriminatory or sexist remark?

read the full post here.

image source: pixabay


visit her post via the link above to read the full poem



is a writer who is unafraid of topics our society has deemed "taboo" and is a VOICE against subject-censorship. She writes passionately and objectively about our culture's modern struggles with sex & sexuality. She's active in the #WomenSpeakOut tag and continues to share quality posts from a 'writer's' perspective.

photo courtesy of @isabellelauren

A couple of her recently stellar posts:

Sex is normal - so why do we shield our teens from it?

You can see evidence of this in the rating of movies. Any movies with (partial) nudity or a more than vague reference to sex automatically receives a higher age rating. Flash some boobs and you find yourself in 18+ or R territory. But by the same token, having people shoot each other up is fine. My children have watched 12 rated movies with more violence than I think is good for them. But I can at least rest assured that they won't see any scenes of two people loving each other. Same with games: a game where you can have sex with a prostitute was shot down as too mature for children, but no one objected to the killing of said prostitute.

read the full post here

image courtesy of @isabellelauren

Education is the key to ensuring Time is really Up

To really change the world and break down the patriarchy, men will need better education. And what better place to start than when they are young? I am not sure that adult men can really completely change anymore. Which is why I am quite pessimistic about the TimesUp movement. But I do believe that we can raise a generation of sensitive men who will NOT feel entitled to women's bodies, time and attention. Teaching boys to listen to their feelings, express their feelings, and be conscious of other people's feelings will teach them not to feel entitled.

read the full post here



is a female leader in the Steemit world, championing #TeamGirlPowa and #SteemSugars, pioneering the #LGBT Steemit Community and even planning what we're seeing as the most looked-forward-to Steemit Girls' Retreat! Her vulnerability​ in sharing her journey to sexual understanding and confidence inspires hundreds (maybe even thousands who haven't had the chance to comment) and her dedication to growing the female population and representation on Steemit is un-missable.

Her latest post is a must-read:

My Struggle with Sex & Sexuality #womenspeakout by lima no.2

We won't spoil it for you but with this special preview:

I have drawn myself.
As I am.
Reading a Book.
Yes, I'm cuddly sized so x out now if you dont wanna see me in all my artistic cuddlyness.


cue happy waterworks from the LadiesofSteemit - You are so loved & appreciated @limabeing


You may already be well-acquainted with her, but we had to

@StellaBelle AKA Wolf of Steem AKA Steemit Goddess of Good Tidings

okay, we made that last one up

StellaBelle is a stand for the decentralized, peer-to-peer positive & generous utopia we blockchain babies dream of. She's ever-giving of her time, her skills, her influence, and her heart. She's the creator and curator of Steemit initiatives, including but not limited to ​@slothicorn, @planetsteem, and her own personal philanthropic/delegation of massive quantities of SP. Between her efforts to nurture and expand the Steemit blockchain and its many facets, she publishes honest thought-provoking shares on her life experience and her hopes for the future.

Her latest video has us cracking up AND contemplating:

Massive Update From Stellabelle: My First DTube Video! Winners of SP Delegations! New Projects!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 4.28.24 PM.png
screenshot from @stellabelle's @dtube video

In her latest video (and her first!), @stellabelle breaks down for her audience the Gift Economy in her explanation of delegating a large quantity of SP to a fellow Steemian @steem4depoor. Being inspired by his impact and investment in his community's residents living in poverty, she makes an example of him having The Abundance Gene. This concept, which StellaBelle briefly describes as giving as though you have no limits, which then creates more giving by the individuals RECEIVING your gift, perpetuates the Gift Economy.

Steemit is essentially a gift economy, by utilizing your curation power and support to boost other users and empower them to boost others, thereby elevating the whole community.

These are big conversations and to see a MAJOR Steemian (we are reluctant to call women whales because that's rude anywhere else in the world) not just talking about them but DOING SOMETHING about them is what we want to see on this platform. @StellaBelle is a powerful feminine force and is using that force to create improvement in the lives of others.

watch the full video here


Thank you for joining us in celebrating the Ladies of Steemit!

