Guillaume Cardinal

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Hi! My name is Guillaume Cardinal aka @teamsteem. I'm a French Canadian Steemian. I'm 33 years old. I practice the non-aggression principal towards all sentient beings.

More About Me

  • I joined Steem in May 2016
  • I'm active daily since June 2016
  • Steem witness since September 2016
  • I'm currently top #33 witness
  • I'm the top 34 most followed Steemian [link]
  • I've learned about cryptocurrencies in July 2011
  • I've received my first fraction of a Bitcoin in 2012
  • I've read about cryptocurrencies daily since 2013
  • I've learned about Steem from
  • For 6-7 years, I've listened to 20-40 hours a week of educational video, audiobooks, articles, etc.

I Don't Know What Brought You Here

There's an infinite amount of possibilities. Sometimes we act as if we knew everything.

- Jake Kotze

The Perfect Moment Is Now

I wish my actions and writings were perfect and would alleviate all the suffering there is in this world but then reality wouldn't be what it is. Everything that exist makes reality what it is and challenges and suffering are part of it.

Maybe someday we'll create a conscious super AI with which we all merge in a perfect symbiosis.

Maybe this conscious super AI comes to aggregate all existing matter* and the whole universe becomes conscious and omniscient but for now, life is pretty much a challenge, a challenge we should celebrate and we should all be okay with because such is life.

Just to clarify, I'm not sure merging with technology is a desirable thing.

*I know entropy would most probably prevent such a thing to happen among a myriad of other things.

My Vision

I work for a future where everything is done on a voluntary basis. This is a work in progress with no real end in sight. There would be no governments as we know them today. People would unite only under mutual agreements recorded on blockchains.

No forced taxation, no forced enrollment, no forced anything, unless someone is causing some serious prejudice to someone else.

Culpability will be determined by a trial where judges or juries would be chosen on a blockchain. Trials will be recorded on blockchains.

Everyone will be invited to record their life's ambitions on blockchains and everyone will be invited to vote for those with which they agree the most. This will facilitate cooperation between everyone.

There will be no copyrights laws as people realize those laws are slowing the evolution of humanity.

The Future Has Arrived — It's Just Not Evenly Distributed Yet

Because the efficiency of decentralized technologies are slowly making the use of national currencies obsolete and because all centralized form of governance and cooperation can be outperformed by decentralized one, I tend to think this is the future we're heading in.

In this future, human will still produce more than at any point in history but it will have become more profitable and easier to cooperate with one another than to cheat one another.

"We'll come to a point where no one dares to be a government official because they would be be excluded, because they would participating in the initiation of violence against others."

In this future, there will be enough for everyone's needs but not everyone's greed. Somethings just never change.

Steem Is First And Foremost A Code

Without passionate coders Steem wouldn't exist. Thank you to all the passionate coders! Your work is positively disrupting the social fabric!


  • is a store of value
  • benefits all of its users
  • is the fastest growing social media
  • censorship-resistant
  • allows real-time stake weighed voting on any matters
  • still under the radar of most
  • is constantly evolving
  • is attracting top notch developers and content creators

Without Witnesses Steem Couldn't Operate

A Steem witness is a person who operates a witness server (which produces blocks), and publishes a price feed of STEEM/USD to the network. The servers compute every actions Steemians take and record them in blocks. New blocks are created every 3 seconds. There are 21 witness slots.

5 Most Important Aspects Of Being A Steem Witness


  • Without vision Steem has no known purpose
  • Promoting or working to fulfill our vision

The Steem Code

  • Steem is an open software made of lines of code
  • Steem development and management must be supported
  • Steem is not only the code itself but also the whole environment
  • Steem UI, SMTs, RPC nodes, Seed nodes, Steem wallets, Steem tools, etc.

The Basics Duties Of Being A Witness

  • Running a witness node
  • Maintaining a pricefeed
  • Setting block size and account creation fee
  • Running RPC nodes and seed nodes according to needs

Love, Hard Work And Steem Incentives

  • Love: Without it nothing in life make sense
  • Hard Work: Without it nothing can be achieve
  • Incentives: They determine each of our actions


  • Trust: Without it none of the above matter

What I Do To Fulfill Those Aspects


I continually refine and re-evaluate my vision and actions and publish about them. I make sure they're in line with how I feel.

The Steem Code

  • I keep up-to-date with all Steemit Inc publications
  • I keep up-to-date with the Steem and github
  • I moderate the #steemdev tag everyday
  • I support many Steem devs/coders throught upvotes, witness votes, brainstorming, SP delegations etc.

