Technological Abundance!

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Technological advancements have allowed us to produce more than ever before and have shown us the problem we're face with isn't one of lack but one of greed, where some people have taken to empower themselves at the expense of everyone else.

My Latest Series

This post is part 1 of a longer post and part of a series of posts listed below but can also be read on its own.

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Why I Do What I Do

I'm steeming because I want to disempower governments so as to empower everyone in a fair manner. I consider Steem in conjunction with other cryptocurrencies to be the best tools for achieving this goal and helping people come together in a meaningful way.

Live Life To The Fullest

Every time I write a post I try to write it as possibly the last thing I ever wrote or say. In some sense writing for Steem is the most meaningful thing I do hands down. There's nothing more meaningful I leave for this world than these words. Everything else I say is mostly forgotten pretty much instantaneously or if remembered and quoted, could deliberately or unintentionally be misquoted.

Even video and voice can easily be faked now to some degree. The 2 examples below are only the first publicly available iteration and will only get better from this point on.

Scarily convincing fake video tool puts words in Obama’s mouth

Researchers have created a new tool that takes audio files, converts them into realistic mouth movements, and then grafts those movements onto existing video. The end-result is a video of someone saying something they didn’t. [Source with video]

This robot speech simulator can imitate anyone's voice

A computer program that promises to be able to mimic any human voice after listening to a minute-long recording has prompted fears about the future of voice as a unique identifier. [Source]

The Realest Me

Somehow, the realest me is the one my Steem words describe.

The realest me wants to help people realize technologies are allowing us to produce more than ever before for ourselves and everyone else and that cryptocurrencies have initiate what is possibly the largest redistribution of power away from centralized unaccountable forms of governance toward more decentralized one.

These decentralized blockchain based technologies called cryptocurrencies are taking away from centralized authorities because good money/cryptocurrencies drives out bad money/national currencies. In other words, bad money tend to lose their value to the better one which is what is currently being observed with cryptocurrencies gaining value over national currencies or vice-versa, national currencies losing value over cryptocurrencies.

This shift in power is being meet with resistance but in the end decentralization and cooperation make more sense than the current violent predatory system of deception we're under, even for the people at the very highest echelons of power, as even these people could enjoy a much safer life if cooperation and honesty were to become the foundations of what link humanity together.

Working Toward A Joyful Rebellion

Cryptocurrencies are facilitating this joyful rebellion we all long for. We can't plant some Bitcoin, Steem or any other cryptocurrency and expect a Bitcoin, Steem or cryptocurrency tree to grow bearing some wealth for everyone but no tree or technology can unite humanity like cryptocurrencies do.

Bitcoin and Steem both enrich our world and don't subtract from one another. In the long run there's absolutely every reasons for Steemian to live and steem only their own most fundamental truth and in the long run there will be no better place for anyone to tell their truth than on Steem or a place based on the same principals where people's truth will be valued by everyone stakes influencing everyone else truth and behaviour.

There's currently a bit less than 258 millions $ worth of Steem, each Steem worth around 1,06$. The total value of all cryptocurrencies is currently less than 154 billions dollars.

If all cryptocurrencies were to be distributed equally to every human then every person would have around 22$ and everyone would be equally rich besides their material wealth. If people would be made aware that national currencies are created out of nothing then nobody in their right mind would consider those centrally issued currencies to be worth anything.

It's not the amount of money in our account that makes us who we are or the world what it is but rather the way we live in spite of how much or how little we have.

8 men Own Same Wealth As Half The World

I want to reiterate, whether or not governments intentionally or unintentionally put us in the situation we're in, where 8 men own more wealth than the poorest half of the world (3.6 billion people), just to mention this part, all of us gain from making the world a better place. [OXFAM]

I've already documented ample evidences that prove governments have deliberately put us in the situation we're in yet whether or not we all come to this conclusion, I think we should all seek to collaborate in this common quest for a brighter future.

Technological Abundance

As I've already said, our problem is not a lack of production per capita as our technologies allow us to produce more than ever before.

Food Production

Most of the work done to plant, harvest and transform the food we eat is done by robots which keep getting better. Here's some of the most mind boggling and deeply satisfying to watch.

Researchers grow crop using only automation [Link]

A farm in the United Kingdom is the first in the world to successfully plant, tend and harvest a crop without a single person ever setting foot in the field, according to researchers and developers involved in the project.


Good housing can now be build for cheaper, easier and faster than ever with local material and almost no specialize knowledge. Some of those houses can passively regulate their temperature, heat and cool, harvest all the water they need as well as produce some food. Here are some of those building technics and technologies that are revolutionizing housing.

Fully 3D Printed Building

  • Contour Crafting (6m)
  • Apis Cor (1m)

Fully Automated Construction

  • Fastbrick Robotics: Hadrian 105 Time Lapse (2m)
  • Fastbrick Robotics: Hadrian 105 First Look Revealed (4m)

Ecoshell One

Super smart and simple construction method.

  • Monolithic Ecoshell Introductory (9m)
  • Modern Day Dream Homes (9m)

Recycled Paper And Plastic House

Concrete Tent

Smart Brick Fully Automated Construction

Earthbag House

300$ houses!

Dome House


Probably the most revolutionary house. The ideas behind Earthship should be taken into account in the construction of all future houses. They harvest and filter all the water they need. They heat themselves passively to some extent and maintain a comfortable temperature even in the blazing heat without air conditioner. They produce some food inside the greenhouse as well as outside the house even in semi desertic region. Are build mostly out of recycled and local materials. Can be build by non-specialized worker.

  • Earthship 101 Part II (5m)
  • Earthship Disaster Relief for the People of Haiti (5m)
  • Construction From Recycled Plastic Bottles (9m)
  • Earthship Virus (6m)
  • Earthships: self-sustaining homes for a post-apocalyptic US? (40m)

Peer-To-Peer Protection System

Peacekeeper is the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer protection system. We aim to build a new smartphone app, Peacekeeper 2.0. Become a force for good in your neighborhood.

