Ladies of Steemit, Volume 11 | A Humble Homestead


If you've been on Steemit any length of time, you know the #homesteading community is strong. Thousands of authors publish daily from their land, sharing recipes, building experience, DIY projects, farm progress, new baby animals joining their flock (okay, that's our favorite!) - and many of those authors are women!

After reading this article about the female homesteaders who settled the West, we were even more inspired to showcase some of the talented female voices sharing their homesteading knowledge on Steemit.

Without further ado...


is such an avid publisher on Steemit, that we can't believe she has so much time to homestead! Her articles are consistently educational, entertaining, beautifully formatted, and full of gorgeous photos. We have learned so much from her articles and admire all the hard work she endeavors to create a life she loves.

Though we couldn't find her intro post, you can learn more about @walkerland in her post Middle Aged Womanly Reflections.


One of her recent exemplary posts:


How to Harvest, Dry & Store Rose Hips (for tea, culinary and medicinal uses)

by @walkerland

A lot of people don't think about roses as a food source but around here, they are an important part of our perennial food landscape. We use both the petals and the hips for culinary, health, soap and skincare recipes.

Through the summer we will collect and dry rose petals. When autumn arrives the rose hips on our rose bushes start turning from green to a delicious ripe red. The early morning after the first frost we head out with our pails to collect the rose hips to make jams, jellies, syrup, wine and tea. There is a small window of time to collect the rose hips in their prime.

Read the full post and make the most of the roses in your neck of the woods!


is a dedicated and driven staple of the Steemit community, going beyond her love and lifestyle of homesteading to help newer Steemians with inspiration and guidance. Her tales of adventure and deeply personal reflections are so relateable, and the land she tends is a wonderland.

Learn more about @mountainjewel and how she is encountering her instinctual self.


Once of her recent exemplary posts:


Plants the Native Americans Used: Hoary Puccoon (Lithospermum canescens)

by @mountainjewel

The hoary puccoon is so named because the root has a red dye. It is also called Hoary gromwell, orange puccoon and indian paint.

I discovered this bright beauty last spring as I was walking on our Western cliff edge. Of course, any colorful flowers catch my eye as I am scanning the ground for mushrooms, arrowheads, tracks, plants, neat rocks and flowers.

Read the full post and get to know this ancient plant.


is a homesteader with a dedication to reducing waste in her life AND yours! Her product spotlight series showcases natural alternatives to the (sometimes surprisingly!) harmful daily items we put in and on our bodies. She also happens to be a pretty stellar photographer!

Learn more about @kiaranantonoviche in her introduction + goals post.


One of her recent exemplary posts:


Product Spotlight Series #21 - Organic Hemp Oil Shampoo Bar

by @kiaraantonoviche

Not only am I dedicated to finding healthier and plastic-free alternatives to our everyday hygiene products, but I’m also invested in finding the cheapest products out there! So while I already showcased Oil&Ash Soapand a Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar, I just found a much cheaper option - an Organic Hemp Oil Shampoo Bar from SummerLandScrubs in Buffalo, WI!

Learn more about the importance of knowing what's in your shampoo and this cool alternative!

In addition to Kiara's wide-range of homesteading-focused articles, she curates a Weekly Homesteading Newsletter.


Click the image to read her latest dispatch!


is spiritual gangster and earth warrior, with passion for the planet and her daughter's future dripping from her every word. Her herbal apothecary is the stuff of dreams, and her educational posts about the herbs and elements of her natural oasis are full of valuable, applicable information.

Learn more about @earthmother in her introductory post.


One of her recent exemplary posts:


My Apothecary - Chaga

by @earthmother

I usually harvest Chaga in the colder months, as I feel it contains more of the medicinal properties. I drink the tea often, it has a very earthy smell and taste. I know people that add it to their coffee.

When using it, crush/break the dried mushroom into smaller pieces. Some grind it, but I only do that if I am putting it into capsules. It is my experience that a spoonful of chaga can be used up to 6 times as a tea. I believe that it gets stronger each time it is used. My chickens love the left overs :)

Read the full article and learn more about this glorious + nutritious fungi.


is a full-time homesteader making zero fuss about her journey. Simply reading the introduction to her land is inspiring - her whole property built by her and her partner, their "can do, make do" attitude about each decision, and how she found health in growing her own food. She's an inspiration, and she's just getting started on Steemit!

Learn more about @goldenoakfarm and her long history of cultivating her incredible homestead in her introduction post.


One of her recent exemplary posts:


Making Celery Salt

by @goldenoakfarm

We use a lot of celery salt in our cooking for several reasons. The first is that neither my son nor my husband likes celery as a vegetable. I love it and the only way I can get the flavor into foods is by using celery salt. They don’t mind that.

The second reason is it brings the taste umami to whatever we cook, enhancing the flavors.

The third reason is I am supposed to eat a lot of salt and this is a nice way to encourage that. Altogether we use about a ½ gallon jar of it a year.

Learn more about making celery salt and considering trying for yourself.

Can't get enough Homesteading?

@the-hearth curates a weekly homesteading newsletter as well, frequently featuring the vast array of talented female (and male!) homesteaders on Steemit. Click the image to see their latest dispatch!


