SteemAlive Presents: ProWritersHub (W8) - rewarding a team of dedicated contest writers. Prize: 30 Steem (booming +trail)

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Each new week affords us the opportunity to work on something special. We welcome you friends for another contest for a fresh week. We hope you will do well just as you did the last time out. Creativity and originality will always help you to do well in our contests. Lets us see what this week has to offer.

Note: Please always add sources to images that are not yours. Preferably, use images from free sources such as the following to avoid being labelled a plagiarist:

NEVER USE IMAGES from istock, shutterstock, dreamstime,Pinterest, etc as that is considered plagiarism even if you put the source.


Rewarding ProWritersHub

The ProWritersHub are dedicated users that participate consistently in our contests. So to join this group, each user must always participate in our contest at least for the 4 weeks in month. In addition to the weekly contest prizes, we will reward them in additional ways as follows:

1. Label: In addition to the Verified label which all our community members have, members of this hub will be given an additional label - ProWriter. So their entire label will be Verified ProWriter

2. Monthly Prizes: At the end of the month, we will add up the total points gained from the rating of each person's contest entry. We will also count the engagement. We will then add the engagement count and total rating count, to arrive at a number. The top 3 persons with the highest total number of engagement and posts rating would be our winners for the Month. We are starting this July. We will give out either a cash prize or a Gift to the top 3 month winners.

3. Other Incentives: We will print a ProWritersHub membership T-shirt and we will also make sure to give special support to posts published by members of this hub.


How to Join ProWritersHub

1. Make sure you are a verified member of SteemAlive and at least in club5050.
2. Make sure you support all4one weekly. If you can do 2 each week, SteemAlive will see you as a very special person
3. Make sure you fully participate in our contests for each week starting from this week.


This Week's Contest: ProWritersHub (W8)

10 topics have been prepared for this week and you are free to write on all of them. The more you write, the better your chances of landing the top spot. We wish you all the best in this weeks contest.

  • 1. Topic : People in our lives: Let me show you my neighbor!

What you need to do: Introduce your neighbor to us. What is their name? Where do they come from. Are they married or single? Do they have children? What is their occupation? What is their religion? What kind of person is your neighbor? Any special thing about your neighbor? Be detailed.

tags to use: lifestyle prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 2: Local business Review: Write in detail about a business in your city

What you need to do: We want you to review a local business in your city. Tell us their address (What3words coordinates needed). Review at least 4 product they sell. Details should include the price, and some features of the products. Rate the business using any 4 criteria like Location, Customer care, Pricing, Environment, etc. Click here to see a sample.

tags to include: business prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 3: Challenges make us stronger - My story

What you need to do: Mention at least 3 challenges you have faced in life. For each of the challenges, try and answer the following question: What was the challenge? How did you feel at the time? Did you receive help from anyone to cope? How did overcoming the challenge make you feel? What is your advice for people facing this type of challenge. Be detailed!

tags to include: lifestyle prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 4: Here are 5 meals that I enjoyed within the week

What you need to do: Show us at least 5 meals that you enjoyed recently. Who prepared the meals? What are the ingredients? What is the estimated value of the meal in Naira and Steem? Is this your breakfast, lunch or dinner? Be detailed.

tags to include: food prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • 5. Topic : People in our lives: Let me show you my closest friend!

What you need to do: Introduce your closest friend to us. What is their name? Where do they come from. Are they married or single? Do they have children? What is their occupation? What is their religion? What kind of person is your closest friend? Have you ever been helped by your closest friend?? Be detailed.

tags to include: lifestyle pets prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100


  • Topic 6: My Town in 10 Pictures

What you need to do: Capture a total of 10 pictures of different shops, businesses, markets, houses or other locations in your city. Clear original images are needed. Include location corrdinates.

tags to include: mytownin10pics prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 7: Creative writing

What you need to do: Write an original or imaginary story to illustrate any of the following:

  • Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.
  • Dont judge a book by its cover.
  • He who looks at the weather will not sow seed
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • There is time for everything

tags to include: creativewriting prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 8: Steemgrowth - Promote Steem in your city and sign up a new user

What you need to do: Promote Steem and try to sign up a new user. What are your promotion methods. What materials and branding did you use? What are the challenges you faced in promotion? How can we make Steemit more attractive to new users. How did you convince the newbie to join? Be detailed

tags to include: steemgrowth prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 9: SteemGrowth - A meetup with steemians in my city