The Basics Duties Of Being A Witness

  • I run a witness node on a 32GB dedicated server from @privex
  • I run a backup witness node also from @privex
  • I maintain my pricefeed using conductor developped by @furion
  • I change block size and account creation fee when needed
  • I haven't been running a seed anymore for 1-2 months but I'm currently looking to get one back up or finance one with another witness depending on needs
  • As most witnesses I'm not running a RPC nodes but I'm open to financially help those who do. You're welcome to ask.

Love, Hard Work And Steem Incentives


  • Love guides me in everything I do. Without the love I'm receiving and I'm giving, I wouldn't be here.

Hard work

Steem Incentives

  • I constantly discuss and think about Steem's economics incentives
  • I've invited Steemians to share their opinion on the current reward curve and ways it could be improved upon [link]
  • I keep in touch with @patrice about the @spaminator project and anything related to abuse. [link]

Promoting Steem

  • I've been promoting Steem on Twitter since December pretty much everyday with awesome results [@TeamSteemLive]
  • I upvote and encourage every great effort from Steemians to promote Steem
  • I support and mentor many influencers like @brianturner, @therusticvegan, @pressfortruth, etc.
  • I support newcomers. (I upvoted more than 100 introduction post in 1 day with more than 1$ each.) [link] [link]
  • Helping with


  • My actions and convictions have been congruent with one another over time and thus I've shown myself to be trustworthy.

Other Achievements

I've created multiple posts giving in-depth explanation on how Steem works. The ones below are still very much up-to-date.

  • Steem: An In-Depth Overview! - (Explains pretty much everything in layman's terms) [link]
  • What Are Steem Witnesses [link]
  • How To Create An Introduction Post [link]
  • How To Use Steem - collections of tools [link]

I've written: "The Ultimate Steembook"


Whenever we’re reading, we’re allowing someone to put words in our consciousness. We’re suspending our own thoughts to let someone else generate words that goes in our mind and influence or inspire us.

We’re focusing all of our attention on that part of the universe to the exclusion of the rest. That’s quite a statement coming from the reader as well as the writer. People strive for what’s best and I make sure to keep this in mind when I’m writing.

Inspiring others and letting others inspire us is at the very heart of who we are. Everything we do has an impact, let it be a positive one.

My Latest Series Speaks For Itself

  1. What Truly Matters!
  2. How National Currencies Are Created And Who They Profit
  3. Cryptocurrencies: The Best Investments Of All Time
  4. Understanding Bitcoin [if you know better let me know]
  5. Understanding Bitcoin Cash
  6. How To Buy And Secure Your First Bitcoin
  7. Empower Everyone, Decentralize Everything!
  8. Doing Away With Governments: How And Why
  9. The Only Meaningful Measure Of Success Is Joy
  10. Cryptocurrencies Stats And How To Invest
  11. Steem: Where Money Talks And Kindness Rules!
  12. Technological Abundance
  13. In The Name Of Freedom

"Understanding Bitcoin" is a very excellent post to fundamentally understand of how Bitcoin works and cryptocurrencies in general.

5 Months Ago, In August 2017, I wrote

Today January 11, 2018

The market cap of cryptocurrencies have reached high of $829B and currently sits at $703B as the third largest "company" market cap in the world and around the 19th largest economy (M3) in the world.

Good money drives out bad money and I've giving many reasons as to why cryptocurrencies are currently driving out national currencies.

In May 2017, I Wrote

@finnian said "In The Name Of Freedom" Is His Favorite Post I've authored

Here's how it begins:

"If national currencies are so obviously created out of nothing for the sole benefit of a small elite at the expense of everyone else then why isn't there a more cohesive opposition to this system?"

My 2 Most Powerful Posts

They are for the most part collections of quotes by Dan Larimer the inventor of DPOS one of the main innovation which Steem is build upon. The first post is also my best performing tweet. Here's 2 excerpts.

Thank you Dan Larimer! You are a great mentor! [link]

"Going forward I hope to leverage the work here with Steem to build markets, insurance, mutual-aid societies, and justice systems that empower our community to disempower government. I believe that properly organized social pressures can be far more powerful than any standing army or government bureaucrat. Through blockchain technology we can organize ourselves and hopefully achieve our liberty."

"Only by working together can we maximize the life, liberty, and property for all. Resorting to violence is a shortcut that can only destroy life, liberty and property. I am honored that so many of you are here and helping me realize this dream."

