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It is a pleasure to welcome you friends to our contest for this week. You friends made our last week's contest such an amazing fun. Right now, our moderators are carefully checking all your entries to see how each one of you performed. We will announce the result and send your prizes within the next 24 hours. Thank you for always working hard to support our contests. Its time to do another writing challenge for the week.

Note: We asked for your suggestions for contest topics for this week. We will include some of the suggested topics in this weeks entries.


Rewarding ProWritersHub

The ProWritersHub are dedicated users that participate consistently in our contests. So to join this group, each user must always participate in our contest at least for the 4 weeks in month. In addition to the weekly contest prizes, we will reward them in additional ways as follows:

1. Label: In addition to the Verified label which all our community members have, members of this hub will be given an additional label - ProWriter. So their entire label will be Verified ProWriter

2. Monthly Prizes: At the end of the month, we will add up the total points gained from the rating of each person's contest entry. We will also count the engagement. We will then add the engagement count and total rating count, to arrive at a number. The top 3 persons with the highest total number of engagement and posts rating would be our winners for the Month. We are starting this July. We will give out either a cash prize or a Gift to the top 3 month winners.

3. Other Incentives: We will print a ProWritersHub membership T-shirt and we will also make sure to give special support to posts published by members of this hub.


How to Join ProWritersHub

1. Make sure you are a verified member of SteemAlive and at least in club5050.
2. Make sure you support all4one weekly. If you can do 2 each week, SteemAlive will see you as a very special person
3. Make sure you fully participate in our contests for each week starting from this week.


This Week's Contest: ProWritersHub (W2)

As usual, we will have 10 topics to choose from. Write as many as you can - write all if possible. Engage as much as you can. These are necessary to win our contests.

  • Topic 1: What is in a name - local names, popular names and the act of naming

What you need to do:Write in detail about names and naming. Tell us your full name and the literal meaning of each. Did each parent give you separate names - like native names? Tell us their meanings. How are names formed in your hometown. Tell us at least 5 popular male and female names in your hometown and their meanings. Which names do you admire and which ones do you avoid. Did you give yourself any name? How did you form your steemit username? Any other thing you want to tell us about names? Be detailed

tags to use: lifestyle prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 2: Local business Review: Write in detail about a business in your city

What you need to do: We want you to review a local business in your city. Tell us their address (What3words coordinates needed). Review at least 4 product they sell. Details should include the price, and some features of the products. Rate the business using any 4 criteria like Location, Customer care, Pricing, Environment, etc. Click here to see a sample.

tags to include: business prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 3: Adoption - the issues, the challenges and the realities on ground!

What you need to do: What is adoption? What are the main issues an adopted child faces. What are the legal implications(for example rights) of adoption. How is adoption viewed in your city, town or local community. How do you personally view adoption. Suggest ways to handle the challenges of adoption. Will you recommend it? Be detailed!

tags to include: learnwithsteem prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 4: Here are 5 meals that I enjoyed within the week

What you need to do: Show us at least 5 meals that you enjoyed recently. Who prepared the meals? What are the ingredients? What is the estimated value of the meal in Naira and Steem? Is this your breakfast, lunch or dinner? Be detailed.

tags to include: food prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 5: Family inheritance - How to handle it and protect future generations?

What you need to do: How is the family property shared in your hometown? What challenges have you seen when parents (especially the father) is no longer there? What steps should parents take when they are still alive to prevent fights when they are gone? Do people in your hometown respect father's will? Have your family discussed this issue? Give us any personal experience regarding sharing of family inheritance. Be detailed.

tags to include: lifestyle prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria

  • Topic 6: My Town in 10 Pictures

What you need to do: Capture a total of 10 pictures of different shops, businesses, markets, houses or other locations in your city. Clear original images are needed. Include location corrdinates.

tags to include: mytownin10pics prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 7: Protect yourself from air, land and water pollution

What you need to do: What is pollution? How is the air, land and water in your city polluted? Why is pollution dangerous to health? What can you do to protect yourself from different forms of pollution. Suggest ways that government can help to fight pollution. Any other things you wish to write about pollution? Be detailed

tags to include: health prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 8: Steemgrowth - Recruit a new user and help them write their introduction post

What you need to do: Promote Steem and try to sign up a new user. What are your promotion methods. What materials and branding did you use? What are the challenges you faced in promotion? How can we make Steemit more attractive to new users. How did you convince the newbie to join? Be detailed

tags to include: steemgrowth prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 9: Technology in transportation - the ancient and modern forms of it

What you need to do: What are ancient forms of transportation - land and Sea? How has technology changed air, land and sea transportation. Which modern transport methods are available in your city? How does modern transportation affect the environment? How can modern transportation be improved to become environmental-friendly? Any other things you wish to write about transportation? Be detailed

tags to include: technology prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


  • Topic 10: When I grow up - What happened to that childhood career dream?

