Spaminator Needs Your Help

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Spaminator is a project headed by @patrice and aims at flagging blatant post and comment farms. These farms use bot to upvote otherwise totally worthless content most often than not also created by bots.

The Spaminators

Spaminator was created 4 months ago and aims to flag those posts and comments farming to 0$.

Those posts and comments are more often then not easy to identify as part of spam farming due to receiving an unusually high amounts of votes. Their payouts aren't necessarily huge payout but in the end they add up.

Those spam farms usually transfer those gain to one account before transferring them all to an exchange giving further indication these accounts are all parts of spam farm.

Flagging those posts and comments to 0$ redistribute the rewards to the reward pool benefiting every author equally.

Spaminator Is Looking For Steem Power Delegators

Patricia aka @patrice (yes she's a girl) is well equiped to flag those accounts. I've talked to her for hours on end for the last 2 weeks in a quest to learn more about her project's aims and needs.

I was blown away to learn through one of her post that there was known farmed post that would received there reward because she didn't had enough Steem Power to flag these posts.

I and others help her with flagging some posts and comments but there was a lot and it was a consumming task which I felt needed automation as much as possible. The whole project and automation part are getting better.

Three day ago she told me that there was around 220$ worth of reward pending for those farms. A lot more have been taken in the past by such farms and thing risk getting worst if they aren't opposed.

I've calculated that around 40,000 Steem Power would be needed to flag those 220$.

I've already delegated 5,000 Steem Power to @spaminator. We are looking for an additional 35,000 Steem Power.

People with small amount of Steem Power or that aren't a witness should probably keep their Steem Power to themselves. This community request is mostly aimed at large SP holders and witnesses.

Looking For Wide Support

To ensure the project as a wide support, I would rather see 40 persons delegating 1,000 Steem Power rather than a smaller number of people delegating larger amount of Steem Power.

Delegating Steem Power to @spaminator will also help @patrice getting payed for her work.

@pfunk and @fubar-bdhr and me are helping @patrice with this project.

Supporting Patricia's Work

She is currently publishing daily report about what she flags. This project will evolve as needed and she will keep the community up-to-date on the project.

Patricia is doing a very valuable work for Steem. She's also a very important part of @steemcleaners.

I have supported Patricia with upvotes and made her one of my best paid author since I read her post: "A Day in My Life on Steemit".

I'm roughly 14 hours into my day if my math is right. Some days I think I should just set all my clocks to UTC time. A good 11 of that I have been here on steemit working and writing this post.

Not every day is like this. If it was I think I'd quit. Seriously.

Like I said, Patricia's work is very valuable for Steem and I fully support her.

People who want to support the project can help by supporting @patrice's posts and approving @patrice's witness.

100% of the reward from this post will go to @patrice.


@steemcleaners was created by @anyx and now @pfunk, @fubar-bdhr helps with the project. All 3 operate a witness.

I fully support @steemcleaners. That being said, I see copyrights laws as having a negative impact on human society but I support the work of Steemcleaners which oppose people posting content without proper attribution.

Taking A Stance Against Spam Farming

I could have asked privately for people to delegate SP to this project but I choose to do it publicly instead and give this whole issue and the people working to curtail it the highlight they deserve.

For those who will be delegating Steem Power to @spaminator make sure to look at how much Steem Power as been delegated already. I'll be updating this post with how much everyone is delegating as those delegation are received. Thank you in advanced.

For those who think posts and comments farming are a bad thing and would prefer to see those reward going back to the reward pool, just make sure to consider supporting the witnesses who support this project.

Supporting the witnesses of those who support spaminator and mentioning this in the comment will send a direct message to other witnesses and will definitely help make Steem better.

