Ladies of Steemit, Volume 8 | Women in the Kitchen


All jokes aside, never mess with a woman in the kitchen.

The five foodies we're featuring today create not only delicious recipes, but equally delectable posts! Reading their blogs is like a digital food magazine, with stunning styled photos, a rainbow of hues, and the instantaneous craving for a homemade treat.

Do you have a favorite foodie on Steemit?

Get to know each of these talented ladies and hopefully find a few new favorite recipes in the process!

Each Wednesday, we're curating posts by the Ladies of Steemit, established/whales and new/minnows (and everyone in-between), bringing you the most talented female/femme/feminine voices on the platform. Subject matter is entirely based on the writers featured and no subject is off-limits!

We are very proud to present...


is the matriarch of a vegan family, sharing the reality of raising a vegan baby and celebrating every delicious moment. While her recipe collection displays a generous slant toward delicious desserts, everything looks so healthy, it makes us wish we could eat cake every day!

Learn more about Niina in her introduction post.


One of her recently exemplary posts:


3 ingredient PANCAKES! Vegan, gluten free & sugar free recipe!

These are gluten free if you use gluten free oats, and absolutely sugar free!
To make pancakes delicious all you need is great toppings, my favourite toppings at the moment are roasted nuts and melted chocolate, and fruits/berries! Try out different toppings to find out how you enjoy your pancakes the most!

Read the delectable recipe and try for yourself!


is on a quest for a most natural life! Her passion for organic, healthy, and whole foods has led her to create stunningly easy recipes for every foods: soups, snacks, and even pizza! One recipe we're dying to try? Her luscious chocolate mousse.

Learn more about Babett in her introduction post.


One of her recent exemplary recipes:


The Most Quick Healthy Home-Made Chips 😋🍿 🍠

Today I have for you delicious chips from sweet potato. Maybe it is not unusual, but it's a great snack! And for sure it's better than most of the chips in super market. Long time I didn't ate chips, and I remember that I really loved them. I ate my first chips from sweet potato when I've visited my sister in Germany. They were so delicious, so I wanted to recreate the taste of them. And I did it! Yummmm! 🤩

Get the crunchy recipe here.


is a household name here on Steemit as one of the founding foodies on the platform. Her daily smoothies make us want to raid the produce department and her fresh lunch concoctions remind of lazy summer days.

Learn more about Amy in her introduction post.


One of her recent exemplary recipes:



Good morning steemit! Just made this yummy smoothie with the first moringa from the garden and lots of mangoes. Though our little tree is growing fast, it is still a bit too small to harvest leaves every day but I was so happy with this smoothie today!

Jumpstart your day with her healthy recipe here.


is an adventurous soul living in paradise, eating colorfully along the way. Her recipes are primarily vegan and always enticing, with experimentations in vegan cheese, excessively chocolate "nice" cream, and her recent post: spaghetti made from a squash!

Learn more about Cece in her introduction post.


One of her recently exemplary recipes:


🍝 The Best Pasta That Isn't JUST 'Pasta!' 🍝 (Raw/Vegan/Gluten-Free)

I LOVE pasta- I mean come'on- my dad is an Italian chef! But my body doesn't process regular spaghetti noodles very well. Do you know the feeling? I had to come up with something that would feed my cravings while making me feel incredible after eating it and that recipe is right here!

Get outside your comfort zone with her innovative recipe here.


is a talented photographer that goes the extra mile to irrestiably style her food. She's publishes almost every day, with a range of accessible every-day recipes, photography challenges, and sharing her recent involvement with the @sndbox Summer Camp.

Learn more about Anna in her introduction post.


One of her recent exemplary recipes:


Pie with black currants and meringues. Original recipe and photos by @Anna-Mi

When I was a little girl, I loved meringue! My mom used to make this mixture of egg whites for the Easter holiday. This white glaze is usually watered Easter cake in my country. And I always got a small part of the extra meringue left over after decorating the cake. Or I had to lick the spoon with which it was cast, if the whole mixture has been spent! This moment was so long awaited for me. Most likely it was for me the most important ritual of Easter preparations. Ha ha! Now I'm grown up, and I can afford to eat as much meringue as I want. A definite plus of adult life.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this mouth-watering recipe.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the Ladies of Steemit!

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Nice post. I already followed and have enjoyed the posts by most of these women. They really do an awesome job!

Woahhhh thank you so much for the sweet mention <3 My heart is fluttering! I forgot allll about that intro post haha awww, it's so fun to look back on! I ended up learning the ropes a bit more and posted another later on and forgot this existed! Thanks for reminding me :) I can't believe it's been so long!

Congrats to everyone featured- ya'll are amazing ladies and I'm super honored to be here with you! You girls kick ass! ;)

Thank for the mention and honor. My into post seem ages ago. Totally forgot about that one hehe. ღ ღ ღ Though there are many more wonderful steemit foodies, you mentioned some of my absolute favorites!

What an honor! Thank you so much, I'm so happy hihi 💕

So well deserved babe!!!

Thank you Nina! 💜

Awesome content and great to see Amy featured here! I'm a huge fan :-)

Wow what a honour to be featured in your post! This makes my hump day just perfect;) Thank you so so much!!

love all these women, thanks for promoting them :)

ah and i think they are all vegan too! spectacular :)

Thank You! I'm very pleased. And I want to take your banner. Can I use it?

My two favorites are @allasyummyfood and @gringalicius. Besides being awesome cooks they are supporters of the community and alla has tips and tricks for steemit beginers too.

YAY, ladies unite. I wasnt aware of this initiative, but I put you guys on follow

PS, the food is THE BOMBBBB!

Inspiring, creative and unique post, glad ladies are changing the world positively and using their God given talent to add values to their lives and their family

You've got many of my favorite foodie females all in one post! These ladies make me drool over my screen on a daily basis!

Hi dear! I like all these foodies! But you forget @gringalicious because my favorite one, and we can learn so much from her.

Yet another excellent choice, FOOD :D
I love the blue banner :D

WOW, what an great post, @ladiesofsteemit!
I'm so glad that I found such an inspiration and support for the ladies here on Steemit, despite being still a newbie.
The banners are incredible, It would be my honor to use one of them in my posts.

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