STEAM Games For Crypto/STEEM - Weekly List (2018 Sep 06)

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New features! New format! New Games! Considering fellow steemian gamers suggestions here's my revamped store!! Some games here are %80-90 cheaper than steam. Convert your steemit earnings into games!!


Hi, I'm @ahmadmanga, I write steemit posts and short stories these days. Now I also write books.. I love gaming and had some experience as a hobbyist gamedev. and published game on STEEM recently called Procrastination Simulator.

In these weekly posts I sell my leftover steam games from Bundles.
Thanks for your suggestions of the last week guys! Prizes Sent!

Table of Contents

To ease your navigation of my shop.

  • Buy on Demand With Discount + Humble Bundle Service!
  • *Featured Games This Week
  • Previously Bundled Games
  • Games I sell on @dGameShop
  • How Does This Work?
  • Now You Can Buy By SBI shares win-win for both!
  • The Last Five Buyers!
  • Your Opinion Matters

Main Attractions

Game Title -> Image and Price -> Description
Any Game On Steam Store (%12 Off Its Current Price)
Gift Order: %12 Off

Any Steam Game

(Yes Even Pre-orders)

New feature need help testing: I purchased gifts a couple of time especially on /r/GiftofGames so I', still learning how Steam gifting works. can't gift to all regions so you have to add me on Steam for some test gift first, my region is LY. There are some region restrictions. I almost certainly can gift anyone who's currency is USD or cheaper. You get %12 off of the price & to pay with STEEM! You have to pay first. Please wait maximum 36 hours after ordering. If you don't get the game I'll refund you.
Humble Monthly Gift <- (ref link)
Price: $12.00 Subscription

My Price: $14.00

(Including Service Fee)

Humble Monthly is a great deal. You get to have all that month games & more. But you can't get it unless you give your Credit Card information or using verified Paypal account. This is where I come in! Many of us on Steemit are unbanked and can't subscribe. With Gift Monthly you'll get all the games & subscriber perks (Access to Humble Trove. %10 off Humble Store, Extra $2 on your wallet after getting some bundles.) This is not for everyone but if it's for you contact me at Discord of @opgaming.

Featured Games This Week:

Game Title -> Image and Price -> Description
List price: $49.99

My Price: $6.99

Described by many as "Monster Hunter with a Plot." If you're into #anime you'll most likely love this game! Action RPG in a world with cruel monsters & weapons that manages to be even bigger than FFVII's Buster sword, which are called God Arcs. They come in three different play-styles. The game is recommended for the fans of monster hunting genre!
Borderlands 2 + DLC
At least: $19.9+DLC

My Price: $5.00

The most quirky FPS. Borderlands series focus more on comedy than fighting. It's a fun FPS to play! In Borderlands 2 you can choose from various characters and the story follows their struggle with HANDSOME JACK the most popular man in the universe. Really recommended to shooter lovers for the price with all the included DLC.
List price: $19.99

My Price: $3.50

The usual stealth game where you control a vengeful Ninja spirit. What I like about this game is the stylized graphic. So attractive! You're summoned to save some woman. Not sure about the gameplay, you can control shadows but reviewers say it focuses too much on teleportation and not having attack button.
Higurashi: When They Cry Ch.1 Onikakushi
List price: $5.99

My Price: $1.00

One of the most iconic Sound Novels, which are basically a Kinetic/Visual novels without any CG or Choices. But Higurashi series feels epic and it has unique mixture of comedy and horror that I can proudly declare this series as both. Join the cute girls as the slice of life gets slowly and increasingly gruesome. This is the only featured title you have to register in @dgameshop's Market to buy click here to buy the featured CH.1 and here for Ch.2

Previously Bundled Games:

For these games please contact me with one of the methods below. Having a talk will help us reach understanding for the payment.
Click on the image for Store link:
[$4.99] Dead Rising 4[$4.00] Prototype 2
[$3.50] ABZU[$3.00] Street Fighter X Tekken
[$2.70] Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure[$2.50] Day of Tentacle (Remastered)
[$2.50] Dead Rising 2: Off the Record[$2.50] Mass Effect 2
[$2.50] Oxenfree[$2.50] Skyborn
[$2.00] Jalopy[$2.00] Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic
[$2.00] Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell[$0.30] Saints row 2
[$1.80] Renegade Ops Collection[$1.80] Flinthook
[$1.50] NBA Playground[$1.50] Crazy Machines 3
[$1.50] Lost Horizon[$1.50] Ultimate Chicken Horse
[$1.50] Wurm Unlimited[$1.30] The Bard's Tale
[$1.00] Toybox Turbos[$0.70] Deponia Doomsday
[$0.70] Tempest: Pirate Action RPG[$0.70] Fallen Enchantress
[$0.70] Galactic Missile Defense[$0.70] Deadlight: Director's Cut
[$0.60] Secret Files: Tunguska[$0.60] Bionic Commando
[$0.50] F1 Race Stars[$0.50] Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Anime Games

[$2.50] Go Go Nippon + 2015+2016 DLCs[$1.50] Japanese School Life
[$1.50] Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 1[$2.00] Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 2
[$0.50] LiEat[$0.35] Akihabara - Feel the Rhythm


[$6.00] Axis Game Factory: AGFPRO v3.0 + DLC[$6.00] Game Guru + 6 DLC

Games on @dGameShop

@dgameshop is a new steemit service I'm testing right now. Here I feature some of the games I've put there. Here's my review of the website. Click on the image to go to the buy link, you have to pay using SteemConnect though.

[$6.00] NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: UNS:Revolution[SOLD] Kill the bad Guy
[$0.99] I Am Bread[$0.90] We Are the Dwarves
[$0.45] How to Survive 2[$0.40] Layers of Fear
[$0.33] Mushroom Quest[$0.32] One Finger Death Punch

I have other games on it's website check it out!

How does it work?

  • Check the games I have above. (All prices are in USD.)
  • Contact me. You can comment below on Steemit/busy. Send me a tweet @ahmadmanga. Chat on OPGaming Discord or Telegram if we met there.
  • Add me on steam. My Steam Profile Link We can talk on another platform but I need to know your Steam name!
  • We have a chat and decide on the price of the game for your preferred Cryptocurrency/Token.
  • There we will make our deal, don't pay before we both agree on the price.

I take Steem & SBD and most of the CryptoCurrencies including as payment:
#BCH. #ETH. #BTC. #DOGE. #LTC. #DASH #ZEC. #GByte. Most #E20 Tokens.
Finally I take #steembasicincome shares

Now you can buy with #SteemBasicIncome Shares!

You can read the full rules here. Basically you can make half of the payment of most games I have here with SBI shares, but you must pay at least half the price with Steem!!

The Last 5 Buys/Buyer(s):

Steemit UserTotal PaidProofDate
@skebi1.70STx id2018-9-09
@creativetruth7.0SBDTx Id2018-9-02
@furious-one4.6SBDPayment Txid2018-08-03

Your Opinion Matters

Like the last week. There's a contest for giving your opinion on the shop.
Read the rules and comment below. #Upvote the contest post or #Buy a game from me to increase reward!

OP Gaming is an awesome group of awesome people, too OP to be put down! If you'd like to contact me on discord you'll most likely find me there! Click the image below to join!


Cover image is made using promo image from DQIX. All the games images are from taken directly Steam Store of their respective games, except the Humble Monthly One I created by editing a screenshot & the site logo.

Love the new formatting, here's to you getting more people to go through yer vendor now! Here here! Anyways, here's to you actually seeing and getting more things sold.
Flyin' by!.gif

Thanks, I wait for that to happen too!!

Anyways, here's to you actually seeing and getting more things sold.

I wish I could reach out to @dlive & @dtube users and ask them to buy and review games I sell, haha :sweat_smile:

By the way, here's the new contest post I want people to compare this week to the last one. And answer as many questions as they can to my questions I put there.

You already won the first round!
I expect a good comments from you!!


Oh, and I like the gif of this comment!

I will soon shortly make a comment for that contest (if not, then tomorrow!). Anyways, thanks for notincing. UwU

OK first of all I really really like the fact you are showcasing less games but also that you are showcasing them in a better way. It is 10 times better than the previous contest post and I really believe it'll get people interested in the games you're showing. Really really well done.

Also, you forgot the decimals on the Renegade OPS Collection, it shouldn't be 180, it should be 1.80 if i'm not wrong, loool

Thanks for reading, I'm thnking of maybe adding more games in the next week about making featured 5 instead of 4.... And adding 4 to 8 in "Previously Bundled" what do you think about that?