Delegation To Spaminator

Time Delegation

@patrice -> Vote for witness
@fubar-bdhr -> Vote for witness
@reggaemuffin -> Vote for witness
@nnnarvaez -> Vote for witness
@anyx -> Vote for witness
@pfunk -> Vote for witness

Account M Vesting Shares

@xeldal 10.627 -> Vote for witness
@teamsteem 10.478 -> Vote for witness
@ausbitbank 2.088 -> Vote for witness
@finnian 2.055
@cheftony 1.082
@justinashby 1.029
@netuoso 1.027 -> Vote for witness
@steevc 1.0
@drakos 0.616 -> Vote for witness
@nettybot 0.513
@gohba.handcrafts 0.32
@mahdiyari 0.309
@shello 0.205
@crimsonclad 0.205
@awesomianist 0.205

New Witness Server

I've set up a new dedicated server for my witness. This is now my primary witness and my vps is now my backup witness. Conductor is set so in case my primary node goes offline my secondary node should take up the relay after 10 missed blocks in less than 24 hour. I haven't missed a block in more than a month.

My witness now rank #32. I'm very grateful to everyone. All this support is really pushing me to become a better person and do more for others.

My Next Post

I've felt it being born in my soul 2-3 days ago. I should conjure it up on paper in the coming days. I can't wait to see what will come out. I recommend reading my previous post for anyone interesting to learn more about me.

I've been enjoying life and I look toward giving back as much as possible.

In The Name Of Freedom

Getting Better At Basic Video Editing

Thanks to @liondani for connecting me back with this awesome song. (Youtube)

For some reasons I had issues with video quality.

Approving My Witness!

Would you consider voting for my witness to help us Steeming the world we all long for?

Thank you for reading and for commenting! I read all comments and appreciate them all except the spam obviously!

Steem 101

The Chats!

Good To Know

  • I use Markdown Pad (free version) to create my posts.
  • How to align pictures.

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Thank you @teamsteem & everyone who's commented. I've responded to a few of the comments here but spammers never sleep it seems. I really do appreciate all the support the community has given me over the past months.

Every delegation or donation adds up!

Hello and thanks for your noble work! I have noticed some people will quickly reply to a post, and then instantly they will have their reply to the post upvoted by a ton of accounts. It isn't people doing it either. They are using some sort of bot or service. Has this issue been addressed too? It's another problem I see with the platform, and I'm hoping we can resolve it. Again, thanks!

I have delegated 1,000 SP to @spaminator to help the cause too.

Awesome! Thanks @finnian! I'm not sure I understood what you meant. If I understand you correctly what you describe is part of what @spaminator is fighting.

If you think there's another issue just let us know here or in private. @spaminator is always improving.

It may be the same thing. Your posts are a good example. You'll have a trending popular post, and some random person will reply quickly with a short reply. Then as soon as they post that reply, they will get 10-15 upvotes to their reply. It is automated though, not real people upvoting. I've had this happen on my posts before. When I ask the person about the auto upvotes their reply got, they will always feign ignorance too.

I've noticed some short comments getting lots of votes too. I've even had some meaningless comment get upvoted more than the I did for the artilce I wrote!!
I agree that this needs addressing and is probably harder to notice and monitor than posts, as comments can appear anywhere.
Great project, I'm going to follow and upvote @patrice and @spaminator. Wishing you luck and success with it all.

Thank you for your work Patricia! This is only the beginning!

I know I came across this post a little too late and I don't have enough SP to delegate but I appreciate what you're doing here. Let me know if you need an extra hand to flagging down spams, not only in english but other languages as well LOL... @patrice... keep up the good stuff :)

Thank you! I'll keep you in mind if I do.

i dont know the rule of witness please tell me,,,,,....


You're worried about the $220 that this comment farm has been exploiting. What about the thousands that the whales rape out of the reward pool each day? What about the whales that bully, censor and threaten on this platform? Do you have the guts to take a stand against them as well and do what's right or will your hammer of justice just fall upon the weaker guys?

It's not just 220$. The amount overtime was so large that I preferred not to mention it.

People can't allocate the part of the reward pool they don't control or own, then can only allocate the part they control or own. If someone would be able to control part of the reward pool that isn't their, that would be akin to thief or communism and that's not what Steem is about, it is in some sense the exact opposite.

Things can't be censored on Steem. As for bullying or any undesirable behavior, we should entertain the opposite behavior and try to cultivate the environment that facilitate the behaviors we want for ourselves and others. I'm working on setting up those environment but this isn't a one day deal. Patience is required for some goals to be achieve.

