Ladies of Steemit, Volume 4 | All You Need is Love

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Ladies of Steemit | All You Need is Love

This week, we're celebrating Valentine's Day with five Ladies of Love, sharing in their own words how they're experiencing, enjoying, and emanating love in their lives. While this day carries a variety of meanings, some positive and some not-so-much, we'd like to spend our curation celebrating Love the way the Ladies of Steemit see it.

Each Wednesday, we're curating posts by the Ladies of Steemit, established/whales and new/minnows (and everyone in-between), bringing you the most talented female/femme/feminine voices on the platform. Subject matter is entirely based on the writers featured and no subject is off-limits!

We are very proud to present...

Unafraid, a Love Poem

by @authorofthings


Poem excerpt:

It is only melting away
And into
Deep, deep, deep

Your wings
Folded into mine,
A perfect fit

We will fly
High but slow
As if in deep sleep

Read the full post here.



is a storyteller through and through. She regularly participates in writing contests on Steemit, is an active member of the #IsleofWrite community, and shares herself generously in the rawest form.

Learn more about @authorofthings in her introduction post.



by @beautifulbullies


Post excerpt:

I want to introduce to you the loves of my life, My one and only Hubster, our son and our pooches :)

Firstly, meet the Hubster :) We have been together for 15 years! But we actually met when we were children, so we were childhood crushes too :)

Get to know the loves of her life and read the full post!


is a self-proclaimed English bulldog enthusiast (And dedicated fur-momma), landscape photographer, and dedicated member of the #SteemSugars community. She regularly supports the work of women across Steemit and is a bright spot of sunshine in every space she enters!

Learn more about @beautifulbullies in her intro post.


Dark Chocolate Truffles~ * Vegan, Herbal Aphrodesiac Infused ~ a little fun this Valentine's Day;)

by @laurenbrindock


recipe excerpt:

2 bags vegan dark chocolate chips
1 can organic unsweetened coconut milk
1/2 cup unsweetened dried and grated coconut
1/2 cup roasted and salted macadamia nuts (chopped fine)
1/2 cup total volume of organic dried herbs of choice~ I chose a mild aphrodisiac tonic bend of damiana, shatavari and lavender

Get the full recipe and make your own for a delicious + festive aphrodisiac​ treat!


gets just as creative with food and herbs as she does with her posts! She posts beautiful photos, is an avid traveler, and is making a big splash being so new on Steemit.


Learn more about @laurenbrindock in her intro post.


「Valentine Special」Paris, je t'aime. (travel tips compilation for la ville d'amour)

by @joytheawanderer


Post excerpt, note that this is a compilation of more posts by @joythewanderer

Happy Valentine's Day, every one! Today I'd like to make a compilation for Paris, in order to share my travel tips for this magical city of love.


Musée des Arts Forains

Musée des Arts Forains (fairground art museum) is a private museum located in an old wine warehouse, Les Pavillons de Bercy. It's such a beautiful place with a large collection of carousel of the best old days. You can find the same bike carousel as in the movie "Midnight in Paris". The scene was shot here. The location can be rented for private events as well.
Reservation for a guided tour is needed, the tour was great!

Read the full post here.



is a relentless traveler and a veteran Steemian. She's been to Asia, Europe, South America... and who knows where else! Her posts are rich with photos and her life is rich with adventure.

Learn more about @joythewanderer in her intro post.


Yet another Love post - Ladies of Steemit + Steemsugars together on Valentine's Day!

by @meanmommy33


Post excerpt:

To be totally honest...Love is still a mystery to me.
A mystery that I have to deal with every single day...
Therefore, I decided to write a poem, with Amelia inspiring me about this post, dedicated to my Mystery Valentine this year - and love, in general! ENJOYYYYY

Read the whole post (which includes a beautiful poem) here.



is a very busy, impactful Lady of Steemit! Just a few of her activities: @copensteem Organizer [Steemit in Denmark], @steemsugars Creator [Women on Steemit], Italian @ocd Curator, @sndbox member, as well as being a dedicated photographer. Her work with @SteemSugars inspired the Ladies of Steemit initiative.

Learn more about @meanmommy33 in her intro post.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the Ladies of Steemit!

The #LadiesofSteemit curation initiative aims to curate the best female content on the platform and that can come from accounts of any size, age, subject-matter, and engagement level. To females/femmes/feminine voices making an investment in Steemit and its community growth, we salute you.

