Libya Blackouts: How I Deal With the Lack of Electricity

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These past few days (and probably the next days as well.) In many Libyan areas. Various levels of blackout have happened. If we're lucky we only get to live without electricity for 3 hours per day. Some unlucky areas of Tripoli had 27 hours of blackout. I heard that the situation is way worse in Libya's southern areas.


Why these blackouts happen?

I don't really know. Everyone argues a different opinion on the cause. They even argue different people (big names) are the responsible. But the majority of opinions I heard were related to politics and that's out of my domain.

My life in the days of blackout

What matters though is how I live in days like these. Usually, when we can anticipate a blackout we prepare fully for it. Many middle-class and rich people have generators. We (my family,) have the cheapest types. One of them got broken the other day because of overuse. The other, Well, the one in the first image, can probably only last three hours. Well, at least we don't have completely dark nights.

So we charge our phone and the recently bought (expensive) wireless internet router (I don't know if that's how you call them in English.) So once a blackout happens, we're ready to live normally.

The Charging Competition!

Often. I don't mention it at all when I comment/chat on the internet on the battery mode. Blackouts happen usually here. The electricity returns before my batteries or patience run out. Add to that that losing electricity is a good motivation to sleep or go outside.

Outside meme. Source unknown.

But the past days were unusual, everyone is in panic! Stress! Just not knowing when the blackout might end takes away my energy.

Looks at the clock: "13 hours, soon to be 14... When will it back? Will it even get back? No, NO!"

My thought process ---^

Add to that that I have my steemit post series to worry about. I want to access the net now!! What if someone contacted me after the batteries run out?

The Silver Lining

Use the term silver lining when you want to emphasize the hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface.

These days were few days on the most days I prayed to God. Maybe that's a good thing, at least at the spiritual level. I also walked more. My normal life isn't what you refer as "Healthy."

I absorbed my worry about the lack of internet by writings articles (even potential replies,) for future in my mobile. The practice increased my speed with the smartphone keyboard.

Me writing this post.

Final Thoughts

What happens in hardships like these proves to me the ability of humans to adapt. Everybody around me developed methods to deal with the situation. In my case, there's a lot of negativity but I wanted this article to have as much positivity as possible.

So the last few days, if I told you "I'm pressed for time." This is probably the reason.

All images are taken with my or brother's mobile phones. Some of them are edited.
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Resteemin’ this so people can know what yah have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I know how yah feel, and I would like to help yah, but I got me hands tied here.


Don't worry, I'm used to it by now... It's just sometimes I have negative thoughts and wanted to forget them by writing something positive about what happens.

Tried to, anyway.


"5. [Humans] are disturbed, not by things, but by the principles and notions which they form concerning things. Death, for instance, is not terrible, else it would have appeared so to Socrates. But the terror consists in our notion of death that it is terrible." - Enchiridion by Epictetus.

Its funny how i am reading this in the middle of a black out. I live in the Philippines and for the past 8years, i have experienced this few times unlike in my country Tanzania. Tough times i tell u.

This comment was made from


Yeah, tough times....

I found your post through Collective Intelligence.

I hope things can get back to normal.

I'm curious: did you have blackouts during Qaddafi?


Not as frequent as this, maybe three-four times per YEAR? Now it's like daily-weekly thing. And yeah, blackouts are getting less right now than when I posted.