Also, if you have time I want as many of questions in this contest answered? Though I already added you as an entrant for finding the typo!


Finally you'll receive your part, of the previous content as soon as I can.

New design looks much better than previous one! Good work mate keep it up :D I hope now more people will gonna buy something from you :D

I hope so too. Do you have an opinion on how to make this shop better or how it is compared with the previous week? What good parts are missing from this one? I put a new contest and I want as many answers as I can to these questions.

You'll receive your SBI share shortly, and your part or the prize as soon as I can.

For me entire shop get's better if you think about visual aspects. Making thumbnails for games and place them together without too many text is good and easy way for buyers. You need to know that having your shop simply and clear can give you more than when you gonna put too much text :D

Good luck friend :D

So you want thumbnails without the names would be better? Make my featured titles have less text? Both?

Added as entrant! Upvoted your top-level comment:

No I mind about previous version of your shop, now is much better. It's clear and easy visible to find game customer want :)

Thanks, what do you think about increasing the number of items of this shop by 6 or even 20? Because I might need to do that in the next weeks.

{Okay here be me proper entry comment for this week's store.}

Time to give this week's store some input!

Improvements to the shop:

  1. I only have one true request: announce what the Steem to USD and SBD to USD ration is every week. Exampli gratia: "Today, Xth of X-vember of 201X, 1 Steem = X.XX USD and 1 SBD = X.XX USD." I say this so people can check on their SBD-Steem reserves and make quick calculations to see how much "USDs" they technically have at any given moment.
  2. A rotation system for the games not on the Featured Weekly or Humble Monthly? That might be hassle and you might change them bi-weekly, but that idea would sound nice. I mean you can easily replace games you have low quantities of with games you have in stock without the hassle of knowing if you still have them in stock for next week.

No. of games present here:

I think this amount, when all are taken into account in this post in comparison to previous posts, is just right. Especially since each game you do list are put into their proper § (section) and they properly appear to belong to that §. I don't know if you rotate the games other than the Humble Bundle and Features of the Week, but that prospect can keep the store fresh-looking and freshly stocked.

No. of weekly featured titles present here:

I think four is just a perfect number to display there, enough to go beyond the "rule of 3" and stay behind the "rule of 5." Which in any case you can help realize the use-value of a game, which has already been actualized by the labour of the developers, for the Steemit audience with your personal touch. Anywho, I like to see the Internet develop and maintain a "rule of 4" to be quite honest.

On games not present here:

Even though I had already bought this game, I was noticed that Telltale's Sam&Max wasn't present here. Albeit it's probably on yer rotation system for the regular games, I am going to leave this comment here. Other than that, I won't recommend having the complete Valve collection since Valve has it as low as low can be and that certain games I would like didn't legally got ported to the PC yet. Cough Timesplitters 1-3 Cough - what did I say?

Opinion of Humble Monthly Gift:

On the Humble Monthly Gift in a general sense, I think this is a great way for people to think and mull it over as they can get a month's worth of games from Humble Bundle. On the price in particular, I think a month is quite a good amount of time to accumulate the Steem/SBD necessary to purchase it. On everything else, I think this is smart to circumnavigate around the banking parts of Humble Bundle and be a Middle man that makes Steemit user lives easier.

Opinion on Discounted Steam Gift games:

I mean, if it helps you gather more sales, then go for it. It definitely allows people to pick and choose whether to get it directly with hard cash or with their recent SBD/Steem balance. Likewise, it still helps Steam stay afloat and doesn't hurt them in the slightest (like I care anyways, but that point has to be named regardless).

Extra opinions:

I was originally going to put the rotation system for non-special games here earlier, but I bumped it up into the "Improvements to the shop" §. Really, I just need to start accumulating more SBD and Steem - but I think the prices are as far as far is going to be for now in our global markets.

As I said from the contest post:

Upvoted and resteem’d, laddie. Anyways, here’s to seeing more contestants!

I read your comment when I had a blackout, now with electricity back I can reply your suggestions.


announce what the Steem to USD and SBD to USD ration is every week. Exampli gratia: "Today, Xth of X-vember of 201X, 1 Steem = X.XX USD and 1 SBD = X.XX USD."