Whoever feels like they have been unjustly flag by Spaminator can appeal to them.

I am seething about a post which I found 'hidden'. There is no such thing as hidden, as You Tube and Google have taught us. If it is hidden, it is as good as censored, when in social media.

The person did nothing wrong, no plagiarising and nothing else bad that I can see. He posts his own material and in this post of 9 days ago, he has some upvotes, even if they are not worth any money, he has had 30 visitors, but his post gets hidden for being of low interest? Surely that should disqualify at least 90% of all posts? Why is he being picked on?

((I see he is from Nigeria and when he saw my comment addresed to Steemit, he sent me a message, telling me he is thinking of withdrawing from Steemit. I've asked him not to do so. ))

Then, once I have clicked on unhide and enter his post, now I find his images are hidden, as a separate hide function. Then all his comments are hidden as a separate function, again!

The reason, for low interest in his post! So what, is that now a crime here?

I am preparing to make a post protesting this very strongly. If you feel I am wrong, please go to my blog and check under my comments what I intend posting, or else ask me to give you his url, and I will hold off so as to give you a chance to advise me where I am wrong - if you think I am.

If I have not heard from you, or someone, within 24 hours, I will then post, as I think it is only fair that as many Steemitians know about these systematic forms of bullying and censorship.

Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading my comment.

I just saw the post that you mentioned. I'm unsure why that account has started randomly downvoting. I don't have the SP to personally combat their downvotes on posts that do not contain any abuse. I urge anyone who is downvoted by @triplej to visit #steemitabuse and ask for help. There are volunteers that stop in and will help upvote posts that are flagged maliciously.

Censorship is when something is made unavailable. Hidden is not censorship.

You should provide me with the url. If you feel prefer doing it privately you can too, through the

Let me add that we are not in control of other people's actions. We can disagree and can make our disagreement public.

Thanks for responding, as I can see from just this page how busy you are.

This is not the time to debate whether it is censorship or not, let us just say we agree to disagree and if you have some free time one day, we can discuss it. Anyway, my comments were based on a misunderstanding (I confess I did not think it through, as I should have) but I thought this had been done by whatever passes for a monitor or Admin here. I'm glad it is not so.

I am more concerned by something I perceived to be an injustice.
This is his link:

There is another post, about gaming, not much further down, which has also been affected. I did not check any further down.

I look forward to hearing you have dealt with the matter and he is free to continue posting.

Btw, I should mention, I only first visited his site now and did not know him, so I am solely upset by what felt like an injustice to me.

It happens sometimes on Steem. The best thing to do is asking the person why they down voted and try to understand them and try to see if we can change their mind if we disagree with them. Also, the reward has been return to the reward pool.

How do I find out who did it?

As for comment about being returned to the reward pool, are you saying the victim, if he truly was blameless, loses his money, or that it is given back to him?

Sorry, but I think you were presuming I would understand more than I do.

Thanks for reminding me who the good players are around here so I can vote for their witness, I've been busy moving! :)

I'm glad you are enjoying my effort and I'm grateful that you've expressed it!

I hope the moving part has and is going well!

Take care Shakti!

Thank you're the best xx. All settled in for the most part now. Now back to work here :)

Thanks for the update @teamsteem. I appreciate the help you've shown and im going to vote for you as a witness now that I remember.. appreciate you my friend. Go Canada! 👍😎

Thank you! I appreciate your support!

Drop by teamcanada chat on discord sometime, love to chop it up with ya! Cheers

I'm solely a Canadian because I was forced to. Nonetheless it's true that people which are geographically close share something important.

I'll try to drop by in the chat more often in the future.


your smile is so natural....

Thank you so much for making this stellar post, this will be sure to give @spaminator the power they need to stop these farms right in their tracks!! You all ROCK!!!

Thank you for all your support and help over the last few months. It has really helped.

You're welcome, I wish I could have done more! Thank you for your absolutely tireless efforts, I'm so so so so happy that it's paying off now! :) This is such awesome news!

We'll do our very best. I have my ideas on how to achieve this.