Our numbers are growing exponentially and we're on a mission to highlight the unique voices emerging every day. Do you have a Lady of Steemit you think deserves a mention?

Nominate your gals for the Ladies of Steemit curation!

Upvote this post and drop a link to an​ exemplary post by a feminine voice in the comments below. We are delighted to review and consider each entry. We primarily follow EVERY. SINGLE. LADY. we come across on Steemit and resteem as many quality posts as we can each week. Use the tag #LadiesofSteemit on your posts you'd like considered fo a ​ feature or that you feel would benefit the female community of Steemit.

You can also find more Ladies of Steemit hanging out in #SteemSugars and #TeamGirlPowa !

Disclaimer: There are no gender police here. If you in any way identify with some semblance​ of your own meaning of femininity, you're qualified! We by no means intend to exclude, alienate, or discourage the participation of men, but are committed to the Ladies of Steemit as our sole focus at this time!

Should you feel a person was featured in error, say we have misjudged a man/guy/masculine-identifying individual OR spammer pretending to be a woman, please use your best judgment​ and alert us politely in the comments or on Discord: @ameliabartlett / @ladiesofsteemit. We will be discreet and delicate in our handling of misprints!

See you next Wednesday!


Proud member of



Ladies of Steemit was created by and is curated by @ameliabartlett.

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Yes! @ladiesofsteemit ! So good to see the Ladies powering up! Boom!


Resteemit and upvote done


Thank you!

Excellent post. Now following those I wasn't already following.

I love it! Love that you're supporting the ladies of steemit :) I definitely want to participate and support the women of steemit as well.

  • definitely following!*


I don't know if it's the type of post you're interested in, but I wrote a post that means a lot to me about my name/changing my name {What's In a Name](


Thank you for sharing @byn! Each week, we curate on Wednesdays and choose posts that are published between Mon-Wed of that same week (so the posts remain in the payout period for most of the duration of the post's life). I'll definitely check your post out for a resteem this week, but I'd love to get your input on how it might be beneficial to hold open post curation calls before we publish!


I'm new enough that I'm not even sure how that would work (I don't know what 'open post curation calls' actually means sorry, I'm a dunce with some of these things! Blogging, I get. Chat, I'm lost. Steemit-specific language sometimes throws me for a huge loop!)

I'm happy to support whatever you do. It is an awesome initiative :)

I also celebrate this day .It was very special for me.i have fun with my friend whole day.I am glad to to see your post.Cause you have include many historical event of love from human bing

Awesome women :D

Hi @ladiesofsteemit today your post best


Thanks for your support!

Awww such a lovely write up! Thank you so much for featuring my post! :) I am feeling the love ladies <3 <3 <3


Happy to have seen your post and been able to share in the celebration of your loves. 💓

So. much.


😂 This is so funny. Thank you @traciyork! Be sure to nominate the Ladies of Steemit in your circles so we can follow them as well!


You're very welcome, @ladiesofsteemit, and will do!

@ladiesofsteemit Good job here. You write well. I'm in tune with your words selection.

Wow, you have really done well. Happy Val to everyone.


Thank you @seyodius - especially for your nominations and sharing with me earlier today. Your support helps Ladies of Steemit grow!

Aw, another great post featuring some really outstanding ladies!


Thanks lady! I appreciate your keeping up with this initiative. 🎈

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Great work @ladiesofsteemit!

I. Love. Ladies of Steemit!!! Another fabulous collection. I'm going to enjoy reading up on these women! Thanks so much for putting this together. :)

Love love love. Free hugs for everyone!


Thank you!! You have been a supporter from the very beginning, I so appreciate you continuing to come through and check out what we're up to. 💓

Much Love for you:-)


So, so much gratitude for your generous support @kerlund74. 💓

I love love love that you do these posts! It always give me so much inspo and new great people to follow! <3


Thank you Tayler! I'm glad you found your way to Steemit, I think you'll love it here. As you discover women, be sure to nominate them here so we can follow them as well.


will do, thank you!!

I love these posts it! It helps me find more wonderful woman to follow! :)


Wonderful @cailliyork. Thanks for keeping up with us, and be sure to nominate any Ladies of Steemit in your life!

How sweet was this!? Thank you so much for featuring me and my truffle recipe in this volume~ Love and cheers to all!!!


You're so welcome! Keep up the great posting. Be sure to share any Ladies of Steemit you think we should have on our radar!

Thanks for mentioning me, that was sooooo sweet, sorry I just got to see it now.