This app is now defunct. I'm not sure there exist an alternative. There's a lot to be gain from re-building such an app. Integrating such an app with Steem could make such an app even more useful, so that when most people we know are on Steem, we can easily alert some preselected friends with a simple click.

Different buttons for different situations, home invasion, heart attack, fire, etc, all of which could have their different lists of contacts.

The Transportation Revolution

Terrafugia TF-X

  • 4 seat hybrid with wings
  • No need for runway (Vertical take off)
  • Computer controlled flights
  • 200 MPG cruise speed
  • 500 Miles range

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars will first automate the delivery of goods where only one driver will be necessary to drive many truck following each others in a convoy. Trucks in the convoy might be taken up by other drivers when leaving the highways and arriving in cities. Trucks in those convoy will drive very close to one another saving large amount of fuel. They will also reduce the need for truck drivers a lot. This will have a massive impact on the world we live in. Kits costing a couple thousands of dollar will be added to trucks to make them self-driving trucks. Morgan Stanley estimate that these technologies could same the industry 168 billions a year.

"A staggering 80% of all cargo in America is transported by the trucking industry, four times as much as air (8%), pipeline (6%), rail (4%), and water (2%) combined."

7.1M people are employed by the trucking industry. (6% of the U.S. population) [Source]

Fully Self-Driving Cars

Fully self-driving cars will be even more disruptive and could follow not long after self-driving cars.

"The report, released Thursday by technology think tank RethinkX, claims that there will be a mass shift in ownership 10 years after autonomous vehicles are legalized for widespread public use. After that point, using a ride-hailing service will cost around $3,400 per year, compared to car ownership that will cost around $9,000 per year. A difference of $5,600 annually might be enough to push the idea of car ownership off a cliff for many consumers who grew up using Uber Pool." [Source]

"Insurance companies. The data so far suggests that the introduction of self-driving cars will reduce the number of traffic accidents by upward of 90%. Lots of consequences here, including redefining the whole idea of personal car insurance."

"Automobile repair shops. 90% fewer accidents means a lot less revenue for the 500,000 or so automobile repair shops. It will also give rise to a new industry in repairing automated cars, and specifically the technology that makes them tick." [Source]

  • Self-driving cars not feasible in 5 years, automakers say [Link]
  • Cars that drive themselves while you sleep only two years away, says Elon Musk [Link]
  • Your Next Car May Be a Living Room on Wheels [Link]
  • 5 Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Forever Disrupt the Future of Hospitality [Link]
  • Autonomous Cars Unbundle Real Estate [Link]
  • Self-driving cars could reduce accidents by 90 percent, become greatest health achievement of the century [Link]
  • Making All Cars Driverless Would Reduce Emissions By 90 Percent [Link]
  • Futuristic Simulation Finds Self-Driving ‘TaxiBots’ Will Eliminate 90% of Cars, Open Acres of Public Space [Link]
  • Uber will buy all the self-driving cars that Tesla can build in 2020 [Link]
  • 30 companies are now making self-driving cars [Link]
  • On the road with George Hotz’s $1,000 self-driving car kit [Link]
  • 99 Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Totally Change Everything [Link]
  • Uber should be operating 100 self driving cars by the end of this year [Link]
  • Lyft co-founder says most of its cars will be autonomous in 5 years [Link]
  • Big boost for self-driving cars: Osram cuts lidar cost to less than $50 [Link]
  • A Self-Driving Uber Car Went the Wrong Way On a One-Way Street in Pittsburgh [Link]
  • Trapping a Self-Driving Car is Surprisingly Easy [Link]

The Boring Comapny

The Boring Company is already starting to dig a hole in the parking lot of Musk’s SpaceX/Tesla Los Angeles office, but now we have a much better idea of what the visionary CEO has in mind for the network of tunnels they are starting in the middle of Los Angeles.

City-To-City Travel By Rocket

"Anywhere on Earth in under an hour, for around the same price as an economy airline ticket." - Elon Musk [Source]

Flying Taxi

Flying taxi to make first flight in 2018, says Airbus [Source]

Emerging Decentralized Technologies

I've already listed many technological advancement in a previous post under the subchapter named "Emerging Decentralized Technologies" most of them are fully decentralized while some are only semi decenralized or simply leading to more decentralization, things like 3D printer of metals, graphene, plastics, bio 3D printers, 3D printers online marketplace. services like UBER, Airbnb, Fiverr, and many more awesome technological advancements some of which not a lot of people are aware of.

Greenhouse Gases

We all know the problems linked to greenhouse gases are very difficult to solve yet most people don't realize what it would take. If all the land used for grazing by livestock would be reforested, we would sequester at least 265 tons of carbon which is greater than the 242 ton of carbon we added to the atmosphere since the industrial era began. These are numbers taken directly from the IPCC and basic forestry. According to some computer model within 20 years 80% of this sequestration could happen simply by removing the livestock. [Source] (I verified those numbers myself and did the math a year ago. I haven't verified the 20 years thing but the rest of the numbers where within what I arrived at.)

This would also take care of the second greatest anthropomorphic source of methane. It's also very possibly the greatest source. Methane traps up to 100 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide within a 5 year period, and 72 times more within a 20 year period. The good news is that methane also leaves the atmosphere within a decade while carbon dioxide is estimated of the order of 30–95 years. [Wikipedia]

Most of the way livestock is raised today is very wasteful and bad for the environment to an extend most people haven't fully realized. It is also cause for a lot of unncessary suffering.

People would gain from knowing those numbers and that those things can be achieved.