Dan Larimer's quote predating Steem [link]

So I see this creating self reinforcing virtuous cycle where the more people that join and participate and start doing commerce entirely on a blockchain merchants and consumers never having to leave back to the fiat world.

Those start to see a growing snowball effect until it gets to a point where no one dares be a government official because they would be be excluded, because they would participating in the initiation of violence against others. So these things are possible.

Proof Of Positive Influence!

In a fair society our bank accounts would be a reflection of how much positive influence we had in the world. Today, people's banks account are more often than not, a reflection of how good they were at taking advantage of the system and those who partake in it.

Self-Preservation Vs Self-Sacrifice

Self-preservation should never be our life's sole guiding force but it should always be balanced out by the ultimate joy self-sacrifice can generate.

Life Is A Celebration

We can't change everything all at once, nor should we want to and sometimes we even fail to act upon our deepest convictions.

But let's not forget, everything and every thoughts, every pain and every joys, every challenges and succeses, every predators and pray, every matter and anti-matter makes up the great mystery we're all enjoying right now.

Let's choose cooperation and compassion!

And let's celebrate!

- Jake Kotze

Must See Video!

Published November 2017, hopefully it can inspire us to create a better world.

Minnow Support Project

This post is my witness application post for the Minnow Support Project. Learn more about it here. To answer the 3 main questions there, I'll continue to do what I did and work to improve on it.

Approving My Witness!

Everyone has 30 witness votes. These vote can be changed at any moment.
I read all comments and appreciate them all, except the spam obviously!
Thank you to @michaelcj, @Jacobite and his team for the witness gif!
Thank you for reading and for commenting!

Steem's Growth Is Rocketing!



Good To Know

  • I use Markdown Pad (free version) to create my posts.
  • How to align pictures.

The Chats!

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Great to know about you and your vision. Something about love I read and like much: “You can survive on what you receive, but you can live on what you give” (K.G. Jung).

We had a meeting on and we have decided that you have been chosen to fly to Syria and report on the post war situation for Steem and bring first class international journalism to the steem Blockchain! This will be a chance for steem to get on the map in the world of Media and allow steemit to compete with CN, BCC and RT. And don't worry ...most of the country has been taken back by the Assad regime, the Russians have most things under control.

God Speed and Good luck to you, this will be a great opportunity, and hey, now Steem can become the new Vice News!

Good Luck from all 5000 People on @fyrstikken 's discord chat and the 600,000+ users of the steem blockchain

Haha! I love it! Thank you very much for this very low risk assignment! These will be fun vacations!

...this message will self-destruct in five seconds...


Yes I agree with you @pataxis. @teamsteem is really impressive and as well as his work.

Agreed me lady!


Congratulations on your hard work and dedication! It looks like it's paying off, giving us yet another example of what active positive thinking Steemians are capable of achieving and inspiring us all to follow in your footsteps.

Thanks so much for presenting your profile in such a well written and extremely informative manner. I feel like I know you. It's truly a credit to who you are, and you can bet that with what limited time I have and my tremendous need to be as efficient as possible, I'll be following along very closely.

Thank you!


@cryptographic well said! @teamsteem is the first witness who inspired me to continue learning about steemit and the steem blockchain when I started!

By the way @cryptographic, I did not see you by the Chapter #6 I posted were I gave you a big mention!

Regards, @gold84

Another epic post, you certainly don't do things by halves!
Steemit is lucky to have you Guillaume.
This is why I encourage friends, family and co-workers to come here, because of people like you and the many other peace loving, kind, generous and funny souls I've met in the past 8 months.
What a place this is, still blows me away everyday.
Thanks for everything you do @teamsteem

Steem is truly special! I agree! One of it's kind.

you did a great job

I totally agree.
I joined Steemit half an hour ago, and boy, oh boy, having so much fun.
Steemit Rocks xx

I like your posts , they are very useful . i am following you and upvoted some posts and resteemed them . thank you .

@tremendospercy i am agree with you 100%

i am agree!!!

I am agree to!!!

Haha, thats funny! rofl

Yes,if only all people have love, care, kindness, friendship in their hearts, what an awesome place our wold will be...

absolutely agree. If only all people will get to know about love, care, kindness, peace, joy, laughter, what an awesome world this will be .. but, then again we don't all think like this, right ????