This week saw features from a few more experienced/tenured Steemit accounts. The #LadiesofSteemit curation initiative aims to curate the best female content on the platform and that can come from accounts of any size, age, subject-matter, and engagement level. To females/femmes/feminine voices making an investment in Steemit and its community growth, we salute you.

Our numbers are growing exponentially and we're on a mission to highlight the unique voices emerging every day. Do you have a Lady of Steemit you think deserves a mention?

Nominate your gals for the Ladies of Steemit curation!

Upvote this post and drop a link to an​ exemplary post by a feminine voice in the comments below. We are delighted to review and consider each entry. We primarily follow EVERY. SINGLE. LADY. we come across on Steemit and resteem as many quality posts as we can each week. Use the tag #LadiesofSteemit on your posts you'd like considered fo a ​ feature or that you feel would benefit the female community of Steemit.

You can also find more Ladies of Steemit hanging out in #SteemSugars and #TeamGirlPowa !

Disclaimer: There are no gender police here. If you in any way identify with some semblance​ of your own meaning of femininity, you're qualified! We by no means intend to exclude, alienate, or discourage the participation of men, but are committed to the Ladies of Steemit as our sole focus at this time!

Should you feel a person was featured in error, say we have misjudged a man/guy/masculine-identifying individual OR spammer pretending to be a woman, please use your best judgment​ and alert us politely in the comments or on Discord: @ameliabartlett / @ladiesofsteemit. We will be discreet and delicate in our handling of misprints!

See you next Wednesday!

Proud member of



Ladies of Steemit was created by and is curated by @ameliabartlett.


Not a single lady I don't follow. It's like I made this list. Each and every one is awesome. <3

Looks like you've got good taste! Nice to make your acquaintance​ and follow you as well. If you know of some badass ladies you'd like to nominate, tag them here. We're hoping to scour the Steemit Universe and find any and all ladies who want to hang. 😁

Oh of course! Let me think...

I am more than sure that you know a few of these and I forgot many.

More than a few new faces for us! Thanks a ton!

Oh, I have some great nominations this week too! @tamacvet She's like our Balkan fairy godmother. She sheds light on new authors that come on Steemit from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and other places. And @katarinazaja, one to watch, a Croatian Journalist living and working in Portugal. She loves traveling and it shows in her writing.

Fabulous suggestions! Heading over to follow them now and add them to the curation pool. Thank you for your support of this brand new initiative!

I was over the moon when you told me you followed me because I believe so much in having a village and I believe there is nothing out there like women supporting other women. The bloggers you suggest are great! And as I believe in quality content and engaging in honest discussions, not just blind upvoting and other ways this platform is being exploited for profit, I'm always in search for new ones to follow. I cherish my girlfriends and friends and that kind of sisterhood is what I see in this initiative. So much love and support here already!

@big.mama!! Woow ❤️ Thank you for mentioning me in this post! I am really surprised and so honoured , thank you! 😊 I didn't see this account before so thank you for that too hh :)This is really great idea and I support totally! I am a bit of feminist, just a bit 🙊so I just found out that this is going to be my most visited site. Thank you @ladiesofsteemit for following me, I am giving the follow back 😊 Looking forward to read more about your project and yes, WOMEN are awesome ❤️ Thank you girls! ❤️

Omg !!!!!!! Why do i feel like i won a grammy?!?!? So. Honored. To be along side these other amazing women with my crazy cuddly nude self hehehehh . You just validated me for days, girl. Nay!!! Weeks!!!!!

As for the retreat... from your mouth into the universal energy!!!


You deserve every bit! Keep sharing yourself no matter the turnout or recognition. The less people engage is often indicating how much harder it is for them to do so. We feel you, we appreciate you.

Yessss cannot wait to check out these awesome women, thank you for sharing!

Love it! Thank you so much for share, need more empowered girls.