Thailand Seed Bombs: Aerial Reforestation

Thailand Creating Forests by Dropping Millions of Trees Out of Aircraft

"The tree cones are pointed and designed to bury themselves in the ground at the same depth as if they had been planted by hand. They contain fertilizer and a material that soaks up surrounding moisture, watering the roots of the tree. The containers are metal but rot immediately so the tree can put its roots into the soil."

Re-Planting a Forest, One Drone at a Time

"It’s all part of an ambitious plan by BioCarbon Engineering, a U.K.-based startup on a global mission to battle widespread clear-cutting, which strips more than 26 billion trees off the planet each year. CEO Lauren Fletcher, who spent 20 years as an engineer with NASA, says the only way to fight industrial-scale deforestation is with industrial-scale reforestation. Their idea: plant 1 billion trees a year. The first targets are in South Africa and the Amazonian jungles, both of which have suffered from widespread forest eradication."

"BioCarbon Engineering, based in the UK, has developed a system of planting trees with drones, at just a fraction of the cost (15%) of traditional reforestation methods, and at a speed that manual planting can't match." [Link]

Re-greening The Desert

"All the world's problems can be solved in a garden!" - Geoff Lawton

"Nearly 800 million people are chronically undernourished as a direct consequence of land degradation, declining soil, fertility, unsustainable water use, drought and biodiversity loss, requiring long-term solutions to help communities increase resilience to climate change, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared today."

"“Over the next 25 years, land degradation could reduce global food productivity by as much as 12 per cent, leading to a 30 per cent increase in world food prices,” he added." [Source]

  • How does the Groasis waterboxx work against desertification (4m)

I feel important to note that the United Nation are a creation of some Nations and will always be inferior as a mode of governance than what cryptocurrencies provide.

Food Forest

" The forest, compared to conventional forests grow 10 times faster, are 30 times denser, 100 times more biodiverse."

"Forest gardening is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans. Making use of companion planting, these can be intermixed to grow in a succession of layers, to build a woodland habitat."

"Forest gardening is a prehistoric method of securing food in tropical areas. Forest gardens are probably the world's oldest form of land use and most resilient agroecosystem." [Wikipedia]

The African Great Green Wall

"The Great Green Wall was conceived as a 7,700-kilometer tree belt stretching the length of the Sahara Desert. Around 15% of the Wall has already been planted, largely in Senegal, where four million hectares have reportedly been restored."

"That's what the African Union proposed in 2007, a "Great Green Wall" that was to be the largest living structure on the planet."

"The Great Green Wall Initiative for the Sahara and Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI) has since gained rocket boosters. Today, the Initiative has 21 African countries participating, over $4 billion of pledged funding, and heavyweight partners from the World Bank to the French government."

"The projects has sky-high ambitions; to restore 50 million hectares of land, provide food security for 20 million people, create 350,000 jobs, and sequester 250 million tons of carbon."

"Work is already well underway. The GGWSSI recently claimed that 15% of trees have been planted, largely in Senegal, with four million hectares of land restored." [Source]

Powering The Future

"We see renewables growing by about 1,000 GW (gigawatts) by 2022, which equals about half of the current global capacity in coal power, which took 80 years to build," Birol said in a statement. [Source]

Life Extension Technology

  • Scientists Can Reverse DNA Aging in Mice [Link]
  • Aubrey de Grey Says There's A Chance Of Major Anti Aging Breakthroughs In The Next 6-7 Years [9m]
  • BioViva FIJI - First Clinic to Treat Aging [7m]
  • Did A Biotech CEO Reverse Her Own Aging Process? Probably Not [Link]
  • Will we really live to 1000 years - Aubrey de Grey (12m)

"I have been aware for many years that most people do not think about aging in the same way that they think about cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease. They are strongly in favor of the absolute elimination of such diseases as soon as possible, but the idea of eliminating aging—maintaining truly youthful physical and mental function indefinitely—evokes an avalanche of fears and reservations. Yet, in the sense that matters most, aging is just like smoking: It’s really bad for you." ― Aubrey de Grey

"I think it's reasonable to suppose that one could oscillate between being biologically 20 and biologically 25 indefinitely." ― Aubrey de Grey

Becoming A Multiplanet Species

The plan laid out by SpaceX to establish a colony on Mars is simply mind-blowing.

The update on SpaceX plan can be seen here.

The Boring Colony On Mars


This is part 1 of a larger post. I had to split it in 2 because the post was too large for the current Steem limit. I really tried to trim the post down so it would fit in one post but in the end it made more sense to split it. I'll post the next part in a couple of days. There're almost the same length. This is the error I was getting.

 fc::raw::pack_size(trx) <= (get_dynamic_global_properties().maximum_block_size - 256):

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Witness #40

Would you consider voting for my witness to help us Steeming the world we all long for?

Thank you for reading and for commenting! I read all comments and appreciate them all except the spam obviously!

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This was a beautiful post @teamsteem, this age of cryptocurrency is an enlightening endeavor that showcases how much governmental control all of us are essentially under at all times. Countries and banks bail themselves out all the time by simply "printing more money". Where's the fairness in that?

Your tie in to decentralized currency is right on the money as it lets everyone freely control and move their finances without institutions draining enormous fees from us. We are the drivers of our lives, not the banks, not our governments but us.

I'm glad that you write every post as your last, because tomorrow isn't guaranteed for any of us. I enjoy all the motivation that you provide the community as a whole, no matter what we have or don't we should all be striving for a better future, for everyone.


Bitcoin also keeps itself alive by printing more Bitcoin. Any currency requires inflation to motivate its survial. Maybe you should Google up on game theory to understand what motivates adoption of currencies.


Bitcoin actually has a definitive amount of coins, that is known as a "controlled supply" on how many will be available in total. There are many things that help a currency adopt and maintain a value. In cryptocurrency, things like the security of the coin, how many there will be, and what projects it is used for can fluctuate the price. You can learn more about the limited supply of Bitcoin itself here c:


All that matters is market cap. If there's a limited supply, then the price of each unit will increase instead.