With Steem and SBD price not stable I can't do that, I'm thinking of putting a link to coinmarketcap so people would know the price each day. What do you think about that.

A rotation system for the games not on the Featured Weekly or Humble Monthly? That might be hassle and you might change them bi-weekly,

Featured titles yes, but other than that... I never intended to do it, I was going to "add games" instead of rotating them, but maybe I'll make that bi-weekly and only make sure my list stays reduced... There's an idea I might try for the next week

No. of weekly featured titles present here:

I was going to make it five but your comment made me re-consider and yeah, I love number 4!!

On games not present here:

I was going to add the cheaper Telltale games to @dgameshop, but maybe I'll make them for the rotation system.

I'll reply your other parts when I have more time

For now:

Yay :^D
Anyways I was thinking of a link that would directly go there or like an active counter that displays how much 1 SBD/Steem is worth to a USD. Anywho, I was throwing that rotation idea so the list won't get big and you can keep it sizeable - but 'tis good yer considering it now, here here to yer final decision on that manner. Anyways, glad I got the "rule of 4" into yer mind now. Regardless, I will be awaiting for you to see my other §s whence you can!
Flyin' by!.gif

Yeah, for now it's all ideas worth testing, what do you think about my today's post? Not the best but better explains the Humble Monthly thing. Linking to it, will make my post shorter.

And yeah, lets make the rule of 4 alive again!!

Gonna read the post rn and give my thoughts there. Thanks for lettin' me know ahead of time!

Back again faster than I thought!! First I forgot to comment on this:

Other than that, I won't recommend having the complete Valve collection since Valve...

Yeah, anything by valve shouldn't be added/shoild removed from my list, they are great at discounting

Opinion of Humble Monthly Gift:

Thanks for your opinion, happy that you agree with it, I'll try to make it simpler for newcomers though.

On everything else, I think this is smart to circumnavigate around the banking parts of Humble Bundle and be a Middle man that makes Steemit user lives easier.

It was my wish at a time I couldn't buy Humble Monthly even with Credit Card. (They don't accept all types.)

Opinion on Discounted Steam Gift games

Gkad you're not against the idea, but I want to reach out for people who'd find this idea appealing, someone suggested to hunt for streamers and I think that's what I gonna do after assuring my shop can stand on its feet.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.

Welcome as always!

The design is very much improved. Thanks for taking my suggestion and everyone else's. Now I have a clear idea of whether I want the game or not.

I loved your suggestion too, can you compare how this one feels to the previous one? Are there any good things lost this week? I made a new contest and I need as many answers as I can to it's questions.

Also is there a game you'll buy if it was here?

Yes I'm looking into it but only after I amassed a bit more steem. I have no other improvements to suggest. I'm fine with how the post looks.

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Love the new design <3 <3 <3 <3 you really outdid yourself, man.

Hmm I like how I bumped into this. I will be following this from now on.

What a coincidence, I like that too:

how I bumped into this. I will be following this from now on.

Will you take part in my contest and give your opinion on the shop and how to make it better than this? Full rules in the link, you might win prizes!

Thank you very much for your games list 😊 Also if you are interested in supplement of some games, just let me know 😊

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Thanks for reading my games list, do you have opinion on it, there are questions I put in my contest about this shop and I want as many answers as I can. You might win prizes!

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LiEat, I Am Bread, F1 Race Stars, Cook, Serve, Delicious!

1 SBI + 1 SBD?

My prices follow Steem and SBD prices of coinmarketcap so we both have to check that at the time of payment.

I Am Bread is only availble in @dgameshop, so you have to buy it from there, link in image. I'm not availble now, I think I need few hours at least, but when I am. I'll contact you wither on steem or discord.

I'll wait until SBD is at $1 then.

Talk to me on steem, please. Or on steam, even. My video drivers have been screwed up by Microsoft again, so I can't even run any app that uses video acceleration. Like Discord.

Ouch!! That hurts, hope it gets better for you:

My video drivers have been screwed up by Microsoft again.

5th time now. I'm either going for linux or going for a new pc. Or both. Sad.

How about now? SBD is at $1. Please take if off @dgameshop so we can do this as I've mentioned. I'll donate $0.1 to the site if you do.

Sorry I don't know how to take a game off @dGameShop (tried to do that) I wish they have a FAQ page. If you can just buy if from there or wait for next week post, I have many games there that you might want.