Exciting times :) :) Horray for Solutions!

Thanks for this important initiative to keep the blockchain clean :)
I don´t have that much SP to delegate, but I vote for you as witness!

Thank you for your support.

People who want to support the project can help by supporting @patrice's posts and approving @patrice's witness.

Already did that!

Would you consider voting for my witness to help us Steeming the world we all long for?

Just gave my 10th vote to @teamsteem

And drew your portrait today in my "I Tried! - Illustrator - Episode 5"

Awesome! Thank you! And awesome artwork! Thanks! I love it!

i will vote for you on witness category...thanks for wonderful info..

I’m glad you liked it :)

Hey there sweetie! So today is my one year anniversary, and I decided to do a collage style tribute-- the picture at the top here is so cute, and the picture of you-yep also cute, haha! Anyway, if you get a chance to take a look-

Hi @teamsteem
Have not seen this post until now, but it's important that people read it.
and I will vote @patrice's witness
NOTE It was too late to re-steemed, so I create a small post with link to the post

Thank you @xpilar! Patricia is awesome! She's doing awesome work for Steem!

Yes, we need help with fighting spam.
Appreciate what she does with it

If I had that much steem or even some where close to it I would have definitely delegated it to help my friend @patrice though for now all I can do is give my best wishes to you @teamsteem .... OHHHH and yeah the witness upvote too Hahah :) Best of Luck

I don't have much, but this is one of those services that everyone who cares about the quality of Steemit should be taking note of- and after we talked about a greater need for this sort of service, I'm happy to help in some small way. I've pushed a bit of SP to @spaminator; it may not be much, but it's awesome to see so many people pulling together to improve the platform for all.

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Any time! I keep around half of my meager SP delegated out where I can. You know where to find me when you require any help or support that requires a more personal touch. :)

Thank you @crimsonclad!

That's horrible to know that such a good effort can fall short because of not having enough power to stop these spam voting rings. I've also been learning more about @patrice's spaminator project this past week, and the long hours to make Steemit a fairer place to those that write good articles.

Users get upset that there is a lot of scams and spams going around, but wouldn't use their own voting power to downvote posts. Even looking at my own SP now, my upvotes were at max 2 cents, and my down votes do nothing.

I was really happy to see you post about this. I may not be an orca or a whale (red fish, reporting in!), but I want to help as much as I can. If I can't use my power to combat spam, then at least I can lend some of it to someone that really can. Thank you again for making this post @teamsteem, your efforts never fail to amaze me.


Thank you! I was so discouraged at first when I couldn't find delegations. Every little bit helps!

No problem. You should bever feel down for doing something that will help many! Thank you for making Steemit fairier for everyone. <3

No worries, thank you again for the heads up!

I'm glad you enjoyed the song by the way.

I was not expecting the music to be super bubbly! Combined with your dancing, it was silly and uplifting.

Totally caught me off guard!

This is so great. You are the best @teamsteem by always helping and supporting and giving back to this community. I don't have much SP so I can't help very much, but I will definitely be following and supporting @patrice's posts and voting @patrice's for witness and of course, you got my vote as a witness too.
Thanks for reassuring me on my witness votes for @anyx and now @pfunk, @fubar-bdhr who created the awesome @steemcleaners.
I really feel like you are one of the very trustworthy people in this community since I've been following you and your actions of helping and giving back speak loud that I can be sure that when you recommend someone I can really trust that and it makes it easier for me to support all the right people and projects. I've been learning a lot from you, so thank you. By the way, love your moves. You got me dancing right with you.

Excellent mate. I can't delegate 1K but I'm putting up 150SP to the spaminators. Every little bit helps get rid of these annoying twits.

Good job @gohba.handcrafts. Being able to give something to help a great cause is always better than nothing.

Thank you for the support! It's really appreciated!

Great to see someone taking action over this! Upped & resteemed :)

Please help me about streemit

Thank you for your support @samstonehill!

No Spam Zone Here! Support the movement! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


right on, will send some right now to help, thanks for sharing this otherwise who knows how long it might have been until i saw it

Thank you! I powered up @spaminator with your donation.