Honestly speaking, you write such amazing posts so I don't even know how to reply without sounding like a bot. - "Good post!" or whatever doesn't really fit.

Your post more than often makes me hesitant to reply, because I truly can't add a single thing to it. You're doing an amazing job @teamsteem, and I love to read every single piece you write. Even though I don't comment on everything you write, I'm still here, reading and learning. - Thank you very much!


Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. Comments are really guiding. There's thing comments can do that upvote can't and vice versa!


I definitely agree with you. Even though I appreciate every single upvote I get and all the followers I have and the support I get, comments are truly rewarding. - I always consider comments to be a huge token of appreciation but I've actually been pretty bad to comment myself. I often respond to the comments on my own articles and such, but I've had a pretty hard time figuring out exactly how to approach Steemit a bit differently so I can comment on others people's content too. More than I've been doing in the past. - It all comes down to the amount of time I've spent doing things I could've focused a bit less on. - It's crazy but I've been struggling due to all the things I want to do on and for Steemit so I've actually neglected myself a bit doing that... - Luckily, I've managed to come up with a decent plan for the time management now so I'll be able to comment more than before.

That being said, one obstacle still remains. To come up with solid comments that makes sense and brings something to the table. In this case, my comment wasn't bringing much to the table, more than giving you credits for your amazing job. - I can't do that on all your upcoming articles... ;)

I need to trust my instincts and allow myself to express my feelings about certain subjects I'm not used to discuss. - That's the only way I'll become an even better person, and Steemian.

Thanks for all the support you've given me too. It has definitely been a huge motivator for me.


You are right, some times you appreciate what the writer did but saying something tangible might be difficult. But I think giving praises to them is better than not commenting at all.


Yes i can tell @teamsteem wants to have 3d printers to print up houses! i can tell he wants a ticketto space and mars too! i canot waut to be on that spacehip to mars, using my talet in space with interplanetary wifi to blog the whole space trip on steemit live, but there will be lagin spae, mars canbe several mins away from earth and speed of light steill takes few mins to get there and back so internet will be slow, and martians will need their own styeem witnesses and bitcoin nodes!

Anyway I cannot wait for even more technological abunance but we just meed more mony for moe people! we have to fix our econoy and create more jobs expand local small business and we will be god! everyone on earth can be fed and will eb fed, 800 million still go hungry every night in 2017 and this can end, we can end the hunger and the need we can create a planet where people have jobs and small business is protected and 1 man can do the work of 10 online !!!

SOOO many unemployed bored people on the planet who can ALLL be pit to work helping people make money online and steemit si a great example of how u could take a room fo 100 unemployed but motivated and smart people and get em using steemit! Viola you just created jobs for them!

We will teach people in Africa for example how to use youtube and how to create Music Videos dance videos music videos youtube vlogs etc etc entertainment will be their strength! and we send them electronics and bitcoin and steem! I made this graphic to represent the symbiosis with me and @tj4real and @mcsamm in Ghana for example

But yes @hitmeasap teams team has helped so many of us! i too have received many upvotes from him in the past and he has really helped me too and i hope I can continue receiving his precious helpful upvotes in teh future! its a great feeling to know that youre connected to a decentralized horizontal power grid that works!

Really nice post, you seem to be a very nice person! I am thinking as well the new technologies could change the world to a much better place and am talking to everybody I know ( most people call me kind of crazy because they don´t want to face reality - and some even don´t want to see the good that technology can bring) Maybe most people are that stuck in their world, they rather want to stay on the dark side, than changing to the beautiful side of life, maybe it´s too much media influence, too much pressure in their jobs etc.... but if one opens the eyes there wouldn´t be any need for such excuses....let´s change the world to a more beautiful place for everybody (indeed I believe this world is the paradise (even with all the shadows, but it isn´t the earth which is causing wars, evil, etc.), and the only myth is we have to reach this place in the afterlife.


The challenges we're face with are great and everyone have their own path. Surely by media you mean the propaganda apparatus of the billionaires. It's important to call them by their name cause people end up thinking this apparatus really is the media bringing them the news.

Yeah this apparatus, Hollywood comprise is having a incredibly huge influence on our world.


yes , just like that ;) the influence of that is huge, and generations have been manipulated in such a strong way, it is really hard to change their views. And I can understand this as well. We grew up in a world, where we yet knew there must be something wrong, since we were children, so it was a small step to open up the eyes and face reality. If you grew up half of your life in a world that was fine, after 2nd ww, and then after more then 40, 50 60 years someone tells you that you served the evil most of your life, just by working, believing, thinking theres nothing wrong going on, then I can imagine it must be a hard thing to suddenly see the truth (and yeah we are seeking comfort as human beings, and this is not a comfortable thing to admit, this must be a feeling like falling into an open knife) :(

Hey, @teamsteem! Check out Cell 411. I was a supporter of Peacekeeper in the beginning, but they took a wrong turn. Then I could no longer support their project. Virgil's Cell 411 is perfect however. It is helping people across the world as an emergency alert app for friends, family, and neighbors.

People in Nigeria for example are using it to coordinate emergency first responder activity. They do not have tax funded emergency services, so they use the app to create their own. Everyone should have it installed. I run a couple cells for my city of Charlottesville, VA. It is the liberty lover's replacement for government provided services.

You can create private and trusted networks or join random ones in your area. I have one that is nation wide too for a specific network of long distance friends. If anyone uses it and is near me, please let me know. We should connect within the app.


I knew there was something. Thank you very much for this awesome comment!


You're very welcome, friend! Yes, definitely please check out his app. It does what Peacekeeper should have done, but Cell 411 beat them to the finish line. Cell 411 is much better for liberty lovers too who do not want government services unless there's no other choice.

