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Micro fiction are unusually short stories, often shorter than 200 words. Typically they describe one scene or series of emotions. These stories are easy to read, and leave impacts on the reader faster.

Fifty word stories (also called Dribbles.) A specific type of micro fiction holds a stronger restriction to drive the writer into “every word matters” mindset.

Here in Steemit there's a challenge that is going on, that is writing #fiftywords short stories. Currently the weekly challenge is being managed by @jayna after @miniature-tiger moved on to his next project.

I took part in this challenge infrequently in the last few months. I wanted to have eBook version of my entries for a while now, since I noticed how disorganized my stories are as posts. And I love PDF files... Who doesn't?

FiftyWords Anthology PromoDownload.png

Fifty Words Collection

All the stories in this book are around fifty words in length. Each story is inspired by a one word prompt. Though in the case of this book, four of them are different takes on the same prompt.

The stories explore various themes like hope, loss, nostalgia and love. Some stories have humorous feel while others are outright tragic.

Download PDF

The download/destination page of the link above might change along with updates.

This is the Alpha edition of the book, it's meant to gain feedback so I hope you give me your opinion, and the opinion of the people you know if possible.

Stories In The Book

In addition to to brief introduction to micro-fiction, I included most of my entries to the challenge. Here are the links of stories on Steemit:

One entry I purposefully didn't include is Flames of the Mist as it's a fan-fiction, and is better read along with my other related posts on steemit.

Difference between the eBook and Steemit Posts

  • My #fiftywords steemit posts usually contain 'cover images.' Stories in book aren't pictured, allowing for a bigger room to imagination.
  • There are no "Author Comments" in the book version, as most of the ones I wrote were only relevant to the time period of their posting.
  • On steemit I always reference my other posts. In the book version I kept references to minimum.
  • The posts are intended to be read & discussed on Steemit. While the book is intended to be platform-free. Depedning on the feedback I'm willing to make different file types available.

Need Readers Feedback

This is my first anthology book and it was solo effort, I need as many opinions as possible about everything. The presentation: including the page setup and the font I chose (Georgia.) Which story do you like best, and I'd be grateful if you ordered all the twelve from the best to the worst.

You are free to share this book as long as you link to the source
and not claim as your own.
Please respect the effort in this.

A Special Thanks To

The fiction community of steemit, @jayna & #fiftywords community for the prompts, the suggestions and for just being there. Thanks to @isleofwrite community with its many tags related to fiction. I also like to thank the guys at @thewritersblock who have taught me how to improve my English. I wish to return to them when I get better disciplined.

Finally, thanks to everyone who reads my writings
Hope I write more and better ones in the future.

Book cover is made with Canva using Public Domain images.

What a clever idea! Did you put the book together yourself?

Yup, I'm thinking of making posts about my process in the future. Thanks for reading.

do you have any sort of comments about the book? I want to know what do you guys think to make the next one better.

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