Steemit is really a nice place to be,see all the achievement you have attained in steemit community ,I hope to get to this level of attainment and beyond soon.


you've been an absolute trooper on, glad to have another french canadian on board. Keep it up man, I'm voting for you as a witness.

Thank you @cryptoctopus! It's an honored to receive this compliment from you and it's also an honored to represent the French Canadian culture here on Steemit!

It's also real honor to have your support as a witness!

See you around my friend!

Your contributions are amazing to this community @teamsteem. I just voted you as a witness too.

Hey @teamsteem,
I'm still relatively new here and still trying to figure some of this stuff out. From what you wrote, you seem like a genuine, sincere person. And also a very capable and intelligent one at that. Iam a blogger/writer for quite some time... way before joining Steem. And I appreciate the Content you produced above.

Anyway, once I learn how to vote I will definitely vote for you as a Witness. You really seem passionate enough and have enough Vision to be an effective one ( Btw, a "Witness" is kind of like being a "miner" except different terminology, right ??) Thanks again and look forward to seeing you more... especially as a Witness for Steemit :) I am definitely Following you now

If you go to the drop down menu to the right, there is a tab called “Vote for Witnesses” @teamsteem is #33 and you can click the upvote button. I also recommend you consider voting for other witnesses he mentioned; like @aggroed, @ausbitbank, etc. Welcome to Steemit!

You got me confused, are you french, Canadian or both? Keep up the good work! (maybe just say "Canadian" from now on, trust me on that one)

Nope. French Canadian (or canadienne!) is completely valid. Trust me on that one!

Congratulation @teamsteem, thank your for blogging. That is one of the reason why i joined steemit, i saw first your post in trending page, i named myself @jraysteem. i encourage about your writings, it is a balance with impact.. God bless you more!

joined for candid pics.

French rocks. Nothing to add more. :D

Totalement d'accord avec toi @roxane! Si fière!!

you are 100% correct... and you are also handsome.

typical winner face. not.

sir @teamsteem you are to much hardwork in steemi.....
and that couse you achieve huge success in steemit....

I just love steem i'm here for the long run baby! Anyone with me?

I am a newbie here but I must say I have taken out time between yesterday and now to read about you. I must say I discovered many good virtues about you. That is the virtue of “SELFLESSNESS” it a very good one. I quote @cryptoctopus and he said “You've been an absolute trooper on, glad to have another french canadian on board. Keep it up man, I'm voting for you as a witness”


Keep doing the good work

Just a wonderful post!You are well done.I'm new here while I'm learning everything...)

thanks @teamsteem, hope to meet you:)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Félicitations and well-deserved Trending Page ;)

Great post!

Im so speechless all that I can say is that you are my Steemit Ultimate Idol.

Yeah, i am not buying the story here Gillaume... And you wanna what it was that gave it away? Your slogan, that one that claims that you are going to lift people out of poverty. This is eternal objetive of all those' that only want to thicken their already thick wallets. Teamsteem you say. Of course yoy made shietty posting and still mae 2000 naweek scratching your balls. I dont see the posting i made earlier. You french a Canadian but dont speak french???

I get the sense that Canada in general is pretty well represented on Steemit, so I'm grateful to all you Canadians who keep the platform alive!

I am another French Canadian ... Metis

@cryptoctopus It's great to watch people succeed and advance well like @teamsteem
"Life is a succession of moments. To live them is to succeed. "


Hi... I am very small and new in Steemit. Yet, I have a vision... I invite you to read a post of mine titled "The Vision of Whales".

Sometimes stories is the best way to share a message.
Be fine and take care!
( same invitation is sent to the host of the post...)

I am in awe while reading this. I have proposed an actual implementation on my blog for EXACTLY what you're describing here. I'm new to Steem and still am working full time and so have not had any eyes on my idea nor have I had the time to get eyes on it.

I IMPLORE you to, if you felt this post was a description of a beautiful future for humanity of which you want to have a part in making happen to please read my post.

Tear it apart, leave all feedback, positive and negative. Be constructive in your criticism. Help me improve it. Help share it with others that will improve it. I've been thinking of the most fool proof, positively oriented retrofitting of the current game we all participate in for months now. I think I have a great start and I think this post outlines the goals with which my idea proposes a concrete solution for.