Every post is a new damn book! This is gonna take some time, haha. Thanks for eating up so much of my time, ya bastard!


Hahaha! I really appreciate you leaving comments every time. Not all comments are created equals!


Those are all amazing I can already see the future through this post and that is cryptocurrency will change the worls.Steemit and steem as well as bitcoin will change every life.So Im preaparing my self and trying to explain to others as well that technology upgrades as well as human beings lifestyle. So I have to spread this words of yours to open peoples mind about reality and future.


Correction : 8 men don't own half the world , what Oxfam says is " Published: 16 January 2017
Eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity, according to a new report published by Oxfam today to mark the annual meeting of political and business leaders in Davos.


True. I need to correct this. I wrote this too fast. Dumb mistake by me. I've just corrected it.


All good sir .. it happens . I have many slips .. but overall what an effort !! Awesome ..

This is the most inspiring post I've ever read on steemit. I'm from Africa and I never knew an initiative like the Great Green wall was in existence plus many other that I just came across through this post.

What I have read in this write up has spurred me on to that ultimate goal of working for the general betterment and sustenance of humanity.

I foresee a future of equality, poverty eradication, individual freedom and lots of wonderful things through the benefits provided by technological advances and abundance.

Human potential is truly unlimited and the new things that keep coming everyday are an attestation to that. How beautiful will it be if we can truly reverse the effects of aging, I pray to be alive when that happens.

This is the best time to be alive. Thank you so much @teamsteem for sharing such informative inspiration. You are appreciated


This comment has received a 1.56 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

Scarcity Scenario : Survival Options
Buy Stuff -> Need Money -> Work -> Get Money -> Buy Stuff->Need Money -> Work -> Get Money -> Buy Stuff->Need Money -> Work -> Get Money -> Buy Stuff-> ....

Post-Scarcity Scenario : Startrekments
Do What You Like -> Replicate Stuff -> Explore Strange New Worlds - > Replicate Stuff -> Do What You Like -> Replicate Stuff -> Explore Strange New Worlds - > ....


Maybe this scenario: Do what you like while robot do everything else.
3 scenario: You wanna be a professional builder - robots do this, You wanna be a judge - robots, you wanna be sex worker - robots etc What to do? Write post on steemit and travel?


Agreed. People need to be come experts in professions not easily replaced by automation or robots. Our children especially need to understand this. If you can be replaced with automation or robots, you will be replaced! I tell my children to learn at least two languages in addition to their main one, and they are taught to learn a trade and a profession. As humans we should never stop improving ourselves and our skills.


offtopic This comment is not related to the post but, as a new father myself, I eat up all sensible advice on raising children whenever I come across one. 100% agree! Children today deserve more of our attention.


Congratulations! It's such a huge responsibility. I never want to have to ask for forgiveness from one of my children for something I did not do. They will grow up understanding the importance of integrity and honor. Even at a young age, they already know how valuable individual liberty is and how it is worth any price.

I never cease to be impressed by you my friend, as always your enthusiasm for steemit and decentralization is an inspiration. But what really stands out is the amount of effort you put into your posts. Can I ask you how long it takes you to create an article like this?

Also, I've been meaning to ask you if you have a particular post that outlines what you do as a witness or an 'About Me' style post? As you may have seen, I have you and two others at the bottom of each one of my posts as a suggestion to my readers to vote for. I would love to add a link to a post like I've described next to your name :) Thank you for everything you do!


Hmm. Steem ate my comment but I was able to take a screen shot before it did.

I usually spend more than 10 hours on each post but I think it's been more like a minimum of 15 hours on the last 10-20 posts maybe with an exception or two.

Hi @teamsteem, All these big projects including pouncing upon Mars after ruining the planet earth and technological advancement sound great. However, the fact remains fact that only a few get benefitted from it. There is cure even for some fatal diseases but people still die from hepatitis C because they have to drink the same water that their animals drink. So, to me, this article is great like all your previous ones, but I dare to differ by saying that all this advancement is meaningless.

Steem On!


That was what the post was about but I had to cut it in 2.


Oh I'm sorry dear @teamsteem for being too hasty and making you reveal the upcoming episode. :D


It's okay. The second part is implying what you said but it's mostly about something else.


Without borders and governments making them, peaceful people could more easily migrate to places on the planet where scarcity is not a problem. If you live near mountains and in a forest for example, you can sustain life indefinitely. If you are born in a desert, you should move. There's plenty of space on this planet too. There's abundance if we got all the restrictions and control systems out of the way.

Wow, what a post!
I'm 100% behind the blockchain revolution as a way to strip away the power from our current control mechanism, although I fear they're not going to go easy. In the background I'm convinced plans are afoot to try and regulate and outright take control of the Cryptocurrencies. You're a savvy guy so you must be well aware that technology is being placed to ensure full spectrum control over every aspect of our lives. Sadly while the latest technologies have the potential to make the world a happy, safer and fairer place it is unlikely that will ever be the case unless more people wake up to the realities of the world.
Technology sold to us as beneficial will be used for nefarious ends unless we are incredibly vigilant and force enmasse the governments to act ethically. I don't think we're even close to being there yet but share your hope that humanity can get there eventually.
Thanks for having the integrity to produce great work here over and over again.


I've heard about full spectrum control. I think everything is possible is not the whole humanity would already be locked up.

Great satisfaction only comes from overcoming great challenges. That's why great challenges are important.


Agreed, let's hope this platform and the great work produced here can be a catalyst for the changes required. The challenge is noble and won't be easy to achieve however all will benefit from its success. I hope it happens in my lifetime, if not at least I'll go knowing I did my bit to contribute to a better world.


