SteemAlive Presents: All4One - Volunteer one article each week for the growth of SteemALive community!

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Like you already know, we are going to be innovative this 2022 when it comes to community building. We promised that we will try different strategies to see what will work for us. We are delighted to propose this project called All4one. All4One is another unique way to pull resources together and help the community to grow. Lets see how it works.


All4One - What you are expected to do

All4One is a way for All of us to support our one community SteemAlive. In All4One, you are encouraged to volunteer 100% of one of your posts reward to SteemAlive Community. Basically, all volunteers under All4One will make one post in the week for SteemALive. You make the post and set @steemalive 100% as the beneficiary. How would this be a way to help the community?

Well the community will take all earnings from that post. When we gather all the posts set this way by our community members, we will be able to add to our Steem available for weekly power up. In addition to any other strategies we will bring out, All4One will help SteemALive increase its earnings and subsequently its power up.


What type of posts can I use for All4One

We encourage you to make quality posts in SteemALive community. This is because we will try to support the All4One posts. Additionally, we will also try to support the volunteer that made this post by voting at least one other post they have made. In this way, we will be able to encourage the volunteer spirit.

We will also encourage you to take it further. Some of us write the crypto academy home works. While not may sound impossible, it will not be out of this world if a volunteer decides to use a homework post for All4One. If someone feel grateful for a course, they are ready to give their most valuable things for it. So basically, we encourage you to make a quality post in steemalive community - a diary, a contest post, or any other type of content. Dont forget to set it 100% beneficiary @steemalive.


How will we track your All4One posts?

  1. We suggest you include (All4One) in bracket like this in the title of that post you want to use.
  2. Each week, we will make a post where we will invite you to drop your All4One post link for that week
  3. Use all4one as one of your tags.

When are we starting?

We have already Started. Today is already Thursday. So between now and Sunday, kindly make a quality post and set 100% of the rewards to @steemalive as beneficiary. Once you publish that post, drop the link as a comment on this post. We will appreciate you for starting with us.



We are performing many experiments on community-building strategies. This is one of them. We thank you so much our valued community member for how you have selflessly supported Steemalive. We thank our Leaders, State reps and Team coordinators. We also greatly appreciate @steemitblog for always supporting Steemalive. If the community grows fast, it will be able to vote your posts with bigger value. Lets put hand and resources together to make it happen.

LETS DO ALL4One!!!!!


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 2 years ago 

Wow! This one make sense, as long as it's goin to make the community grow, I strongly support this arrangement.

Waooo this will really help the community grow more.

This is good. Provided it's going to make the community to grow, im in

 2 years ago 

Another name for @steemalive is innovative community. May our able leaders and admin be continually inspired on strategies to employ to help this Community accelerate to the zenith of her aspirations in this year.
I fully support and subscribe to this #All4One initiative. This is quite applaudable.

Very nice initiative. This is a very good way forward. I pledge my 100% support to this. Let it start now because there is no time to waste time. The year has already begun and all eyes on steemitblog is on @steemalive to see how far it will go. So I will contribute my quota to make it happen faster than we could imagine.

 2 years ago 

This is a beautiful dream which i strongly support.

My post is loading

It is nice and a welcomed idea!

Steemalive community always thinking of the well being of her community. Thank you for this initiative. More wisdom and ideas.

It's good to try different strategy so that the ine that works could be maintain. Thanks for always coming up with new initiatives.

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