I apologize in advance for posting this everywhere and spamming this, but the future is too bright and these ideas are too powerful not to share with everyone. We have too much potential as humans for bringing positivity to all to waste our technology spinning up more get rich quick schemes and social media dopamine feedback loops to addict customers.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful platform and thank you if you even considered checking my post. I very much look forward to collaborating with like minded people seeking honesty, liberty, hard work, prosperity, openness, collaboration, and cooperation to leave the world in a better state that than which we entered. I believe without doubt that is possible and that all we have to do is utilize the beautiful technology that the generations before us have helped to create and that our generation in a general sense is failing to find the most beneficial use of.

I am really impressed from your post. There is valuable information, much wisdom and intelligence in this post. Sharing positive ideas and cooperation is much important for the overall development of human race. An eye-opening account and good description about the beginning of new era. Thank you very much

Thank you for reading!! I'm having a hard time getting many eyes on my posts on Steemit, but everyone starts small, right?

We are certainly at the beginning of a beautiful, more peaceful and prosperous era, and we just have to make sure safeguards are in place to protect and promote core human values. Looking forward to sharing and learning more on this awesome platform. Thanks again for reading!

Also, made another post this morning. Here's a link if you're interested:

wow amazing

yes, really he has been nice sire.

I love you @crtptoctopus

Je suis enchanté de voir d'autres québécois qui pratiquent le non-aggression principal :)

I'm happy to see other French-Canadians that practice the non-aggression principal :)

yes @cryptoctopus sir,you are absolutely right,@teamsteem is really a true inspiration for us.and I have also visited your account sir you are also great and always help steemians like me.I am a big fan of you.Thank you sir.

@teamsteam is a great guy! I have seen him help members financially who needed the help and he never asked anyone for SBD in exchange for his upvote. I'm not against that but as a witness, I don't know, maybe not. He is just a good guy.

Very remarkable, proud of me even though I am not a resident of Canada

You are a steem witness and we are witnessing a steem Hero... Cheers...


The whole understanding of Blochain technology, steem and how witness do operate is all critically explained here. You just made it simple for a beginner to understand.
Thanks for contribution towards making steem platform grow.
Much love from team @Steemcamp and @steemnaira community

We Love You

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for all your work.

@teamsteem is really a true inspiration for us and I have also visited jis blog on several occassion

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yes you are right it s amazing truthe idea

For 6-7 years, I've listened to 20-40 hours a week of educational video, audiobooks, articles, etc.

Caught my eye in particular. I also made a habit of finding 30 minutes every day to learn something new online. It typically boiled down to watching a new TED Talk on something I found interesting, followed by 15 min (which often turned into an hour+, lol) of researching whatever had caught my attention in the talk. A great habit that I would recommend to anyone.


  • Took you long enough! ;)

Like I've said many, many times before. You have given me so much motivation, courage and inspiration so it's hard for me to even describe. And I'm not even talking about your upvotes, which oviously have been greatly appreciated. I am talking about you as a person who've acknowledge me. You as a person who believe in me and the things I write about. With awesome comments and wonderful support for a long period of time, you've made my Steemit journey easier and truly enjoyable.

  • For that, I will always be thankful.

I've been voting for you as a witness for a long time and I truly wish that others would do the same because you deserve to be in the top! - Please publish another article shortly again. I love your articles!

I'm glad to have been such an inspiration! This is a very cool feeling!

I will try to publish a lot more regularly. It seems I needed time to post this foundation post.

I would love to have at least 1 article from you per week to read. But I can totally understand that it's hard for you to find time to produce articles when you spend this much time on Steemit curating and doing other things.

It's a shame we don't have more time. I would love to have a couple of extra hours per day too. 32 hours instead of 24 would've been great! :D

These posts are a great way to find new friends to follow too. A friend of @teamsteem is a friend of mine!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I am so glad that you made this post and really introduced yourself to this steemit family. I really like that about you because we get to know you a lot better.

I don't even have the words to describe my appreciation of what you have done and are doing for this community and what great example you are for all or us of how to respect, love, support and help each other because if you are doing this just for money you will not succeed.

I never knew you wrote a book, I'm definitely will get my copy because I love reading and investing knowledge like yourself.

Thank you @teamsteem

It's only been published on Steem. I rather recommand you read my latest series of post than The Ultimate Steembook. My latest series also read like a book.

That sounds good. I'll definitely do that.

Thank you for your advice. I appreciate that.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Well, you are definitely one of the hardest workers in the Steem/Steemit ecosystem, and you were also my original inspiration for truly embracing that writing "long form" content here is NOT a waste of time.

I'm with you on the idea of working towards a better world for all of us; a world where voluntaryism has a much stronger impact than it has today. And I hope we can also move towards a world where deceptive smoke and mirror games are all revealed for the deception they are.