All we can do is drive forward towards maximizing individual liberty. We'll leave a lot of people behind, but it does not matter. Some people, unfortunately, seem to want to be ruled. Those of us who do not will build a better world without them.


Yes I totally agree. I pity those who wish to be ruled, what a cowering existence it must be.

You are right in your reasoning! Governments monopolized the patetnym system and want to take away and hide the best technologies, and leave only beneficial for themselves. But progress is made by ordinary people - engineers, designers, inventors! Progress is not avoided through evolution or revolution. Blockchain, steem, bitcoin - revolution!

It is an educational post! Seriously!!

After browsing all those nonsense posts with no clue and watch them earning easy dollars!

I was feeling down with my original posts and hard work I spent my time and not worthing a dime

I was feeling so depressed!

I thought to myself this is bad ! Worthless networking countless flaws and hundreds of dollars doesn’t add! There’s something wrong with this Steemit! Then I take a leap of faith and opened my browser for the last time! There it was ! technological abundance!! answer to all my feelings and questions!
It’s not that what I feel or think is wrong but there are lots and lots of young steemians here whom the story of a young dog barking on the sideway might be more interesting than me posting my photos with captioning my heart out!
That’s all it is and will be and people (actually for old timers like me😉😂)just have to cope and move on!


People need to understand that no one is getting paid for their work on Steem they are receiving tips. People who have votes/tips that are worth a couple of dollars each can more easily gather tips that are worth more than people who votes/tips are only worth a couple of cents.

Also people need to consider a celebrity coming on Steem will receive more attention than a normal folks and Steemians which were on Steem for a long time are sometimes very well known by the community and thus their post will receive a lot of attention.

The value of a post doesn't necessarily equal its $ worth.


Well said.

I wonder how the wealth distribution of steem comapres to the wealth distribution of the world. Will crypto really correct this problem or just raise up a new generation of 1%ers?


The difference is that in the current system governments can create money to themselves and rob everyone. The problem is not so much the distribution as the unfair nature of the system. If we want to be fair and give back to charity, in the end this doesn't help, all money get syphoned away by money creation.

In a fair system, maybe someone is happy working as rarely as possible and just want to live semi naked and live off of fruits and have pretty much nothing else then they could do it but in the current situation the government end up robbing everyone one and it leave everyone in a precarious situation where people aren't even able to live semi naked because the whole world is a war zone hostile to freedom.

The people that would decide to live with not much won't take humanity to space and discover life extension technologies etc but people living with the bare minimum shouldn't make other lifestyle impossible.

If the government can't rob us we will live in a very different world.

You might want to take a look at my sub-chapter Hyperbicoinization to see what I think is going to happen. I might wrote some more on this subject.


The current oligarchs use banking to rule the world. It is a debt based system. Individuals can and should live debt free. There are already peer to peer lending sites like lendingclub and prosper. Who needs a bank to raise capital therefore? Don't go in debt in the first place, but do everything in your power to remove banking system from your life.

No one forces a person to take on debt. Most debts are taken when they should not have or could have been avoided too. That is the first step to building wealth. Be the lender, not the borrower. Be the saver, not the spender.

Distribution is a tricky topic. Start with not getting into debt though and building wealth (savings) instead.

Anyone can live below their means. You don't need a government or bank to survive either. Wealth is, in a sense, production. Anyone can be productive. If you are not productive, you will not be wealthy. There are smart ways to be productive (doing something the market highly values) and dumb ways to be productive (dig holes and fill them back up).

What an amazing post! Thank you for giving us so much information (love the Earthship!) and we should all be doing our little bit by recycling at best. Even that becomes a bore to some urban dwellers! Funnily enough this post gives me more hope for this planet than it ever did before, despite the efforts of others to make us aware. Well done you for sharing with us. Have followed, will witness post you. Look forward to your next. JV Build you - Build me!

Just curious about your thoughts on this. History has shown that every time a new technology comes about, a huge population boom occurs. E.g. when humans discovered cultivation, when the industrial age started etc. A huge surge in human population is observed.

With all these new technologies that you've mentioned, do you think another population boom is likely to occur? I would argue that the difference between history and now is that we are close to the actual limit of Earth's sustainable production and that another population boom would be a huge bane.

Another question would be, with everything getting automated, from labor intensive jobs like farming and construction to specialized jobs like lawyers and doctors, where would that put the need for humans? Will we become like the humans in Wall-E, fat and useless? Or will humanity evolve to find another frontier never discovered or realized before?

I like your post! So just wanted to know what your point of view is


Interesting thoughts. I don't know. What I know is that we need to work toward decentralization because right now tyrant are running the show so to speak.

The use for consciousness is for the universe to experience Joy.


I'm guessing you mean decentralization of government? Some form of government will have to exist whether on a larger scale or smaller scale. Depending on the perspective you're look at, splitting the planet into countries can be considered a form of decentralization already. Once we become an interplanetary species, I would argue that we actually need more centralization of government where Earth would have one government and Mars would have its own government.

What form this government will take would be interesting. I think our closest attempt to having one governmental body govern multiple countries would be the European Union (Some may say the United Nations plays that role, but the United Nations doesn't really do any actual governing).

Personally, I think humanity's mindset needs to change towards prioritizing the growth of humanity instead of the growth of economics/finances before a global government is possible. Then and only then, I think the only possible form of a global government would be an highly centralized, authoritarian but benevolent and focused on benefiting the people. By then, we should have AI and robots doing most of the work already anyways, and people becoming more artisans and artists.


Cryptocurrencies are helping decentralize governance. Nothing is perfect besides maybe the whole universe. The rest then would only be small part of a bigger perfect whole. No cryptocurrency is perfect and not systems of governance are perfect either.

I really liked the video about Africa's tree wall. It makes me sad that tribal racists have made Africa's progress almost impossible. Also, french economic colonialism only makes the situation worse. All of the 14 countries forced to use french currency have very low national gdp and income per capita.

