Super Easy Strawberry and Peach Galette (FOOD PHOTO SHOOT)

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Anyone feeling like a little taste of summer today?


Well, if you said yes that makes two of us!!!!

It seems like everyone who has siblings has probably had at least a few seconds in their life that they wonder what it would be like to have more or less family members. For example, I can’t deny that there have been moments where I almost wished I’d been born an only child. When it really comes down to it though, there's no way I would ever change a thing about my crazy bunch, especially getting to be the primary food person for these past few years.


It’s really funny how you just learn things when living with people, like habits and taste preferences. Personally, I’m extra observant when it comes to everyone’s favorite foods because, obviously, I spend a bit of time in the kitchen.


For example, one of my brothers says that he hates cheese but what that really means is that he doesn’t like it cold and by itself. I also know that there are unofficial laws about leftovers that everyone seems to follow. A good example of these laws is the broken cookie phenomenon.


When there are fresh cookies around they disappear like crazy but then it gets down to the last few damaged or halved ones, those are apparently invisible. It’s like everyone plays the maybe-someone-took-a-bite card and will leave a whole pile of wounded ones even though everyone in my house knows that isn't the case.


Yes, my family is very comical, but let's talk about this recipe now. What I love about galettes is that they look all fancy and labor intensive when in reality they are just the lazier alternative to pie. For reals, this is so simple. All you need is to know how to slice fruit and roll out dough and you’re pretty much good to go. This would be perfect any day or any occasion that you want it!


As always, the recipe is available upon request, and I always give an upvote for the first one.

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ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

AND A HUGE MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO@rigaronib for designing my logo!!!! 


I am always open to feedback, and would love to know how you feel I could do better and please do not forget to


BADGES Courtesy of @elyaque

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Thank you for your sharing! followed you and looking forward to your next food blog! It looks great and can't wait to give it a shot.

Indeed I am also a newbie here, I love cooking especially camp cooking, i wish you can check out my latest posts, I have shared my camping cooking , hopefully you enjoy it, cheers! I appologize if you find this may annoy you! Not begging for votes but hopefully someone would appreciate my sharing.


Now that is the way to ask someone for their support. We can all learn from that. I checked out your blog, very, very well done. Congrats in advance because success is just around the corner for you. Keep up the good work!



dear, this is really really touching.. thank you for your support, more than that, thank you for your appreciation.. :(


Keep this up and we're going to have a lot of fun



Love this graphic, lol @joele!

Every time when I see your post about food or desserts ...make me like to cook and follow your recipes....I will try to do it...thank you very much for sharing 😍🙏


Glad to inspire! Thank you so much @julee!

That looks yummy. I'd like the recipe please. :D


Family is family, always keeping things interesting, that's for sure! This whole strawberry-peach getup looks very inviting, no leftovers on this one I'm sure :)
Saw your sister's intro post, that's so cool @gringalicious. I helped welcome her to Steemit. With your guidance, she will be off Steeming like crazy :)


@sandstorm, thanks so much for making my sister welcome here. It means a lot to me!

You are right, no leftovers


Your welcome, It's my pleasure @gringalicious! If she posts even at a fraction of the quality that you do, she will shine, no doubt! Have a wonderfulicious weekend! :)


Oh, wonderlicious, I am so using that!! Super kind words, thanks so much


Haha, use it and OWN it!

That looks like a Hamentash!



Oh my goodness, yes it's very similar. Thanks @lexiconical!


Who do you share the food with? Honestly, if I'd be a cook I'd be chowing down everything and going full out. And that's why I'm not one :) But somehow my cousin who's able to bake the best sweets in town, she never eats her own creations. That's some.. interesting restraint there.


Haha, I share it all with my very large family!

Im so hungry right now.


I know what you mean @dang007!

Oo! Looks like a fruity/healthy pizza pie, haha!


Totally something like that. Thank you @sjennon!

Another simply wowwww post. I wish these fruits were readily available in my country. Great Post. Cheers!!!!