What you need to do: When you were a child, which career did you dream to become (e.g when I grow up, I will be a doctor)? Are you in that career now or did you change it? What happened? Why do people change their childhood career dreams. If you had an opportunity to pursue a different career, what will it be and why? What role should parents play in helping their kids choose a career? If your child wants to pursue a different career from what you want, what will you do? Be detailed.

tags to include: lifestyle prowrit-w2 steemexclusive club5050/75/100 nigeria


The rules

  1. You must be at least in club5050.
  2. Drop the link of each entry on this post. That is how to submit your entries
  3. Subscribed to our community.
  4. One of your entries must be all4one (set 100% to @steemalive to support us).
  5. Vote and resteem this contest post.
  6. Your article should be at least 300 words.
  1. #prowrit-w2 MUST be among your first two tags


How winners are selected

The number of posts you make and the number of engagements will determine the top winners. Also:

  • Quality is King: 300 words is the minimum. But you should write more so that you will score more.
  • Number of quality Comments: Try to make at least 20 comments.
  • Formatting: Justify alignment and centered headings make your work neat.
  • all4one: Make sure you donate one or more of your posts to steemalive by setting it 100% to @steemalive.

Note: Please include #prowrit-w2 among your first 2 tags.


The Contest Prize - 20 Steem + Booming + Trail!

Here is how we will distribute the prizes:

  • 1st Position: 7 Steem + 2 booming + 2 trails
  • 2nd Position: 4 Steem + 2 booming + 2 trails
  • 3rd Position: 3 Steem + 2 Booming + 2 trail
  • 4th-6th Position: 2 Steem each + 2 Trails

Contest Date: Sunday 17th - Saturday 23rd July, 2022


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.

c: @disconnect


Delegate to SteemAlive


Click here to see our delegators

::join trail

 2 months ago 

Wow, another great contest for prowritershub.

Sure @morgan76. Another opportunity to earn our badge too at the end of the month. Work hard this time and start early

When things get tough, the tough gets going. Yes, this combination of intellectualism and scholarship is a project that berthed at the right time. It deserves whatever support one could offer.

wow! another great contest for the prowritershub and I wish everyone a very good of lucky in this week contest.
I Want to used this opportunity to thank the organizers for putting this nice contest this week.

@osiola. We appreciate your supporting our contest last week. We expect your entries soonest

 2 months ago 

Wow,this is really a nice contest and I will not hesitate to drop my first entry.

Thanks @steemalive.

We have already seen your first entry. That is a great way to start. We wish you all the best

 2 months ago 

Yeah,I vow to do my best in this contest.

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 2 months ago 

Thank you dear,you are really doing a nice job in steemit platform.

Thanks for that lovely comment :)

 2 months ago 

This is amazing, am in for it

You did well last week. We know you will do well too this week. Bring it on!!!

 2 months ago 

I am certainly doing this
Thanks @steemalive

@precious123. We enjoyed your quality entries last week. We know you will do even more this week. Expecting your first entry soonest

Let's write, because it gives joy to write.

@joyful22. That is really the fact. We do this for passion - and the rewards will definitely come. Thank you as we expect your first entry.

This is really nice. Starting fast and furious hahahaha. We wish you all the best in this contest. Try to write and engage more. You have started very very well.

What an awesome contest. I wish I can contest.

What stops you from doing so? Can we help it?

Have not done my achievement 4😢😢


I will participate in this contest, it is nice.

@favourbest22. We have missed you for a while now. We are waiting for your first entry.

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Wao! This is another great contest for engagement this new week. Thanks to the organizers.

Thanks too for making entries last week. We expect you to do more this week. Starting early is key

Heart warming - cruising into another week of this great contest. Commendation goes to all who are directly and or indirectly involved in this scholarly initiative. Once again, carry gooooooo.

I will definitely participate in this week’s contest.
Thanks @steemive for putting this up.

 2 months ago 

This contest is special. I need to participate

I'll like to see you there

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