Thank you for being a positive voice in our community!

Thank you Denmarkguy! I'm glad I can inspire you. You're also inspiring me and I definitely hope we can help more people see behind the smoke and mirror games!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well Guillaume

You certainly do not do things by half, another great contribution to the Steem Blockchain.

I have been slightly 'worried' by your lack of posts recently, but have seen your presence in my blogs, the blogs of others, discord, and twitter and so now I understand more, all the background work you have done and are doing for the platform.

You are a role model and I thank you for all your efforts, you have my 100% support!

And just to add another string/stat to your bow, you are the 20th most followed Steemian by follower Steem Power. Just one behind @cryptoctopus actually :)

Thank you for your support @abh12345 !

Sometimes those foundation post take sometime to flourish.

As for the data you just published it's very cool. I had no idea!

Did you query this or it's available on a website? If it's not already available on a website I would definitely be interested to help make it happen.

Yes this looks like a marathon effort which will flourish on the blockchain too :)

I ran my own query, and am not sure if this (fairly simple query) is displayed elsewhere. I assume one of these sites will have it, maybe someone else can help...

Personally, I like this list over the followers list as I think it gives a more accurate reflection of your following, and what they can potentially give to you. (Users who have left generally have little/no SP - that's my theory)


BOOM steemit is the way forward, so glad I have found this lovely community.. would have liked to have stumbled upon steemit much sooner, but the thing that matters most is that I am here NOW, and I am so fortunate for this!! Quickly steemit has become my best crypto asset and I do not see this changing anytime in the near future, all aboard the steem train!! Keep it up @teamsteem you are not only helping yourself, but also everyone else that is here as well... this is what is so special about this amazing platform !!

Respect from @conradsuperb :-)

Thanks For Sharing Your Emotions!!!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Never knew that you know much about crypto currencies. Your posts are the only long posts online that I read from start till end without getting bored. All of them have been very informative. I liked these two the most in the given list because this is what I'm doing these days even while I'm asleep. :)

Cryptocurrencies: The Best Investments Of All Time
Understanding Bitcoin [if you know better let me know]

Excellent post @teamsteem.

Steem On!

Thanks for putting this together! You are an all Star Steemian for sure Guillaume <3 <3 I had no clue about your "The Ultimate Steem Book", I'm gonna read it.

I work for a future where everything is done on a voluntary basis.

Absolutely. This is the future I wish for too.

Thank you Lyndsay! It's a real pleasure to know you!

Indeed, let's make this future happen!

Trying to get all my friends to move to steemit won't be long and there all on it.

A wonderfully in-depth and insightful article on your principles and what you bring to the table on and for Steemit.

From what I understand you have also been a very supportive and helpful advisor for the @steempunknet game developers - and I looove playing this game! So a big thank you! from me for your part in this. (I hope you don't mind, but I have been challenging you to a fair few fights too, lol. All in good fun of course, as it is for all us players.)
In fact, it was because of this association that I voted you for witness a while back; and now I've read of the other positive things you've been doing in the community I am satisfied with my choice. :)

I've installed it on Chrome but I never use Chrome anymore and I never got to install it on Firefox.

I did play for 2-3 times and I really enjoyed it. I know what you mean.

I just added it to the post.

Maybe someday we'll fight!

Yes! I always appreciate a good fight! Civilised and bloodless, of course. :D

@ravenruis, I was saw your comment and wanted to know what you were talking about when you said that you voted @teemsteam for witness. I plan on being with Steemit for the long haul and wanted to know a few things to help me understand:

  • What qualities do you look for in a witness?
  • Would you ever want to be voted in as a witness in the future? Why, Why not?
  • What one game would you recommend my gamer friends to join in and play?

Hope this is the right place to ask these questions but it seemed appropriate.

hi @mikesspace
I wouldn't want to encroach on teemsteam's post page, but I'll try and answer your points briefly

  1. I guess qualities like positive attitude, positive influence, positive engagement, positive growth for Steemit as a whole community, and level-headedness
  2. I've not really considered it, although sometimes it seems like an excellent position to have (with the possibility of implementing helpful things within Steemit); and at other times it seems too much responsibility (if the tech breaks down or acquiring a collection of 'fair weather friends')
  3. I couldn't tell you as I am not a gamer, but naturally I would recommend they join Steemit (if they haven't already) and sign up to play @steempunknet! So many cool things under development; plus the chance to earn crypto :D
    Hope I've answered your questions. :)

you did and thank you for taking the time.

