EOS Presentation from Consensus 2017

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Hello everyone,

Today we are pleased to share with you our professionally edited version of the final presentation with good sound and clear slides.


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I spy me and @robrigo!

Nicely done! No more shaky, zoomed in, 480p cell phone video!!!

Kids... this is the time when I and my co-early adopters of Steemit witnessed the pitch of the father of EOS - the operating system that you're using right now. I'm glad that I was part of it. This message is my proof.

Great info! Thanks for the post! Please follow if you can, thanks!!! I am new hear and hope to add a lot to the community. I have big plans and am THRILLED to be here!!! WOOOOOT!!!!

Check out my latest blog entry on #HTMLCOIN if you have a few minutes to spare.


Take my money! (ICO)

Enjoy everyone! Great time and energy seeing this in person. Shared on twitter.


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EOS Presentation from Consensus 2017 — Steemit

steemit.com/eos/@eosio/eos… / https://t.co/28f4cyR3Oe

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How much of challenge is it to port STEEM onto EOS ?

Thks for the professionnel version. It will make it easy to share and have all the info needed to best understand what EOS is offering. Great job to the team.

So humble. Quietly says "in order to achieve that I invented delegated proof of stake. loooool. Love this guy."

thx for the info. really excited for EOS

Thank you. This should be great for the STEEM platform!

Thanks for sharing - so glad I got to see it in person!

Bookmarked. Thank you.

thank you for this explanation. understandable, albiet superficially to myself, a newbie.

Today i will post this to korean
Now korean know steemit

I bought steem 6000 and will more

Is it possible to acquire the beginning splash video with the rotating logo? Would be nice to use it for music video ;)


Dan uploaded that a bit ago here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDebppH_aaE


Perfect - thanks!!

very nice! been waiting for this.

Good project,

Dan Larrimer is a genius, his ideas and actions carry his philosophy. The world will thank him.

Easy Оf Succes :)

A lot of people are waiting for the release of this project!

I think I have seen every Dan Larimer video on YouTube. The man may not be perfect, but he is a top-notch engineer and visionary.

I looking for this video

RESPECT (fist bump) @eosio

You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "eos" TAG (hashtag)


Shut up and take my money! :)

I'm putting almost half of my funds in to EOS at current price levels.

I'm reading about NEXUS

The only concern I have about EOS is what it's resilience to a quantum computing attack, might be.

Have you written or spoken about this, DAN?

Wow pls can i access this video on Youtube i will love to download it.

Is it possible to add official english subtitles on the video ?