Thank you for the support @doitvoluntarily!

I have been waiting for this. hours and hours on end of looking at spam posts made me want to flag them all if only i have the power to do so. I have powered down to 400+ SP for steemfest, so i guess my contribution would not be enough.

But I'd like to delegate 100SP to @spaminator. If that helps.

It does help! Any amount is appreciated.

great to hear that. I'll do it. lemme read up on how to delegate it and i'll delegate to you asap.

I'll do my best to help @spaminator! Have fun in SteemFest! I'll be looking for your posts!

Owh thank you!! I'll be posting as much picture as i take. Hope to give you access to another set of eyes in the event!! haha.

by the way You're not going there yourself?

This is great, I knew there had to be a bot solution to these bot issues. I don't believe in intellectual property laws, but I can see how the unauthorized use of unoriginal material could be a problem legally. For me, Steemit's value to the world is partly for it's unique content, things that only can be found here, instead of copied material from elsewhere on the internet.

Thanks for all that you do, I appreciate it a lot. I'll go check out @patrice.

It's not a 100% bot solution. More like 25% bot 75% human at the moment. I believe plagiarism and identity deception will have a negative impact on Steemit if it isn't deterred.

I didn't mean to give all the credit to the bots! I appreciate what you are doing for Steemit, and when I saw that massive list of accounts that you have identified as one of our problems, I could see the benefit of the automated assistance there. I'm glad to know that there are people here like you who are willing and able to combat this issue, thank you!

Thank you for the support Paul!

There are also this category of people called 'leeches' who don't make any meaningful contribution to steemit. They just go around commenting "nice" and "great post" etc. But never upvoting. There some who say upvoted and resteemed, but when you check you find out that they are lying.

There some who say upvoted and resteemed, but when you check you find out that they are lying.

If they do not upvote or resteem you can report them to @steemcleaners.

If the MSP Anti-Abuse Team can help in any way, let me know. I will be glad to toss some assistance when and where I can.

Always a pleasure working with you. :)

Thank you @discordiant! This post is only part of the effort. We'll do what is necessary. Thank you for the support.

Great work cleaning up Steem! Thanks!

This post received a 20% vote by @msp-canada courtesy of @goldenarms from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Upvoting this comment will help support @minnowsupport.

help together.....

I'm new here but I like what you are doing, lots of spam going on here. I voted for @teamsteem as witness, keep up the great work!

Edit: Oh, and @patrice as witness too, of course.

Awesome! Thank you for the support!

done, delegated 526SP to @spaminator
Thanks for this kind of initiative!

Awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for Announcment @teamsteem
150 SP Delegated to @spaminator and going to vote @patrice witness.
Keep up good work @patrice

@commentwealth is willing to help in whatever way we can - we have very little in the way of delegation ability (all our SP is delegated to us) but we try to do similar things, including flagging spam for minnows who might not feel comfortable doing so.

Make sure to support the witness who support the project if you can. Thank you!

hello total support in this project vote for you @teamsteem I will be aware of all your publications, I will also follow your social networks like twitter and facebook right now! success with what you propose. you won a follower.

Awesome! Make sure to support the witnesses who support the project. Well if you think they merit it. Thank you for the support!

earning those good karma points ;) nice post my friend

I already voted for @patrice's witness,....

I'll be able to add more within a few weeks, initiatives like this are badly needed..
i love ur post....

Always a pleasure working with you......

thnx all voting me,,,,,&
support me...


voted for you witness sir.

Your most welcome sir. It's my pleasure to meet you. Thanks for your visit.

You guys (and girl ;) ) rock for making steem a better spam free place for us all. You all have my vote for witness and will support as much as possible by upvoting the content. Thanks and keep up the good work

Great work you guys are doing. Keep it up!

Good news and useful this morning, I really want to try Spaminator is a project led by @patrice, but I still do not really understand, but I am very interested, because the world of Agriculture and Livestock is one area that I'm in.
I am determined to continue to explore this project, for the next will try to apply it.