Very well curated article. I enjoyed reading it all. But aren't those the technologies that are still in labs and demonstrations?
Some of them may never come to real life.My bad I didn't know about the half of the technological revolution you mentioned here.


Most of them are out of them lab in some form or another. I'm glad you learned a lot.


Keep educating.
Good day ! :)

Wow. I think that about covers it!

I am new here (yesterday-new) and I wondered whether this new community was really worth my time.

Sure enough, I stumbled on your post this morning, and for the first time in months I spent my commute reading and educating myself instead of playing stupid games on my phone.

Some things I knew already, but I learned much, and was impressed by the methodical quality of your documentation.
Your article is a concentrate of hope with never a condemnation against the current system, which is a rare attitude, yet the most productive one I believe.

I’ll jump right into the second part of your article ! :)

Technology is giving the masses a leveled playing field so they can get a fair chance for example to earn money via trading cryptocurrencies and then there is steem and steemit @teamsteem where we can help, get help, express ourselves, share our knowledge, talents, etc and eventually make each other's lives better.

I dream with an era where the machines (technology) and nature works for us, putting an end to exploitation on the job market. I know it's a simple and non-critycal way of putting the future. But if you think abount the social and economical diferences between 3rd and 1st world living conditions, if you think about the low class, about homeless people, about the poor and hungry, you'll get what I mean. A time when people will dream and create, while technology produces. Sometimes I feel that time is coming; Sometimes I loose all hope...

Wow. You definitely pack a lot of technologies into one post! I've heard of some of them but not all. It does make you wonder why we aren't using the currently viable ones more, to solve a bunch of our ongoing problems. Although money is obviously the answer, so I'm not acutally surprised and have answered my own question.

PS, I've been cleaning up my feed so hopefully I'll see your posts when you actually post, instead of having to manually check your blog once a week. Luckily steemvoter takes care of the upvotes though.

Thanks for your post, I'm glad I found it. I often feel like humanity is doomed, and it's easy to succumb to pessimism just by witnessing the behaviour of the masses. Give the most people access to wealth and resources and they become mindless gluttons. But there are many good things happening and it's possible that sanity and ingenuity may prevail after all. Appreciate the uplift and looking forward to more.

Go steem go go go..Thanks for post

Good read. In case of technical abundance, I think Abundance by Peter Diamandis is an inspiring book.

Wow one of the best blog i seen this few days. Nice introduction too.


Thank you!

I read your article well. That's a lot of help to me. Thank you.

I love how passionate you are about crypto and what it means for the future. Will definitely follow and enjoy reading your upcoming posts @teamsteem

For the first time I read a publication for you, I was very impressed with the greatness, accuracy and accuracy of the information
And it is strange that you toured readers in various fields and is enjoying what he finds and finds things that are absent from his mind.
I will follow you and I am assured that I am the winner and the beneficiary of your assets and writings

Good read :D


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Too good to not resteem... I only read a part but will have to put this to my blog so I can re-read it again!
Thanks for this awesome article!

I like introduction. Uncertainty stunt our whole civilization!

Wonderfull post, thank you for alot of usefull information! :)

Thank you for the post but man it takes a year to be read :D

I am your new follower , when I started reading your post I think it's will take 4 to 5 mins but it's too long in fact I stop in middle only coz lack of time sorry bro. It's Interesting but I will go through full article when I am free. Thank you

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the fore world is much more sophisticated than it is now. then every time we need to follow all traces of information life. otherwise we will miss it made

it really takes time to read but this is awesome, I'l resteem this. thanks for sharing!

A lot of information usefull for people.

nice work

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As you shared one video relating "Dome home can withstand Natural Disaster.", Yes it is true dome home are very useful against disaster, as dome home has hollow structure, no more weight, no more building material, and more flexible. Thanks for sharing such useful information.


Dome home looks awesome!


Yes I prefer it over concrete tent which doesn't quite have the same ring to it!


Hahaha! Yeah concrete tents are a lot harder to sell.

Nice view

I like you.
There are a lot of crappy things in the world, but posts like this (And people like you) confirm the beauty there is up in this planet. I regularly donate to Oxfam - Hopefully it's a good choice. What you said about writing like it's the last thing you'll write has stuck with me & will stay there.
Have you as our witness any day ;)


Thank you very much for this nice compliment and support. I really appreciate it. I'm not sure about supporting Oxfam. One of my friend told me once that instead of giving to big organizations who take a cut he prefer to give to people in the streets directly this way he knows 100% make it to someone in need which I thought was interesting. There's always a trade off to any choice we make and this option is no exception.

Thanks again!


I love for direct charity. The closer you are to the person you give charity to the better too. People who genuinely need help are helped best by those who know and trust them. It is so hard to tell who really needs help and who doesn't these days however. Helping people directly on though is a wonderful thing, and we have reputation here to make giving that donation much safer. It resolves the trust issue.


Very good points!


Where I come from, people on the street buy alcohol instead of food.

I personally buy and distribute goods to those in need, in person instead of involving money or an organisation


That's another option.


Great post. Thanks for sharing

This was a long and really good post @Teamsteem.
I am following some of the same people that you are referring to here.
Especially Elon Musk, who is one of my favorite.
Think he is one of the greatest person who walk this earth at the moment. If mankind survives the next couple of hundred years I think they will read about Aristotiles, Platon, Cesar and Elon.
You have my vote for the witness program.
spacex romskip.jpg

Good tech post.

very useful and thoughtful

I want to believe in cryptocurrency and the human race as a whole. I have a dream that cryptocurrency creates equality and unity in the world.
But that's only a dream, since buying crypto in itself implies fiat transactions. Implies a notion of power related to its value. Still it's a step in the right direction, unless the leaders become as corrupted as our current politicians. Then it's just the same more or less.