What you need to do:Write about a recent meetup of Steemians in your city or area. Who were present (at least 3 Steemians in total). Where did the meet up take place and who are the organizers? What was discussed in the meet-up? Any refreshment served? Why do you feel Steemians should reularly meet? Share your meetup pictures. Be detailed

tags to include: steemgrowth prowrit-w8 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 10: Here is my favorite song of 2022

What you need to do: Which song is your favorite for this year? Who is the music artist? Can you write out some of the lyrics of the song and explain the meaning to us? (Be sure to quote any copied text), What other song are similar to your favorite song? What time of the day do you enjoy this music most? Which other songs are in your music playlist? How does music make you feel? Be detailed.

tags to include: music art prowrit-w8 steemexclusive nigeria


The rules

  1. You must be at least in club5050.
  2. Drop the link of each entry on this post. That is how to submit your entries
  3. Subscribed to our community.
  4. One of your entries must be all4one (set 100% to @steemalive to support us).
  5. Vote and resteem this contest post.
  6. Your article should be at least 300 words.
  7. #prowrit-w8 MUST be among your first two tags

Always make your topic simple like this example: ProWriters Hub Week 6: One good turn deserves another


How winners are selected

The number of posts you make and the number of engagements will determine the top winners. Also:

  • Quality is King: 400 words is the minimum. But you should write more so that you will score more.
  • Number of quality Comments: Try to make at least 20 comments.
  • Formatting: Justify alignment and centered headings make your work neat.
  • all4one: Make sure you donate one or more of your posts to steemalive by setting it 100% to @steemalive.


The Contest Prize - 30 Steem + Booming + Trail!

Here is how we will distribute the prizes:

  • 1st Position: 9 Steem
  • 2nd Position: 6 Steem
  • 3rd Position: 4 Steem
  • 4th-6th Position: 2 Steem each
  • 7th - 11th: 1 Steem each (consolation prize)

Contest Date: Sunday 28th - Saturday 3rd September, 2022


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.

c: @disconnect


Delegate to SteemAlive


Click here to see our delegators

::join trail

 2 years ago (edited)

am not happy about this contest why should you people give us half steem after we have struggled to make to the top 3 I don't like it @steemalive do something about that ooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤔🤔

Will you want to make 1 more post to complete it 5, which is the required minimum for top 3 winners? If yes, pick any topic from last week and complete it. We have rules for our contest and we cannot change it for anyone. We are doing this out of consideration.

Once you are done with the entry, drop the link here and you will get your balance. Thanks

 2 years ago 

okay that's good I will make it thanks a lot promise to do my best in this week contest

@steemalive I posted 5 entries and you put only 4 as my entries.😩😩

 2 years ago 

Hello @steemalive,can I also complete my own.

 2 years ago 

Please @steemalive can I make the post and complete mine.

 2 years ago 

A new week to try again and I guess this is the first week for September.
We will try our best this September

@emmanu. Sure September week 1. Lets continue to work harder. Waiting for your first entry. Lets do it

 2 years ago 

Amazing contest with great topics, sadly I do not belong to any club, so I may not be ilegible to contest. Great contest.

Sure thats true. You could make a small budget and buy still. Like 20 Steem, power up and join the contest. @emjeak

 2 years ago 

@steemalive. Thanks a lot for your reply.


 2 years ago 

Oh, would have loved to read your posts. All same waiting for when you come on board.

 2 years ago 

... that would be soon. Hi @luchyl

 2 years ago 

Alright. Hello

 2 years ago 

And booooommmmm, I'm in as usual
More ink to our pens

@precious123. Sure its a big boom!!!! Lets start once again. Expecting your first entry!

 2 years ago 

Wow so captivating, i really love the topics , my entries is loading soon.

@beautybb. We cant wait. Bring it on!! Lets do more!!

 2 years ago 

Wow,this is really a nice contest and I will not hesitate to drop my entry.

Try your best, start early. Lets write more!!! @ogwo

 2 years ago 

Yes,I will.

 2 years ago 

Another interesting Contest for ProWriters. I will do my best.

We need only the best. Thank you so much and anticipating your first entry soonest

 2 years ago 

Sure, am sure with God by me side and sight, i will do more.

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