I hope than that project will improve the steemit social media and eradicate the spam espece 😂 have a good day and if you can, upvote my post about the IPhone X its very interesting

This is a good project and this will ensure that the users that commented on the post really read the whole article, @patrice is a really hardworking person. Actually i am onced flagged by steemcleaners for not including sources or references. And actually got 0 reputation for that but @patrice gave me another chance because thats just my mistake for being a newbie. Anyway i think my respect for her is really high after that conversation . As much as I want to delegate steempower i am not that rich so I think voting you @teamsteem as a witness hope could be of help in someway for this project? God bless to your project guys hope it will be successful very soon

Awesome. I'm glad to read that and the delegation request is aimed a bit more toward orcas and witnesses.

We'll help all friends. So that everyone is strong......

Anything that makes steemit a better platform, I'm all for it...

Funniest part is most of the comments in here will be spam :(

I really hope you find the right people for the job since it's becoming a plague...

Spaminator only look to remove $ to spam comments and posts. It's not looking to fight automated comments and posts altogether.

Don't get me wrong it's a great way to start!

If they don't make money off it, they might stop

Good point.

It would be very nice Initiation @teamsteem. Spammers are spoiling the community.
In some cases I have seen that just a or two line post getting payout $50.(That two line had nothing important at all.)

I'll do my very best. This post is mostly a starting point.

All the best, that's what I can afford at the time.👍🏻👍🏻

Keep doing what you're doing. Bots will ruin this platform if nothing is done.

Bots will always be there and they can only operate through their owners. Some bots need to be counter, I agree.

My sp isn't much to delegate but I'm trying my best to raise it and as soon as it becomes a considerable amount I'll join the force. till then, I'll follow and up-vote all of the spam fighters you've mentioned and you have my witness vote now.
I'll be happy if there's anything else I can help with.

This sounds like a great initiative. I've been breathing, eating and sleeping the block chain for the last couple of months during my app development projects, and I've seen a lot of what is clearly gaming of the rewards system. Something like this initiative is sorely needed, and I hope you get the support you need. I have no sp to delegate, but have resteemed to spread the word. Good luck!

Thank you for the support!

I need your support. @teamsteem

We'll help all friends. So that everyone is strong......

I am in delegation cooldown at the moment. I got some SP for @spaminator, I will delegate what I can.

500 SP Delegated!

@teamsteem great idea to target and eliminate spam, great to se you guys care about the community good work :)

I am new member or stremmit, as you are experienced about it i need your help.

Ask permission for translate to my language Indonesian

Yup! Make sure to repost your post here as a comment. I'll support it.

Done for translation and done for upvote witness.
Thank you and hope you like it!

Read the post. Bounced on my boy for a while. Figured I might as well comment. I'm still very new and I've seen upvote services that might fall into this category of spam farming. Does this effect msp and steemfollower upvotes? What about minnowsupport upvotes? I think that having plagiarism checkers are fine. But when you start downvoting people simply because you find their content below average you're really going to limit the target audience for this platform. Without users you might as well close shop. Anyway, that's my five cents. I'll be prowling the dark halls of steemit some more before i decide to contribute my time and content here. Peace out homies.

Thank you for your valuable input.

It's true that some of those services can be use this way but those services are also looking to avoid being abused. If they don't, I think in the long run they will be shun by the community.

Bot commenting and voting is not audience nor is it engagement.

You should take a look at one spaminator's report if you haven't. Some of the comments have 80+ votes.

Yeah, bots and spam are what's ruining this otherwise excellent platform...

wow amazing post. your are great stemian.

Lots of comments or posts I have seen in last few day about abusing voting power by evil minded person. @patrice , @steemcleaners and others similar persons or group are fighting against those. I wish I can help them now by delegating my SP but I don't have enough as I am new here. But I moral support will be with them.

Make sure to support the witnesses who support the project if you haven't done so already!

We'll help all friends. So that everyone is strong......

Thank you @teamsteem & everyone who's commented. I've responded to a few of the comments here but spammers never sleep it seems. I really do appreciate all the support the community has given me over the past months.

Every delegation or donation adds up!

Commenting on blog is an art.good comments create relations, you are doing great work, keep it up.

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