What you are talking about is Post-scarcity economy, where due to technological advancements and advanced AI, everything can be produced in abundance, thus making money useless. A few things would always remain scarce though, so only for those, you would need money, but everyone could have the basic necessities of life without money nevertheless. A few experts are saying that we could have a post-scarcity economy as soon as in 2050. You can learn more at

This is a great informative article about what I see is the blessing and curse of modern technology, plus i liked how you were able to craft your introduction into the story. I will be sure to share this article to my networks.

Please tell me , have u ever draw money from this steemit account.

Are they giving money really in our personal account or not.

Plz confirm it for me.

Very interesting post..Really informative...

Great read!

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I'm following you, and voted for you too, please do the same.

A very comprehensive and detailed description on technological abundance.

This is great info, thanks mate....i'll be commenting more as i go through it all.

So many new advances on the horizon. We just need to implement ways so that the masses can benefit.

Wow, this is one of the best post I have visited. The wordings of the author are amazing. Example " When I steem I write as if it is that last thing I have to do". So much to learn in this post.
I have to follow you.
Thanks so much for sharing

I saw the example of mouth movements manipulation in the movie pixels and said to my self: well, video seen it's last days as a proof in courts

visit me @unnun

Wow man what a fantastic post ! Only thing missing was the mention of the use of hemp and its wider range of uses. That would be a post in itself, wink wink

I want to learn your blogging style.

I Like your style. supporting a system like steemit is actually a greta way to explain your opinion about the governement domination. no one can know how the future is going to be, but for me I no more can see the governement in the equation simply because it refuses to adopt the new technology and it doesn't have any control over information and recently money.

I have to find a time to read this post! Seems really interesting. Thank you

Hello))) And I thought that such a great person does not read the comments))) Very nice)) Your post is filled with some kind of warmth. Sincere and strong words. In many ways, I agree with you. This system is necessary for the world. I see your great work that you put into this article. I believe that you need to take an example. That's how it should be written post, which is written from the bottom of the heart. I like your contribution to the system. Therefore, my voice for you as a witness, I set a long time ago. And I'm not going to change it. If more people like you were here, it would be more fun. Thank you with all my heart and with all my heart. )))


Thank you for your very nice comment and support! I really appreciate. It had been a couple of days I last posted and I was beginning to miss those nice interaction with people!


In your post, I noticed it)) It's not you who wrote - it was written by your soul. Really nice and easy to read. I will follow your posts)))


I sometimes wonder how the posts come to exist. They take a lot of tinkering and at first they look like a blank page, then pages filled with things that seems to have little cohesive thoughts and end up pretty cool in the end.


Oh, it's true! When I start writing a post, I never think about what to write. Thoughts, fingers, keyboard. I write, write, write ... here is the story. )))

Very Helpful post.

Nice details in there. Appreciate the effort and time you have put in creating a post with so much info.

GOOD POST...Keep it it up....

Great post! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward for more!

excellent publication well explain

Wow what a long detailed post. I can relate to your thoughts in"the real me " being in steemit and a revolution towards learning new technologies and currencies that can better the world moving it away from decentralisation .

The great thing with steemit is this is he platform to help influence others to tomorrow's world which is quickly emerging. I learn a lot more with alternative media ! Steem on ! Have followed you 👍


We're not the alternative media. What is call the media today are for the vast majority propaganda by the billionaires.

I think you meant to say away from centralization instead of decentralization.

Great post, I'm 3 years sober... the only way to get stuff done over 40 with kids !! (-: Peace


That's awesome! Stay sober my friend! Alcohol is a very poisonous substance.

wow... amazing

nice post thanks for sharing the information

Bravo! Amazing content )) Like a web pages !!

Thanks for your post

I do agree with you that society has designed methods of gaining at the expense of others. Cryptocurrency will go a long way to help fight national currency.

Nice explanatory videos imbedded in the article. My question is whether the cryptocurrency will last or is it only a mirage before they collapse?

Those are for the most part astonishing I would already be able to see the future through this post and that is digital currency will change the worls.Steemit and steem and additionally bitcoin will change each life.So Im preaparing my self and attempting to disclose to others also that innovation updates and in addition people way of life. So I need to spread this expressions of yours to open people groups mind about reality and future.

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great post, I dont agree with everything but I like the thought behind it

realy big job! It is no post but Steembook!

There's a place to visit I'm sure you would like that is in our region... La ferme Berthe Rousseau... It's a community farm that tends toward "auto-suffisance", they try to grow most of their food. They welcome people mostly with mental illness who need a place to live and they also welcome visitors. They're people with big hearts! :)
Once again, great post! Your writing is inspiring:)


Keep up the good work nurse..


I never heard of it. Thank you for sharing. I'll take a look at ti.

what a beautiful landscape without hesitation the best

Thanks for sharing, living in Mexico is somehow difficult to make people understand all this, and when I say people I mean government :(, excellent read.

That was really incredible to watch some really amazing videos technology is leading us forward and yeah live life to the fullest :D

Thanks to Post

kisu bujlam na vai ki eta?

Tell me about charges and minimum quantities of steem and sbd to convert in btc and fees also in blocktrades

Nice Work. I really appreciate.

Thanks for the info! Upvoted your post but...

watched too many videos - thanks for the info...loved the Terrafugia TF-X and the apple, berry and peanut harvesters....let's me know how far behind my thinking is...nuts! seems that too much sand (cement) is being used....where's it all coming from? chow!


True cement isn't the most sustainable construction material. Cob should be used when possible.

The Terrafuia TF-X seems incredible. It's not even prototype yet so it might end up a bit different yet Terrafugia first flying car was pretty impressive even though it didn't make it to the market as far as I know.

And yes the fruit and nut harvester are ridiculously awesome to watch.

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