Well I'm sure you could make a similar recipe by replacing them with the fruits that you do have access to. Thanks @tamsguitar!

Look yummy and beautiful! This looks like pizza... Pizza is one of my favorite foods and I'm a strawberry lover... So, I love this dish so much! Thanks a lot for sharing!


I'm so happy to hear that. And yep it is sort of like a pizza! Thanks @tangmo!


With my pleasure! That's really great! ;)

Good amazing thanks for sharing


You're welcome @terrykristoff! I'm very happy to do it.

This sounds and looks delightful!

Thanks for sharing

looks very delicious! thanks for sharing this! good thing we have sweet strawberries in Baguio. I should by some because of your post. Thanks!


You definitely should, I love berries so much! Thank you @evesick

Here's another incredible foodie


Thank you so very much @jonny-clearwater!

you have captured the making process very beautifully !!! kudos &
following for your next post !!!


Both, cooking and photographic jobs flawless, @gringalicious. Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.

Thank you for sharing!


I'm glad to do it! @steemfuzzy thanks!

wow this pie looks absolutly amazing! you shoald really consider opening a cofee shop or something i bet it will be really succesful!


Thank you so, so much @orinklev! That's definitely something I've considered before so maybe sometime I will.

What a gorgeous dishes. Will try it at home!


You're very welcome @kitcat! I'm thrilled that you like it.

This looks good. :) I like cooking too, and I might try to cook something similar to this..... Feel free to check me out!


I am so glad you like it! Thanks @versonika

nice one!Check out my recipe if you like dessert;)

Awesome post as usual @gringalicious =)


Thanks so much @shieha!

I can't wait to make it. Looks delicious!!


Thank you you so much @mjk4080!

Omg is that a strawberry pizza? It certainly tastes delicious, like dancing on the tongue


It is sort of like strawberry pizza! Thanks @mirzacho

Love it! Definitely trying this someday. Just one question, its pizza dough or something else? Upvoted & resteemed.


It's pie crust actually. Thanks @elteamgordo!


I think y want to try this with pizza dough and a little bit of brie cheese. Thanks for sharing.

Strawberry Peach "PIZZA" YUMMY! Just needs a
Strawberry Watermelon Sangria with Rosé or Blush Wine 🍓🍉🍷
to go with it and you're set to go! lol


MMMMmmm! That sounds like a great way to do it @alexpmorris

I'd love to try this right now!


I hope you can try it soon then, @bavariagirl!

Looks delicious how long did that take to make?


Probably about an hour start to finish. It's very easy! @exavier!

That looks just super delicious! It's my daughter's birthday this weekend. Will make this to complement the birthday cake.
Can you please share the recipe?


That sounds like a great birthday idea. The recipe is posted at the top of the comments. Thank you @danielsaori!

if someone is not following you he is nuts! Love your recipes and shots!!! :D


oh that is so nice of you to say. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to comment @pointtojoin

Beautiful photos, I'm going to make a fruit pizza, you inspire me!


MMMMMmmmm! That sounds divine @reddust! I hope you enjoy this recipe!


I've gotta pick up some fruit, I'll share when I make it, although my photos won't be as good as yours. I need to get a camera😁

I want to try it!


I hope you do @adrianmada321, let me know

That's so lovely!
I will definitely be making this because strawberries and peaches are very much so in season over here in Bulgaria!


So glad that they are in season for you there in Bulgaria. I hope you can use this recipe. Thanks @erikdenoorman

Wow, I love me some strawberries!! This looks so yummy, I wish I had some strawberries right now! Thanks for the share :) I haven't been active on Steemit much, but now I have some free time and I'm here most of the time, so that's a lot of time! :P Great to come across your account, followed before writing this comment ;) Awesome mouth watering stuff!


Returned the follow @droidsid. Fantastic comment, great writing skills. Keep up the good work!

I want to stuff that in my face


Thanks @morph. I hope you get a chance to make this for yourself and then 'stuff your face.' LOL Have a great weekend

your photos dear are amazing so is the recipe :)