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WOW! How have I not come across this until now?!?! Wonderful blog, great Ladies!
Following , resteeming and upvoting! I am so grateful to be included in such a great community of women that are holding space for Mother Earth!


Hey! You are famous! :p This is so cool! You are being noticed my friend. Good for you xx


Haha famous! Lol i am just so glad there are people that care about mother earth like we do. Living a better life. Doing their part! Xoxo


I wrote a comment on this post saying thank you for sharing the people out there for us to meet. I think its wonderful that so many people are doing it and that we can greet them and say thank you for what you do. Working on meeting those people right now :)


Happy to have both of you lovely people here with us. 💓


Hey you!! Super happy to see you featured here!!!
Those smiling faces made my morning! Hugs


Have an amazing day beautiful Lady!!!

FABULOUS collection of homesteading and gardening ladies in this edition!!!


We have an AMAZING homesteading + gardening community here on Steemit. I hope I can join in on my personal account soon. ☺️

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for adding me! I don't know how I haven't seen this before or followed yet but I am following you now! Great picks as well, I believe I am already following all of these lovely ladies!


Happy to have you hear! You're a staple in our view of the homestead community. 💓

This is a great post. I was brought here by seeing the tag of my dear friend @earthmother. And I am glad that I came to check it out. So many people I can meet with that have so much to offer and share their wisdom. And for that I thank you for supporting them and sharing them for everyone to meet.

This is great. I'll check out some of those posters.

Coincidentally I was just going to highlight @goldenoakfarm ! Her posts are terrific, very interesting and I learn something in every one of them. She also has good stories and photos.


Happy to have you here, @gardenlady! Thank you for resteeming and for being a pillar of the Steemit gardening community. Great to meet you!


I second this as well! I really enjoy @goldenoakfarm!

Beautiful post! I follow many of these wonderful ladies, very powerful, influential, forward thinking individuals! I see you have added a few I don't know about! Will be checking them out now! Thank you!

Awwwwesome! Love to see these ladies so dear to my heart in this feature!! Thanks as always dear for showing up on Steemit so brilliantly and tying so many of us together. HONORED 😘💯🌹& Resteemed! (And you know where else I’ll be resteeming this!)


Also @llfarms curates a homesteading post through @helpie! See this week’s here. @mntmeadowmama & @thegiftofself are two more awesome homesteading ladies of steemit featured within! 💜🐝🍃


I second your suggestions!


Yay! I LOVE recommendations. Checking out each of these fabulous authors. And, thank you for resteeming. ☺️

Thank you so much for your kind words. It's really nice to be the recipient of such warmth and kindness. It is such an honour to be listed amongst all of these amazing women, all of which I admire deeply.

What a beautiful testament to the fierce feminine nature emanating through all of these women. Fantastic post & resteemed @the-hearth, @mountainjewel’s earth-centered curation page. And thanks for the mention!! 💚🌿

A lot of girl POWER in this post, great content creators!! :)

There are so many great stories about women homesteaders. I did research on them for a history paper, and there are tons of gems! I look forward to following and learning from the more modern women you highlight in this post. 😄

This was a great group of homesteading ladies!!

Thanks for recognizing the homesteaders!


You bet! 🌱💓

Wonderful curation post with so much goodness! The flowers! The soaps! The fungus, chaga, of which I had never heard! Great job collecting these gems! Thank you, also, for the shoutout! 😊

One of my favourite communities on Steemit. Even though I'm just a bystander and not a participant. I love @mountainjewel and their posts.

Thank you for including me in this collection. I am among some pretty impressive company! I've been following most of them for a while now, and they put out amazing posts!

Yes, include me in how come this is the first time reading about these women homesteaders? Is this new? Regardless it is great to read about the lives of other homesteaders here on steemit that happen to be women. Great bunch of gals picked for this week. Will go back and read each story. Thank you all and congratulations to the women of the week. 🐓🐓

love your post!

this is another great post showcasing all these awesome women, really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this @ameliabartlett.

I have to comment once again, thank you SO much for these links! I didn't get through all of them yesterday, other than to throw some upvotes their way, but today I am finding things and new posts that I so needed to see today. Thank you.


So glad you could get connected with an inspiring crowd! I can't wait to see how your homesteading journey evolves.


Thanks! We're currently in the dreaming stage, but SO ready for it. We spent a couple of years living on a bus traveling with our kids 15+ years ago, then almost 2 years on a sailboat in the Caribbean and now we're dreaming of homesteading in the mountains of Colorado.

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I'm so glad I saw this post told by my friend @roselifecoach.
I've always love gardening, especially the edible kind. A lot of trial and error learning from the internet. Hope can learn more from you ladies!


Great job! Your post was featured in this week's @the-hearth curation digest featuring stunning earth-centered content on the blockchain.

So glad to come across this post showcasing amazing women doing amazing things!! Thanks for sharing the love for mother earth, and for those in stewardship of it!

This is amazing!! I am going to have to catch up on all of this awesome content. I love this so much! Yes #ladiesofsteemit!

We're looking forward to (and working towards) homesteading and I just went and followed all of these! Thank you!