Great to meet you. Looking forward to more content from you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We had a meeting on and we have decided that you have been chosen to fly to Syria and report on the post war situation for Steem and bring first class international journalism to the steem Blockchain! This will be a chance for steem to get on the map in the world of Media and allow steemit to compete with CN, BCC and RT. And don't worry ...most of the country has been taken back by the Assad regime, the Russians have most things under control.

God Speed and Good luck to you, this will be a great opportunity, and hey, now Steem can become the new Vice News!

Good Luck from all 5000 People on @fyrstikken 's discord chat and the 600,000+ users of the steem blockchain


such troll, much humor :)

Nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Success is hard work and it is obvious you live it!!!! Thanks for being so committed .. this will not only rise you but will it will rise Steemit as well .. Love you for who you have become and for what you do .. SUNSHINE247

Living it is key. Agreed.

Hello @teamsteem

You are really a blessing to this community. You are committed to keeping this community growing. I wonder how newbies will be able to cope if not for your insight, effort and support to #minnowsuport-project.

I know you will very soon top the stat of witness.

Keep up with the good job.

Regards @funkylove

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okay so i went through this post and read it..i have few things to appreciate
1.this post is being written so well that you can make it a small ebook so easily..

  1. i really appreciate your vision and the hardwork you have been doing to grow and promote the steemit community.
  2. i didnt know about the witness thing AND I AM SURE MOST OF US DON'T so am defenitely going to vote for you !
    4.this was a delight to read..thanks for sharing.. have earned a dedicated follower
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Thanks For Sharing! What are your favourite personald development books and/or authors or speakers?

Very good question. I've listed already a couple here but I'll be listing a lot more in upcoming posts.

Awesome thanks for sharing. I like The Science Of Getting Rich.

very hard work you have done @teamsteem sir for steemit community you are really a true inspiration to all of us in steemit.I am really very inspired by your post.followed,upvoted and resteemed.I hope you will reply some day Sir.thanks to share your wonderful journey on steemit with us.great post

Thank you :)

After knew you for long time, I have Just know your real name and also your dedicate to steemit, and I really want to read your book "The Ultimate Steembook"

The Ultimate Steembook might be a bit sketchy now. There might be some very interesting tidbit here and there. You might want to go over it quickly before giving it a try. The introduction was pretty strong.

I made a audio very of it. It is linked in the last chapter.

Ok great, thanks... You are such an encourager👏👏👏👏

@teamsteem You are one of the most important people on Steemit since I came 6 months ago.
Not important because of who you are but because of what YOU do for Steemit and its users.
Thank you @teamsteem for everything you did, do and will do for Steemit!

Thanks to you and the community, Steemit visits in December are up 80% compared to November! 34mn people have been on the website !

Check all the Datas here: Steemit Statistics & Big Data: 🚀 End of 2017 Update 🚀

Very awesome post! I really enjoyed it!

Wao, friend I congratulate you have done an incredible job in these years, I had no knowledge of what was a witness of steem but when reading this post I understand what it is and as you say at the end of the post the steemit community is growing fast bastate and that just means that the blockchain is having a very good acceptance.

Congratulations you are a great one. I follow you.

There will be no copyrights laws as people realize those laws are slowing the evolution of humanity.

So someone can take the book you wrote, and publish it under their name for their profit and you are alright with that?

Other than that a very nicely written and well thought out post.

I'm glad you highlighted this. I almost didn't included it because I know it's controversial.

I don't plan on making any more money from this post than what I'll be making here.

There's a case to be made against copyright laws not helping anyone, not even the authors. I know it sounds very controversial and seemingly impossible.

This lecture is very interesting and very surprising. The matter is far reaching.

I know there is a lot of issues about copyright, I would like to watch the video, but I do not have the allowable bandwidth to view it. Limited internet access for me. Will try to catch parts of it when in free zones which do not happen very often.

Is something that was written or invented by someone that is now dead really copyrightable. Does the company, or family really have the rights to the material? Should the copyright disappear after a set amount of time? hard questions, no easy answers.

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Plagarism would still be an issue. If you knew @teamsteem was the real author, would you financially support the person who took the material? I certainly would not. Intellectual property is bad for advancement. As a person who's been through the process of getting a patent started, I can tell you the whole process is a joke. It is heavily in favor of large corporations with lots of money and power. That's just one issue. Some things are patented to bury them and not share the technology.

