Local Business Review: Market Square - the number 1 Grocery Shopping Mall in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

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When you talk about a modern, retail grocery mall in the Enyimba City of Aba, the name that will come from most lips is Market Square. This spiraling shopping mall is located at Factory Road, a very accessible route in the town, even for those that are entering into Aba from other states.

I have come here every week to pick up some important household supplies. But I have not actually done a review for this business. So two days ago, I went to do some shopping there. So I decided to capture images that I will use for this review. Before sampling the products I captured, lets learn a little about Market Square.


Market Square - A brief Introduction

Market Square is a very modern shopping mall located in Aba and some other cities in Nigeria. Everything about this mall is really standard. From the way the shopping items display, the cats, the check outs, the products on sale, including the facilities available, you are sure to enjoy your shopping experience here.

There is no end to the number of different things you can buy in Market Square. They include the following product categories:

  • Soaps
  • Disinfectants
  • Air Fresheners
  • Biscuits
  • Perfumes
  • Milk
  • Chocolates
  • Writing Material
  • Insecticides
  • Food
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Electricals
  • Electronics

There are just too many product categories to shop from. I was able to capture the following products before I left the mall


Market Square Goods on Display

Golden Morn


Golden Morn is a common staple usually taken in the morning especially by Young people. Its made of ground maize and prepared with liquid milk. Just pour liquid milk, stir and then food is ready. Below the image of this product, you can clearly see the price tag - NGN975 (4.8 Steem)

2. Kellogg


Kellogg is another easy to prepare meal available in this display aisle. Unlike Golden morn, this food is made from coacoa. Its prepared same way as golden morn. Its a favourite for young people because of the sweet taste. The price is NGN3295 (16.4 Steem)

3. Three Crowns Milk


Three Crowns is one of the most popular milk brands in Nigeria. One reason is that their milk always contain low fat and sugar. Besides, they have different packs and sizes, meaning that there is a Three Crowns milk for every family size. The prize for this big packet is NGN1305 (6.5 Steem)

4. Dano Milk


Another high quality milk brand on display, Dano milk is consumed by a large number of customers. It has a bit higher quality than three crowns. They do have smaller satchet Dano milk for low income users too. The price of this milk is a bit higher and that is quite understandable. The Prize is NGN3895 (19.5 Steem)

5. Emco


Emco is made of many combination of fruits cut and dried in small pieces. You can eat them as they are, or combine them with other foods. Emco is high in Fiber and can keep you going all day. When I check the price, I saw that it is affordable at NGN2495 (12.4 Steem)

6. Snickers Chocolate bar


Do you love chocolate? Many kids do. I heard that chocolates helps kids to have sharp memory and thinking ability. I saw Snickers Chocolate bars on display and I decided to capture them. Its very affordable. A bar of Snickers chocolate is less than 2 Steem. In fact, each chocolate bar costs NGN365 (1.8 Steem)

7. Cashew Nuts


I love cashew nuts so much. I buy them all the time. So when I saw the cashew nut on display here, I could not resist capturing it. I love the branding of this particular cashew, and I hope to love the taste too. The price is NGN1500 (7.5 Steem)


My rating of Market Square

One of the aisles inside Market Square

Honestly, Market Square took shoppingg experience to a whole new level. Once you step into this facility, you will have a feeling of smooth, enjoyable shopping. I would like to rate Market Square under these 4 Categories:

1. Customer Care: EXCELLENT. From the time you step in, a security guide directs you to register your carry-ons. Then inside, there are attendants that can assist you quickly find what you are looking for. Checking out is easy as there are more than 8 checkout desks, which makes it fast to pay and leave. These are the reasons I gave them excellent here.

2. Facility Standard: EXCELLENT. Market Square has a very large parking space, so your car is safe within the environment. Inside the mall, there are carts of various sizes and shapes. the aisles are used to neatly display goods. There is soothing background music and computerized checkouts. Facility Standard must be Excellent.

3. Quality of Goods: EXCELLENT. I am yet to find any expired products or goods on display. I have yet to see any adulterated products too. Everything I have purchased here is original quality. Why wont I rate their goods excellent quality.

4. Pricing: VERY GOOD. With all the neat environment and other things that make shopping a great experience here, you would expect prices to be much higher her than in the market. Surprisingly, the price of Goods here are really competitive. The price difference with what is obtainable in the market is not much. So the pricing here is very good



market place is a modern shopping mall I will recommend anytime, anyday. If you live in Aba or other places, look for the nearest Market Square and give them a try. The experience would be worth documenting. Thank you so much for reading my review

Leaving Market Square

Note: 1 Steem = NGN200

All images are mine and captured with my Infinix S5 device

 2 years ago 

Hi @focusnow

This business review is one of the best i have read so far and I must say you really did well, market square has a lot of goods, you love for cashew nuts
The rating you gave market square can move me to and buy from them even though am staying in Uyo.
I have learned so much, my next business review will be much much better now

ClubPlagiarized?SteemExclusive?Used Bidbot?
 2 years ago 

Thank you for rating my work high. Am happy to have done a great job here. Market Square is a great place to buy stuffs

 2 years ago 

You really did a job, i imagine how many hours it took you to write it.

 2 years ago 

Excellent post too.

 2 years ago 

Could you tell me a thing or two which made the post excellent? @luchyl

 2 years ago 

The arrangement of your post.
Then your brief introduction about Market Square, your rating about their services; customer care, facilities, pricing then quality goods was professionally done.
I do patronize them, and I must say it again, excellent post.

 2 years ago 

Now I know why you said "excellent post". I really appreciate this detailed comment. I really took time to do the review post. Market Square is cool and they are a big name in the retail grocery sector. Hope to read your first business review soon. Thanks for engaging with my content. @luchyl

 2 years ago 

You are most welcome, Sure you will.
Your posts always have a touch of professionalism on them👌, this too wasn't an exception.

 2 years ago 

Wow I have never been to Aba market square before, but it almost same with ShopRite over here, next time I visit Aba you will take me to market square.
Awesome review

 2 years ago 

Sure I will be happy to take you there for shopping. ShopRite is not yet in Aba. I hope it comes to Aba someday and create a competition. @beautybb

 2 years ago 

Am challenging you by reviewing ShopRite

What a fantastic review of the articles and services of Market Square. It did a big boost to the rising image of the outfit.

I doubt if any advertising firm could offer them as much publicity as you did with your millennium post. A trail brazer I concur.

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 2 years ago 

@focusnow. You have so excellently reviewed market square. What ever you buy from market square, is of the best quality, and original. I enjoy shopping at market square. The wares are displayed in an easy to locate order, but in a situation you need assistance, the attendants will gladly offer assistance. There security is something else. I appreciate your efforts in making this post. Best wishes.

This is an awesome review from you @focusnow.
Market Square is the biggest supermarket in Aba.

Their goods are sold at very pocket friendly prices.
I've been there before.
The spacious environment is wonderful too.

 2 years ago 

This is awesome 👍👍👍

You took time out to do a really good job 👍, good one

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