Regards from Venezuela

Hi @Ladiesofseemit I'm only a few weeks old in steemit years :P But I think I have a unique and interesting voice on a subject that many of your readers may be interested it. I'd be delighted if you took a look at my posts so far and let me know what you think. I'm an Australian escort and I've been in the industry for many years. I'm hoping that I can spread the word about the positive aspects of Sex Work!

I'm an Escort/Hooker/Sex Worker/Prostitute/Lady of the Night/Call Girl and I Love it!

Get a real job you slut! You’re a money hungry whore!

It costs HOW MUCH to fuck you!?!

Hi @missvee, thanks for making yourself known here! We're happy to follow your profile and keep an eye on your work for future curation. Your posts are well-written and very insightful from a unique (to us) perspective! Excited to learn more about your experience.

Thanks so much for the welcome. I’m looking forward to being more involved in steemit and this rad group of women!

I LOVE the idea behind this & it helps people who are knew to this site (I.E. me being one of them) find new & talented people to follow cause I am now going to follow every lady in this post!

Happy to have you hear @cailliyork! We feature new Ladies of Steemit as well, so we'll keep an eye on your work for future curation!

Fabulous stuff! Bravo. :D

I am really honoured to be included with these wonderful women. It sometimes feels like a lost cause, fighting against the patriarchy, so getting some recognition is really motivating.

We fight for lost causes because we know that our defeat and dismay may be the preface to our successors' victory, though that victory itself will be temporary; we fight rather to keep something alive than in the expectation that anything will triumph.
T. S. Eliot

How I feel about fighting for equality. If not my victory, maybe my daughters'. Or theirs.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

I really love this initiative!

And wonderful ladies you have chosen!

I will have a little think about other women I can nom!

A thousand digital kisses!

💓 An honor to have a role model like yourself in our midst! Looking forward to your nominations - always scouting for new gals to get to know.

YEAH! This is great stuff, my list of 'to read' gets longer and longer! I'm supporting this project <3

Thank you for your continued support @soyrosa 😍

YES! You've got a good eye — many of these posts have been favourites of mine this week. Still stoked on discovering Jesse J's Queen thanks to @AshleyKalila. Huge gratitude for shining the spotlight on fabulous women adding their voices to the sea of Steemit!

I love both @ashleykalila and also jessie j . Its a win-win

Many thanks @katrina-ariel! That new Jessie J song is 🔥🔥🔥 and so is @ashleykalila. Even in this first couple weeks of running the initiative, it's astounding the diverse representation of tastes, styles, voices, and personalities on this still relatively new platform. There's a strong feminine force here and we're not going anywhere!

I am amazed that after so many months on and with steemit from top to toe, I still didn’t get to know so many of those you mentioned. Nice to meet you “ALL”.

Happy that we could bring you some new faces! This was a 'whale' of a volume with many experience Steemit ladies but there's room for everyone - new and established - with the hopes of bringing new audiences to THEIR important work.

Thanks! I am looking those up I didn’t know yet and thank you for this article. I am not sure what you mean with

this was a “whale” of a volumn”.

More of a euphemism because most of the Steemians featured here were either big minnows or big whales!

Got ya!
Loving to jump in the sun rays meanwhile :)


This is amazing! All for girl power!

@molovelly is my favorite lady of STEEMIT. I like all the gals. Others I think of are @battleaxe, @topkpop, @shadowspub, @kittygirl, @stace (Veteran), @niche, so many more.

Thanks for this list! I'm heading over now to check out @lymepoet! Maybe she'd like to join all of us in the poetry pond at the Isle of Write. ✍️

So happy I stumbled across your page!! Steemit Girl Tribe!!!

Awesomeness. Genuine content made by exceptional women. I look forward to reading and following.

what a great initiative! when we grow up we want to become ladies of steemit, Too! Upvoted and Followed

I love this so much! Always good stuff to find and I love that females are given a voice. Thanks guys, will keep an eye out for your info and updates!

Thank you @moonsoleil - for your continued support and for staying in touch. 😁

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