This video will show you how these miniature drones are being dropped form a Jet plane.


You're right. I remember hearing about this. Not exactly sure what kind of drone they were but obviously it's very concerning.

This is coming. It sounds absurd, but people should "drone proof" their homes. I had sold all of my shotguns in favor of rifles too, but then I changed my mind because of drones. Now I have a Saiga that is loaded with bird shot, and it isn't for birds. :)

WOW, Steem on Alexa is under 2000 now??? Btw, I love your posts... they're like a long episode that I gotta read throughout the day :) it feels like a big treat! Also, I have been thinking a lot about voluntarianism. It's perfect, really.

We may be clones there is so much in common between us I see after reading this post! Our vision for the world is the same along with eating, love for Steem, etc. Thank you for this update with your "real name" especially because I have been hoping for it for a long time! You have had my witness vote since the beginning and I am very grateful you were one of the very first to vote for me!

Thank you Jerry! I'm really glad to know that we have a shared vision of the world we're working to create!

I had linked my real name a couple of time with the link to my Facebook page but it used to be a lot less obvious.

I'm very happy you vote for this post and I've very happy that you support my witness. Your support means a lot. I love what you're doing for Steem and thus giving support to your witness only make sense!

Take care Jerry and I'm glad you took the time to comment. It helps to know what prominent Steemians think.

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Guillaume, did you see the movie, 300? When the battle nears the end and a compatriot of the king says, "It's an honor to die at your side," the king replies, "It's an honor to have lived at yours."


That is how I feel about my friends of liberty, us fellow Liberty Professionals, here on Steemit. We are in a battle worth paying any price, and my individual death is not important when it does come.

What's important is having lived among so many friends furthering the same noble cause. We are doing it too. Everyone here is doing a small part, but you have done a very large part.

You fight and struggle like a true warrior, and for that you'll forever have my deepest respect. Your success here is no accident either. You have earned it with total dedication and great effort.

We are all fallible and we all stumble and fall from time to time. What makes my friends different from many is that they may fall seven times but make sure to get up eight.

They keep driving forward no matter the obstacle. You continue to do it. I may slow down my progress from time to time, but my path's objective remains the same. It is to further and defend individual liberty.

I'm honored to be on the same path as you and within the same fight!


You are a true friend.

We are in a battle worth paying any price


I'm honored to be on the same path as you and within the same fight!

Same for me Finnian!

Thanks for this useful summary post.

I really hope that this system works and helps bring down some greed. I do believe that if it does work then greed will be go down because there will be no point in it. Especially when more people are getting their needs met. A lot of greed just come from a feeling of lack. But now when it becomes easier to share value to other humans it will be more rewarding to actually produce real helpful content.

When people can see they get rewarded faster for what they do they can easier connect it to the habit that produce those results. People that want to start businesses will have less competition because most will choose not too because of their needs met.

I am very curious to see how this will scale on billions of people. There is always a risk that it might crash because of something unexpected happening. But I believe in the human heart and that all the pain that has happened on earth the last 2000 years has fueled creativity to create a more abundant world.

Many people love helping others but that money issue really do stop most. But we see that people are truly getting massive buy in when it comes to Crypto business. Will probably be a great idea to invest in a startup web company or some virtual reality project. Geeks currently running this world and they bring excitement to the masses!

Of course the main reward for most humans is helping others. My main hope is that this will also inspire people to read more books so we don't let amazing history get lost forever in a library. But I bet book reading now will go up because of more incentive for intelligence!

We will probably see exponential intelligence increase in humans now with this blockchain industry and then it will get boosted even more by big data and AI the upcoming 20 years. Curious if AI will be able to create it's own video games and movies eventually. Talk about amazing potential!

Thanks for the post! That video sure was sobering. The link to MarkdownPad 2 was much appreciated.

Speaking of links: if anyone wants to use a vote for @teemsteem as a witness, you can do so though this page:

I just did.

Thank you very much for your support @nxtblg! I'm really glad you liked my post and I really appreciate your support! It means a lot! Sincerely! As my post shows, everything related to Steem means a lot to me!

And I'm glad you like the video. It's indeed very sobering.

Glad to, really glad to.

We'll come to a point where no one dares to be a government official because they would be be excluded, because they would participating in the initiation of violence against others."

I look forward to this day. The world will no more be at the mercy of two irrate leaders debating on who has a larger button.

Thanks @teamsteem for this perspective.